The list of Games that you can choose for your controller support hear is your List of android games

20Need for Speed™ No Limits

Need for speed no limits is the latest version of race. And it is better than the last version of need for speed. And as we all know that it is a racing game in categories and from the same publisher by ELECTRONIC ARTS. A few new updates have been made, that is you can customize your car highest to that of highest.

19Real Racing 3

Real racing 3 is published by the same publishers of need for speed that is the ELECTRONIC ARTS. And this game was updated a few days ago but there are a lot of bugs and the advertisement and promotions have increased in the game. But a lot of new things have been made by the electronic arts that are the championship,  many day events, and special events etc.  

18Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun legends FPS and PvP Multiplayer games. Publish by the MADFINGER GAMES one of the best games for controller and multiplayer modes. The game is all about the aliens attacking the humans and you have to protect the humans for the aliens. There are missions on different planets. You have to win that and fight against the boss.

17Modern Combat 5

Modern combat is the best multiplayer FPS game in action categorie. And the new update has improved in controls, graphics etc. This game is likely to battlefield you to make up your own squad in the game. And the game contains story mode in it. The Developers of the game is gameloft SE.

16Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

This game is Developed by the CAPCOM CO.,LTD. This is a fighting game to improve your fighting skill in the game and the game contains a Bluetooth connect controller in it to have a better experience in the game. You can play the game in single mode called ARCADE and multiplayer mode.

15Last Commando II 

Last commando 2 is a very addictive game with the developers of SKIPPY GAMES. This is a first person shooting game with VR and Non VR mode available in it. You can play the game on the gamepad and joypad etc. The game has a story mode in it.


Bombsquad has a different type of mode and some are very impressive like capturing the flag to hockey etc. however you can play local and multiplayer with 8 players in one lobby. And definitely it support controller therewish touch screen controller is there for the beginners. Or there is a remote app for the game (Bombsquad Remote App).

13Modern Combat Versus

You have to choose the character first then you can play your role. Then you can make up your team and jump into the field of death. The developers are the Gameloft SE. so you can see the graphics are awesome and the sound quality of the game gives you a very different experience in the game.

12Asphalt 9

The world best gears in the road and be fearless in the world of Asphalt. So asphalt 9 brings up with a new update that is you can customize the car’s rims, colour it and update the car’s engine so that your car gets the first position every time you get into the race. 


Warface gives you the dynamic experience in the world of sharpshooters. The game is all about the modes that are :

  • There are 7 beautiful maps.
  • 4 game modes and more than 15 mini games .
  • And more than 150 customized weapons and equipment.
  • More than 10 character skins


Dead trigger is a survival game where the zombies want to get up on you till your death. You can protect yourself with different guns like the assault rifle, pistol, mini guns, shotguns etc.

So definitely every gang has their own gang leader that is a boss fight. Once you defeat the boss you protect the earth.

9Shadowgun War Games

shadow gun war games is a Fps game (first Shadowgun war games is a fps (first person shooting). It has an online multiplayer mode like arenas and different maps. The publisher of the game is madfinger games. The game has very different characters and abilities.


Fortnite is a battle royale game, the same game in the pc, ps4 can make a wall for protection you can cut trees. The last player standing will win the match. You can team up with the squad members and weekly updates means every week the latest version will arrive in the game.

7Battle Royale

Battle royale is a Fps game like battle royale and the graphics are cartoonish and there are like 30 weapons in the game. And the auto shooting is like a great feature in the game. And the map is massive in size to survive in the game.

6Infinity Ops

Infinite ops is like a team deathmatch where you can team up with your friend in this modern world. And you can create your own clan and you can join others’ clans. The  graphics are 3D and very good. And the control buttons are very easy to control. And you can have a custom match with your friends.

5Modern Strike Online

Modern strike online is a Fps game between the terrorist and counter terrorist 

There are few features below :

  • 7 multiplayer battle modes
  • 14 different maps in the game
  • Clans you can join
  • More than 50 gun 
  • Guns skins etc.

4N.O.V.A. Legacy

Nova legacy is a 3D fps game by gameloft SE. This game is based in the story mode that the galaxy is under attack to save the galaxy kal wardin the leader of the colonial Administration forces. There are different modes in the game to improve your skills like the Team DeathMatch, story mode etc.  

3Modern Ops

Modern ops is an action shooting game. It has a variety of maps in the game with more than 30 modern guns in it. And it has a counter terrorist and terrorist mode in it. And the graphics of the game are good. And you can create your own clan or join any other clan. 

2Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go the game is all about exploring the world you have to explore and you can get pokemons in your radar and you can catch them by throwing the pokeball towards them by sliding on your mobile screen upwards. And you can train your pokemons by playing matches with them.

1Call of Duty

Call of duty is like the best action game for controllers. There is a team deathmatch and you can enjoy the battle royal on the other hand. And the graphics are too good in the game; there are different types of maps and loadouts in the game. And the game has customizable controls and a voice and text chat in the game.

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