There are a great deal of heroes in AFK Arena and keeping in mind that a large portion of them are in any event usable, some of them are in front of the pack, and you should place additional assets into getting them and supporting them. Diverse heroes are acceptable at various phases of the game in view of the movement framework a saint’s greatest level depends on their degree of climb, and some heroes arrive at a more significant level top than others which makes them progressively fit to the later phases of the game. Different interesting points particularly when constructing a group in the ahead of schedule to mid-phases of the game (up to saint level 160) that they are so natural to get.

  • On the off chance that you are searching for tips and techniques on the most proficient method to play the game, you can investigate our AFK Arena fledgling aide or at our propelled control. We have additionally shared various tips and deceives on the most proficient method to do progress through stages as quick as could be expected under the circumstances.
  • Another factor to consider when constructing your group is the manner by which you plan your piece to work. You will have a cutting edge and a backline, on the forefront you will need at any rate one tank conceivably two, albeit some Agility heroes are fine to place in the bleeding edge too, because of their high portability and capacity to evade a great deal of assaults. In your backline you will need a help significant on account of their mends and CC (Crowd Control) capacities, and afterward your harm sellers.

Pro Tips

These are the best heroes in the game, and keeping in mind that it may appear to be overwhelming from the outset to really figure out how to get your hands on them, since they are uncommon, don’t stress, there’s bounty more heroes that are generally excellent, particularly prior in the game, where it’s smarter to utilize lower irregularity heroes, as it is simpler to cause them to climb because of them being progressively normal.

The initial four are astonishing harm vendor up to level 160, they are anything but difficult to track down and rise, and they furnish your group with high measure of harm, their concern is being not able to go past level 160, not at all like the higher level heroes.

Best Overall Hero


Brutus is all around settled upon to be the most perfectly awesome saint in AFK Arena, and for valid justifications. He has great mass gratitude to being a quality legend he bargains a crazy measure of harm, and his range of abilities is stunning. The mix of Last Gasp and Brutal Defiance is the most impressive mix of spells in the game ensuring Brutus bargains twice as a lot of harm while allowing him astonishing endurance. Brutus is incredible at all phases of the game and he can arrive at irrefutably the greatest level top of 240. The drawback? His irregularity. Fortunately, occasions can fix that, by permitting you to get an additional duplicate of Brutus from time to time.

Best Supports


Nemora is a stunning help legend. The measure of support she gives is incredible in the constant game modes like the Labyrinth and the Twin Peaks and it’s extraordinary in normal fights as well. At that point you have Beguile, a capacity that shows signs of improvement the more grounded your adversaries are, and gets crazy at level 4 which you open at level 181, permitting the enchanted foes to cast their ultimates against their own colleagues. Another in addition to of running Nemora is that she’s available in the Labyrinth store which implies that you will have the option to obtain more duplicates of her, so you will consistently have the option to climb her.


Tasi is all the more unpleasantly situated, she can expel a foe for 4 seconds, causing them to vanish from the combat zone, she can transport around the war zone buffing partners or managing harm, and her definitive takes care of every last bit of her foes managing additional harm to them when they wake up. A fantastic expansion to each lineup.

Best Tanks


Lucius is the best unadulterated tank in AFK Arena. He’s everything about making due to the extent that this would be possible, and he is awesome at it! He can mend his harmed colleagues, he can summon a shield to make himself considerably increasingly survivable for a short timeframe, approaches a pleasant CC spell in Divine Strike and his definitive, Heaven’s Protection, is the best cautious spell in the game, permitting Lucius to secure the entirety of his partners by any sort of harm. Lucius is your best decision on the off chance that you are searching for a durable bleeding edge saint who is extraordinary at ensuring you.


Seirus is additionally astounding at ensuring your frailest heroes, primarily on account of his definitive, Abhorrent Torrent which pushes away each one of those foes whose primary goal is to transport behind your backline to legitimately manage them while maintaining a strategic distance from your bleeding edge, as Athalia and Silvina.

Best Mages


Shemira is an insane incredible mage, equipped for winning battles all alone, because of her capacity to recuperate herself while making foe spellcasters pointless, her definitive, Tortured Souls, permits her to grip games in the most edgy of circumstances, particularly at level 3. Another factor to consider is that she is so natural to climb much the same as Nemora, because of the reality you can essentially buy her at the Labyrinth store.


Belinda is tied in with doling out harm, she has high possibility of striking for a basic hit, on account of Brilliance and Blessing while her other two spells bargain huge harm in a region around her objective. Contrasted with Shemira, she totally needs security, as she can’t support herself, so play her with progressively guarded pieces.

Best Damagers


When talking about simply hostile heroes, Athalia is pass on the best decision. Every last bit of her capacities are tied in with managing insane measures of harm. She can likewise shock her objective, and her definitive permits her to bargain harm to different foes on the double. Being a Celestial legend, she likewise considers a saint of any group while figuring Faction buffs, which is constantly pleasant! Shockingly, she is inconceivably uncommon to discover, so causing her to rise is very testing however it is completely justified, despite all the trouble.


Lyca is another extraordinary harm seller, ready to shreds her objective’s protection, and buffing her partners’ assault speed. The issue with Lyca is the means by which powerless she is early game, so in the event that you locate her initial you will battle a piece to get her to the more significant levels however don’t stress, when she begins hitting the mid-game she turns into a monster.



Truly most hostile mages not named Shemira are truly awful. Indeed, even Belinda, whom we put among the best, is somewhat dreary arrived behind schedule game so discovering fitting heroes for this area end up being a test. Mirael isn’t that awful early game, she’s an ensured compensation from doing the instructional exercise, she is sensibly simple to redesign, and she offers some utility with her Flame Shield however you will see how feeble she becomes around level 100.


Isabelle can arrive at level 240, and she’s tolerable for the whole game. She is especially better than average, however she has a gigantic downside: her Soul Power capacity is unfavorable to her colleagues which is the reason she’s so far down the rundown.



The main explanation Ferael isn’t with Nemora and Tasi is that he’s really terrible early game, he needs levels to turn out to be any helpful yet he turns out to be solid when he arrives at level 101+. He is tied in with bringing spirits to frequent adversaries, and he can daze different focuses on, that by itself makes him startling, at that point you include the way that level 4 Accursed Arrow can prevent foes from assaulting for significant stretches of time and you get a massive help.


Arden is a touch of an anomaly contrasted with each other saint, in spite of his greatest level being 160 he is as yet valuable even in the most recent phases of the game, on account of how strangely amazing his Entangling Roots are. No other saint whose most extreme level is 160 is especially suitable late into the game & Arden still figures out how to be madly acceptable at that point. This demonstrates how incredible CC can be.


Raine is definitely not a customary help, in truth she’s somewhat of a harm vendor. Be that as it may, at that point you read her Exploit and Cripple and acknowledge how ground-breaking her debuffs are. She enhances the harm her partners and herself do to such an extent that she made it to this rundown.



Most tanks carry out their responsibility very well, and I wouldn’t generally have any issue with putting Grezhul and Thoran among the best, they just so happen to be marginally more regrettable than Lucius and Seirus however they are as yet incredible on the cutting edge. Hogan is astonishing early and mid-game, and you get an additional Elite duplicate of him just by signing in for 6 days straight which is the thing that makes him so great. You can undoubtedly get a Legendary+ Hogan sensibly right off the bat in the game making your activity of building your group early game so a lot simpler. He gives great CC, as well, it’s a disgrace he tops at level 160.


Grezhul’s most serious issue is that it requires some investment for him to increase he isn’t generally excellent early game, and should have the entirety of his capacities opened before being adequate as a tank. All things considered, he is generally excellent late game so in the event that you are getting ready for the long stretch, by all methods keep him around, you won’t be baffled.


Thoran is best depicted with single word: stable. He is reliably tolerable at all phases of the game. Revival sounds crazy on paper yet practically speaking it’s fairly disillusioning since regardless of whether you restore yourself, your adversaries will have just changed objective to who is behind Thoran making the restoration rather pointless. He is exceptionally hazardous versus high harm structures however, because of Retaliation and Taint.

Harm Dealers


Saveas works best with a healer, as his harm depends on his present wellbeing, and his harm yield is high. Ira is generally excellent early game, yet comes mid-game she begins tumbling off hard she’s still alright until her level top. Yet the reality she turns out to be dynamically more regrettable methods, you shouldn’t spend an excessive number of assets on her past level 81.


Vedan is especially able at winning battles if his level is higher than his adversaries. Because of his exceptionally high support and his definitive that makes him safe to everything. Khasos is still acceptable much later in the game and he can arrive at level 240 his solitary issue that Brutus exists.


This is the conclusion to our AFK Arena manual for what as we would like to think are the, best heroes in the game. Remember that not being on the rundown doesn’t mean the saint isn’t acceptable and can’t work. They are simply commonly substandard compared to their partners on the rundown. Yet every legend is impeccably suitable, and you shouldn’t stress a lot over what heroes you get from your request

Ira & Khasos

The better heroes will in the end show up after some time. Additionally certain heroes work better in mix with others, and better against others, contingent upon different factors in fight, similar to the Faction reward, or the Faction qualities and shortcomings. Even by the straightforward reality that certain heroes are better when matched with mends, or specific sorts of buffs.

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