Hello friends Badland Brawl have Strategy Android & iOS game, Develop by Frogmind and it takes one to the Best award-winning Games. BADLAND BRAWL is a PvP battler where the point of the diversion is to demolish your rival’s pinnacle. You take control of a sling, with the goal of causing as much harm as you can on your opponents’ towers.

Badland Brawl Game Features

  • Battle friends and other players around the world in real-time Brawls
  • Fun, intuitive and unique physics-based gameplay
  • Build crazy chain reactions to outwit and overwhelm your opponents
  • Award-winning BADLAND universe with dozens of new characters
  • Unlock mysterious BADLAND eggs to collect and upgrade crazy clone characters
  • Construct tactical brawl parties and learn to use your Clones in clever ways
  • Progress through dozens of Lands and go all the way to the top!
  • Join or create a Tribe, share Clones and build your own Brawl community
  • Challenge Tribe mates and friends to private duels
  • Learn new tactics by watching the best Brawls from Bad Tube (in-game)


Top 10 countries playing Badland Brawl Game

  1. Belarus
  2. Moldova
  3. Nepal
  4. Philippines
  5. Vietnam
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Russia
  8. Singapore
  9. Iran
  10. Malaysia
Badland Brawl Game Features
Badland Brawl Game Features

Badland Brawl Game Guide

Upgrade every one of your eggs put something aside for one


Badland Brawl accomplishes something other than what’s expected with its plunder carton framework. Rather than sitting tight progressively long sit tight occasions for them to open, you can open the eggs on the spot and get the majority of the treats in a split second. In any case, you can alternatively upgrade the egg, which pairs the treats inside. This implies you’ll get more clones and coins!

You have four egg openings, so the most productive approach to manage this is to improve three eggs, at that point once you get your fourth egg simply open it immediately. Thusly you don’t need to stress over squandering eggs nor do you need to quit playing totally in light of the fact that your egg openings are full – it’s a win-win circumstance!

Fabricate a reasonable gathering


Your gathering has eight spaces for clones. You should attempt to fuse whatever number distinctive clones as would be prudent with the goal that you make as much as advance as possible. As a basic beginning stage, make certain to incorporate no less than one enemy of air clone, an enemy of ground clone, an overwhelming hitting combo setup, and some little utility clones.

Badland Brawl is tied in with having the capacity to adjust to the circumstance, so you should be set up for anything!

Bring bunches of bombs


The primary and most direct the technique for managing harm to your adversary’s pinnacle is to convey a bomb appropriate to their front doorstep. As you learned in the instructional exercise, bombs can’t be flung the distance and rather should be pushed through different means, as Big Smith or Blast Rockets. When you draw a bomb clone, guarantee that you have enough manna to pull off your arrangement as quick as could reasonably be expected.

At the point when your rival sees a bomb produce on the front line, they will do all that they can to dispose of it, so you’ll have to act quickly. Impact Rockets are our most loved for this since they just cost (IV) manna and can be propelled directly after the bomb goes out. One all around set Blast Rocket can toss a bomb straight into the foe tower!

Attempt to peruse your rival


Going off of the bomb procedure, it likewise watches out for your adversary. In the event that they’ve quite recently played a pack of mind-boggling expense clone cards, at that point they are most likely low on manna. Presently your opportunity to make a major play, similar to the previously mentioned bombs! Then again, in the event that you haven’t seen your rival make any plays, they might set aside manna for their very own major play, so be careful!

Use the Event egg


Occasion eggs contain exceptional clones, so attempt to move in the direction of them when they are accessible. As of composing this guide, the following occasion egg will begin in 2 days, so prepare for it! You should play in an exceptional class to win advance towards bringing forth the occasion egg.

That is just for Badland Brawl! On the off chance that you have some other tips or traps to share, let us know in the remarks beneath.

Badland GameBadland Game is best game of the year
Badland Game

Badland Brawl Game Tips

Tip – i) Consider blends. In Badland Brawl, there are sure things that join well whenever utilized together. A model blend is to toss a “Plain Bomb” into the center of the guide and afterward Smith behind it. The Big Smith will then pummel his sled into the bomb and dispatch it towards your adversary’s pinnacle. In this way, begin exploring different avenues regarding distinctive requests, when you dispatch your assaults. You will have the capacity to accomplish more harm in the event that you consolidate them well.

Tip – ii) Don’t simply assault. Right off the bat in Badlands Brawl, you’ll see a few things you sling are hostile and some are protective. Moreover, some guarded things are great at halting flying dangers and others are useful for ground troops. Despite the fact that the point of the amusement is to wreck your rival’s pinnacle, on the off chance that you successfully square or repel, you can leave the foe totally open.

Tip – iii) Watch out for your adversary. At the point when your rival is propelling an assault, you will have the capacity to perceive what they are propelling in their sling. On the off chance that they are propelling a Big Smith, you can prepare your Fire Birds to quickly kill the danger. Essentially, in the event that you know about what’s coming at you, you can remain one stage ahead.

Tip – iv) Eggs are everything. The more you play, the more you’ll understand the value of the eggs. They don’t simply give you cash and new clones to play with, they likewise give you updates for the clones you as of now got. It’s conceivable to step up these clones by discovering better forms inside more significant eggs. So dependably think back to check whether clones you host expelled from your get-together are presently essentially superior to anything they were previously.

Tip – v) Deal with your gathering consistently. While you are playing you’ll see that clones not in your gathering may be qualified for overhauling. Subsequently, you ought to dependably watch out for who is in your gathering and who isn’t. That way you know that they are so near getting the following update. Additionally, on the off chance that you don’t know how to utilize a specific clone then you should expel it from your gathering. This clone is consuming up the important room and on the off chance that you can’t arrive huge harm, or stop the harm being done to your pinnacle at that point don’t squander your chance.

Tip – vi) Try not to be unsurprising. This may not seem like quite a bit of a tip, but rather what I mean is you ought to be imaginative with your assaults. Shooting a bomb into the center of the guide is transmitting to your adversary what you’re going to do, particularly in the event that you need to sit tight for your “Manna” to energize. So timing is everything if your adversary has recently propelled a Big Smith, or a comparative ground-based foe, at that point you truly would prefer not to include bombs in with the general.

Tip – vii) Be receptive or proactive. You ought to either be propelling rapidly to find your adversary napping or sitting tight for your rival to assault to have the capacity to counter. This implies you ought to either be speedy and conclusive or prepared and receptive to what’s happening. An extraordinary player will have the capacity to do both, so don’t get debilitated if every one of your assaults is blocked. Simply keep your safeguards up and attempt to

Tip – viii) Gain from your adversaries. A few amusements you may lose in light of the fact that your adversary has utilized a clone you’ve never observed or utilized clones in a way you haven’t seen. This is your chance to pick up something and utilize it against your next adversary. You shouldn’t duplicate each move from an adversary; simply observe viable combos or conceivably deadly assaults they utilize.

Tip – ix) Open or improve? In the event that you figure out how to get your hands on an excellent egg then I prescribe upgrading it. This implies you will, in any event, get more cash from the egg and now and then better or more plunder. On the off chance that it’s a silver or bronze egg, at that point it’s most likely not worth your chance sitting tight for it, simply open it immediately.

Tip – x) Check the fundamental menu. On the off chance that you investigate the principle menu you’ll discover a region of remunerations and occasions. The prizes are little blessings that you gain by playing out specific acts in the diversion, for instance, joining a clan. The occasions will give you access to exceptional things and eggs, so it’s constantly worth giving these back.

Badland 2 guide tips and tricks
Badland 2

Badland Brawl Game Tricks

Trick – i) This is something we attempted when we began getting some Mythical Clones and don’t state we didn’t caution you in the event that you wind up with an extremely terrible losing streak. Huge Smith is, much of the time, a vital piece of your gathering. He’s as close as you can get to Badland Brawl’s likeness a tank — not much in all-out attack mode side, but rather fit for utilizing his sled to pound the bombs into the foe tower, and valuable on the off chance that you have to push away a Bomb Drone, or pulverize a Bomb Spider before it gets to your pinnacle. We’re not saying that Big Smith is a programmed confirmation of triumph, yet he can regularly be much underrated as far as his handiness, and it’s a smart thought to have him convenient in your gathering.


Trick – ii) In the event that you recollect our last procedure direct for Badland Brawl, we prescribed “sidelining” the Doggones once you show signs of improvement, rarer Clones. In any case, not all Doggones are futile champers that contributes little to your triumphant reason. As you level up, you’ll likely open the Dog-go Horde, or, in other words of little, however awful Doggones with high Stomp Damage and genuine amusement evolving potential. They may not look like much, and their range is appalling, yet in the event that you time your dispatch legitimately, they could bring down an adversary tower and score you a point/adapt in only one go, as every individual Dog-go in the Horde bargains out near 150 of harm each (at any rate while at level 1). Observe, in any case, that Dog-go Hordes can be countered effortlessly by a blast of Arrows, or by any of a few different Clones that arrangement out Stomp Damage.


Trick – iii) In our last guide, we disclosed to you somewhat about Supernatural Events, particularly the ones including bombs. In the event that you play your cards right, you can get these bombs with yellow counters toward the adversary tower, while anticipating them to getting into yours. There are additionally Supernatural’s where you could gain some additional XP or pearls, and one with a monster bomb which, similar to the consistent pinnacle of bombs, is a to a great extent nonpartisan occasion, contingent upon how you’re ready to move the bomb. Every one of these occasions occurs aimlessly, however, there are a few Supernatural’s that are, basically, significantly more mischief than great.


Trick – iv) Your mileage may fluctuate with the Quake. Once in a while, you could get fortunate when the trembling ground by one means or another gets your Plain Bomb, Bomb Spider, or whatnot toward the foe tower. On uncommon events, you may even have the capacity to string together a combo amid a Quake. Be that as it may, generally, this is a circumstance you don’t need be in. Pointing your Clones turns out to be considerably harder, and you likewise need to set yourself up for the likelihood of your adversary’s Clones skipping toward your pinnacle as the earth keeps on shaking. There’s likewise the Meteorite, which pours down from the sky amidst the front line and harms anything in its way. This is another circumstance best maintained a strategic distance from and another case of why Supernatural’s aren’t constantly advantageous, or even impartial.


Trick – v) Any individual who watches sports should realize that a mentor’s first intuition when their group is getting their butts kicked by the rival is to call a timeout to enable the players to regroup, clear their heads, and recover their force, while, obviously, the mentor talks methodology. Badland Brawl is a versatile diversion, which implies there’s no one to call the timeout when your amusement all of a sudden goes off and your rivals are beating your time and over and over.


Trick – vi) Rather than diving yourself more profound into an opening, take a rest for about a half-hour or more, at that point come back to the amusement, prepared to beat more rivals and annihilate more towers. You can likewise change to Practice mode and go up against an AI rival. Obviously, it will be simpler to beat the AI, as they’re more unsurprising and you’ll be under less weight. In any case, on the off chance that you can beat the AI a couple of times consecutively, that very well might be the certainty support you require before confronting human rivals by and by.


Trick – vii) This is something we presumably ought to have let you know in the prior aides, however, we should make reference to it while despite everything we’re covering Badland Brawl. The Blast Rocket, as you should know, can be utilized related to your Plain Bomb (or the Bouncy Bomb, or some other sort of ground-based bomb), and on the off chance that you hit those bombs at simply the correct spot, you can send them tearing into the adversary tower and managing out a huge amount of harm. Be that as it may, there are a few provisos to the utilization of this clone, and these incorporate ensuring you don’t take too long when propelling it. In the event that you spend two or three seconds too many endeavoring to point the Blast Rocket, it will end up futile; regardless of whether it lands right where it should (instantly before the bomb), it will have no impact at all.


Trick – viii) As a reward tip, you’ll additionally need to abstain from propelling the Blast Rocket so that it winds up appropriate in front of a foe bomb since that will send their bomb toward your pinnacle, viably bringing about an unusual instance of agreeable fire!


Trick – ix) Tremors aren’t the main cataclysmic event that could make it difficult for you to win brawls in Badland Brawl. You will likewise need to manage tornados, which initially end up accessible once you achieve level 6 — they may look like Supernatural occasions; however, they are really Clones that carry on as genuine twisters do. They regularly show up beside the adversary tower, or alongside your pinnacle, because of their absence of range. While they can influence Clones from your side or that of your rival, they are, much the same as the Quakes, more inconvenience than they’re worth. You might need to hold off on assaulting for a bit on the off chance that you see that Clones, may they be yours or your opponent’s, are getting sucked in by one of those bothersome twisters.


Trick – x) Pearls are the excellent cash in this diversion, and you can win them in various routes; by finishing accomplishments, by blasting rises with diamonds inside amid the comparing Supernatural occasion, by level, or even by obtaining them with genuine cash. Should you pay genuine cash to get a few jewels, ensure you’re getting the best an incentive without overspending?


Trick – xi) In any case, whether you need to add to your pearl adds up to the characteristic route or by paying cash, we suggest sparing them for egg buys in the in-diversion store.


Badland is Best Game


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