This is the top 10 offline action games for Android in 2020. They are games that do not require playing internet or data, nor do you need WiFi before playing them. There are many offline action games on the Google Play Store. Choosing the best can be one of the most challenging tasks because it is widely accepted.

List Of Best Offline Action Games 2020

1. Critical Ops

Currently one of the best offline action games right now on the Google Play Store. This FPS game requires lots of tactical and critical thinking, especially the Death match mode. The Defuse mode is also fun as you will be trying to detonate a bomb from a terrorist.

2. Alto’s Adventure

This action game is very adventurous, it doesn’t have a large file size as well. Go through the wilderness, mountains and abandoned lands and make it out alive. Rescue llamas, survive obstacles in harsh conditions in such a small time frame.

3. Duet

Just like the name suggests, you get to control two vessels and survive the harshest situations. In this intense action game, you have to survive against all odds with amazing graphics and interesting story lines.

4. Unkilled

In a Zombie world in the realistic New York city, there are blood sucking demons everywhere. You must survive against all odds, go into the streets, subways, sewers, and back alleys of New York and make it out alive.

5. Geometry Wars 3

No getting tired with this, with over 100 fun filled levels to play. This arcade action thriller is one of the best offline action games for Android. Travel far and wide and experience 12 battle modes as well in Geometry Wars 3.


6. Space Grunts

The future is here, in the year 2476, you are on a mission to travel to the moon-base to know why it’s sending a distress signal. Earth’s space-federation has been building moon-bases across the galaxy, but one of those moon-bases has been sending a distress signal and you have to know why.

7. Implosion Never Lose Hope

The graphics on this game is out of this world, same with the gameplay and storyline. Definitely one of the best offline action games for android, you need to fight to bring back the human race honour. The first 6 Levels are free but you would need to pay for others.

8. Sky Force Reloaded

The Reloaded version of Sky Force is intense and fun as well, experiencing an amazing soundtrack and 3D graphics. Enjoy levels in the air, literally atmospheric levels with lots of missions to scale through.

9. Xenowerk

Get to use all kinds of weapons to survive in an underground science lab. Face and battle all kinds of mutants, make sure you kill them and survive in this adrenaline pumping game.

10. Into the Dead

Literally go into the dead here, another Zombie apocalypse graphic game. Do whatever it takes to stay alive, fight and kill the walking dead before they get a chance to infect you with the disease. Will you make it out alive?

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