We likely love to play ANGRY BIRD GAME so that we are discussing Angry Birds 2 that hotly anticipated continuation from Rovio that truly follows up that raving success from a couple of years back, the first Angry Birds. After endless new Angry Birds titles in light of the primary diversion, Angry Birds 2 is a totally new amusement, and one that incorporates new mechanics, for example, spells, and also the expansion of a couple of new characters. Talking about the characters, it is significant to know which character does what, as various birds have diverse aptitudes. What’s more, since we need to enable you to acclimate yourself with this present diversion’s characters, particularly the birds, how about we proceed onward to our most recent Angry Birds 2 procedure control.

Angry Birds 2 Guide

How To Use Angry Bird’s Special Abilities Guide

Angry Bird: Red

Red is the pioneer of the pack as he generally has been, and it very well may be contended that he doesn’t have any uncommon power, simply great antiquated stone breaking, Mitty-Gritty, not much. Some say, in any case, that breaking generally difficult to-break stone structures is his extraordinary ability. We’d rather call it directly down the center and elude to Red as the all-rounder of the gathering, with no to a great degree valuable quality yet no shortcoming either. Red’s thumping force is vastly improved than Blue. Red’s uncommon capacity is the red quality when you tap it which gives Red an additional push control in a little hit box before Red. Utilize him for pushing down trucks or executing stray pigs. He is kind of similar to the handyman

Angry Bird: Blue

Blue is a little flying creature that can part into 3 when you tap it. This winged creature works best against blue walls (or ice dividers). In the event that you hit a hard stage, the Ice spell and Blue can destroy whole heaps of pigs when you combo it together. Blue isn’t solid when attempting to topple dim metal dividers, so leave that to alternate birds. This Angry Bird’s uncommon expertise is to part into three once you tap on your screen. He’s best with regards to breaking ice structures, and you can likewise utilize him a couple with the Frost spell. Blues’ shortcoming is more grounded materials, and notwithstanding when the parts into three, he won’t do much good against them.

Angry Bird: Chuck

Chuck is the yellow-winged creature, and his extraordinary expertise is to accelerate in a straight line once you tap on the showcase. His speed makes him perfect when managing wooden structures, so simply ahead and utilize Chuck to wear down wooden squares or impediments. Uncommon capacity is a quick speed strike when you tap it. That enables you to topple the base of wooden dividers, basically enabling you to demolish whole heaps of structures. Utilize Chuck on the off chance that you require pushing force or infiltration control.

Angry Bird: Matilda

Matilda is the Angry Bird who lays eggs, and she does that when you tap on the screen – she’ll drop an egg down and effortlessly take out structures underneath, as long as your point is corrects. She can likewise support herself higher the minute she lays the egg, which makes her a decent Angry Bird in the event that you have structures here and there that both should be taken out. This works best on metal and wooden dividers that are difficult to break for Red or Blue. Matilda is an extraordinary choice to trigger TNT’s that potential decimate a heap comprising of pigs and metal dividers. You can likewise utilize it to sidestep any deterrents before a heap of dividers with pigs.

Angry Birds: Bomb

This Angry Bird is the thing that he is – he’s the dark winged creature that explodes when you tap him, or on the off chance that he lands someplace, even without the need to tap on him to explode. He can be a genuine distinct advantage because of the harm he can bargain out, yet once more, the point means the world in the event that you need to make the most out of Bomb.

Angry Bird: Silver

This is fresh out of the box new Angry Bird, and her uncommon aptitude is beginning a circle when you tap the presentation and going down from the beginning stage of the circle. All things considered, she can take out hindrances while making that circling movement, and additionally pigs that might be secured by a progression of squares. Silver works best against metal dividers. Nonetheless, you should point it painstakingly as it makes an enemy of clockwise flight evenly when you tap it. It works very as Matilda with the exception of that Silver goes straight down while Matilda ricochets away when she drops a bomb.

Angry Bird: Terrence

Last, however not the minimum, Terrence is the “tank”- type character among the Angry Birds, a major, stout fowl that depends on his size and capacity to obliterate structures and pigs. That, in itself, is his unique power.

Follow this steps to get daily bonus in Angry Birds Game

Login Bonus

Login to the game Bonus 3 Gems.

Pop 30 Pigs

complete this task you will get 3 Gems.

Play the Arena

if you want 2 Gems you need to play Arena

Collect 10 Stars

Collect your in game ten stars for 5 Gems

Send a Gift

send gifts to your friends & get 10 Gems

Angry Birds 2 Tips & Tricks

Tip – 1) How To Do Your Daily Quests

Doing the day by day missions enables you to get free jewels, which is an amazing reward for nothing to play players. The day by day journeys doesn’t take long to finish. You simply need to play around 20 minutes day by day to get all the rewards. This should be possible while you are taking the transport or amid your meal break.

The underlying jewels you get from the amusement are sufficiently just to get you out of perhaps 2 or 3 intense stages. From that point onward, you will come up short on pearls and as an allowed to play player, it very well may be a bummer when you require that additional spell to get you past that stage.

Tip – 2) How To Use Spell Cards

1) Golden Duck

The Golden Duck hits the whole screen with a gathering of brilliant ducks by drizzling them from the sky. They are bouncy and substantial, subsequently; it topples insecure dividers, enabling you to devastate potential heaps of dividers.

2) Frost

The Frost transforms any divider into an ice divider, enabling your birds to crush them effectively. This is best utilized on stages with dark metal dividers and you don’t have Silver with you. This additionally matches extremely well with Blue and you can crush a whole round with this spell and Blue together.

3) Hot Chili

This Hot Chili spell transforms an irregular pig into bean stew and detonating it all the while. Works best when you have a solitary pig stuck someplace inside a divider and you can’t decimate it utilizing your birds. The blast of the pig works particularly like the TNT bombs.

4) Pig Inflate

This Pig Inflate does precisely what the name depicts. Expands all pigs of that round and pop them. Utilize it in the event that you need to pile on extra focuses on exceptionally extreme stages where you can’t demolish everything inside 1 or 2 shots.

5) Mighty Eagle

This is the best spell accessible to you. The Mighty Eagle is a homing rocket that crushes anything that obstructs its way. This will essentially win around for you, much the same as the Pig Inflate.

Tip – 4) Always Try To Damage As Possible

Some of the time certain stages can be befuddling as you are uncertain whether to go for the front or back dividers. This is the point at which you center on simply doing harm. Your capacity meter fills in view of how much harm you do. Some additional harm goes far as you will pick up extra cards each time you fill your capacity meter. In the event that you are fortunate, you may get the coveted winged creature you have to wreck that bothersome pig or divider. Even better, you may get a spell!

Every so often, a brilliant pig will be inside the green pigs. The brilliant pig gives you another card. In this way, on the off chance that you see one of them, make certain to pop it for that additional card which could help you in the following round. It could likewise decide if you get past that stage or not.

Tip – 5) Knowing The Environment

Once in a while, you will get the blowing fans that can change the course of your birds. Utilize them further bolstering your good fortune to attempt distinctive directions that generally won’t work except if it can change its course. Each new territory will have an alternate thing you have to focus on.

The principal territory Feathery Hills has plants that will eat protests and shoot at the bearing they are confronting. The second zone New Pork City has fans that can change the direction of your bird’s course. Remember them when you achieve new regions.

Tip – 6) The Useful Angry Birds 2 Cheat

On the off chance that you come up short on lives and can hardly wait for new ones, here we are to enable you to get on with your diversion as quickly as time permits. Simply pursue this basic cheat and you will be ready.

This is what you ought to do: close the amusement first, at that point go to settings on your android gadget, unchecked computerized date and time, and set your clock three hours ahead. This basic trap will give you five lives at whatever point you sign into the amusement and it doesn’t utilize any outsider program.

Simply ensure that you wind the clock back after you have gotten the new lives.

Tip – 7) Each Stage is Random

Disregard endeavoring to utilize a similar technique each time you retry a phase. The setup will be not the same as the last one. That is the testing some portion of the diversion. None of the rounds will be the equivalent, making it fascinating to play. Some may contend it is all RNG based; however, I think it really changes the manner in which you approach the diversion.

Rather than depending on a similar system, you should adjust without fail. Besides, you likewise must be gifted at anticipating the direction of the birds’ course. The less talented you are at doing that, the harder it is to move beyond specific stages.

Tip – 8) Play In The Arena

Playing in the Arena enhances the manner in which you utilize your birds. You have to bargain however much harm as could reasonably be expected with the number of birds you have. This will require great shooting abilities and you can rehearse every day to idealize that. In addition, you additionally get extra jewels for doing that, so do exploit it.

This additionally drives you to know WHEN to utilize a specific winged animal relying upon what you have to obliterate. For pushing power, utilize Red. For wooden dividers, Chuck does it best.

Tip – 9) Boss Fights

Angry Birds currently includes new managers! Only a little suggestion here: search for ecological chances to cut the supervisors down.

Tip – 10) Watch Videos for 1 Extra Life or Card

It sucks to be an allowed to play player now and again. In any case, viewing a video for an additional life or card isn’t so terrible. Most ads are 30 seconds and you get the opportunity to play a little longer after that.

That closes the instructional exercise! An expectation that aides and glad shooting!

Tip – 11) Exchange Gifts with Facebook Friends

Exchange gifts to your friends for better connection.


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