Try this NEW Chichens ‘‘Casual’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘HyperBeard’’ it take TOP games in over 29 countries & Chichens made for you if you enjoy Tap games, you’ll love this game. You need to tap the Game Characters to get cash and powers from them so you can open new egg to be brought forth and get new chichens as well.

As you play chichens you will almost certainly open new ones and there’s a ton of them, and the more you tap them the more coins and vitality they will create, yet be cautious it may get worn out and need some time till it begins to deliver once more, so you can simply utilize another chichen to complete quicker, you can utilize chichens cheats and make the chichens produce more coins or get the most extreme measure of coins so you can bring forth a ton of eggs instantly.



Remember to check in every day to procure your Daily Prize of coins or plumes.

Feathers are the hardest to get and the most significant thing in the amusement Use them shrewdly.

If you ever observe a money box gliding by, you’ll certainly need to tap on it. It’ll start up an advertisement, yet toward the end, it will dump a pack of coins everywhere throughout the screen.

Tap the currencies to gather them and add them to your stock so you can bear to get your Chichens a pleasant dinner.

unloking lupea
unloking lupea

Top Countries Playing Chichens 

  1. Australia
  2. United Kingdom
  3. United States
  4. Canada
  5. Mexico
  6. Brazil
  7. Indonesia


Game Features

  • Funny characters
  • Incredible worlds
  • Unbelievable bonuses and power-ups
  • Simple system of controls
  • Merry tasks
Travel to another garden
Travel to another garden

 Game Goals

  • More You Play To Learn
  • Control Time Once
  • Spend Wisely
  • Watch Videos For Food
  • Sell Chichens


Game Guide

  1. Bright Art and Nice Soundtrack For Game

With a strong begin and interestingly charming characters, Chichens is unquestionably an amusement worth downloading. With the brilliant and alluring craftsmanship joined with fantasy sequel soundtrack, you won’t most likely put the amusement down except if you complete them all! Open the diverse new universes and drench yourself in the new scenes and hypnotizing audio cues. Procure coins and vitality to open new universes. Bring forth new chichens with each world you open. Beside claim scenes in each world, each Chichens have their own belongings as well! Together with the ever-present minds and diversion, Chichens make a really extraordinary amusement pleasant for players everything being equal, esp. for young ladies.


  1. Adorable Design That You Like

The plan of the amusement is extremely straightforward and charming the fundamental structure is numerous scenes and a lot of chichens, some chichens are chickens or potatoes or even pizza! as you play the diversion you need to play each dimension with various chichen to open the other one and open the new dimensions, the scenes are intended to be static and don’t change through the amusement play and that is something worth being thankful for as you will almost certainly tap the chichen quicker and make her madder.

dashboard of egg selling in game chichens
dashboard of egg selling
  1. Each Chichen is Unique

The plan of the diversion is exceptionally straightforward yet charming. Above all else, the Chichens come in all shapes and sizes! Some of them look like genuine chickens, while others look like blooms or even mushrooms! Open new dimensions and get novel Chichens in each dimension. Complete the entire accumulation! Tap on these Chichens and gather the coins and vitality they produce. At times, you may see that the Chichens will get worn out subsequent to tapping them for a timeframe. Essentially supplant them with the ones in your stock and let the drained ones energize


  1. You See Numerous Chichens

As you play chichens you will almost certainly open new ones and there’s a ton of them, and the more you tap them the more coins and vitality they will create, yet be cautious it may get worn out and need some time till it begins to deliver once more, so you can simply utilize another chichen to complete quicker, you can utilize chichens cheats and make the chichens produce more coins or get the most extreme measure of coins so you can bring forth a ton of eggs instantly.


  1. Tap To Open New Worlds

As you play the amusement you will almost certainly open new universes with new scenes and diverse music impacts, and as you open new universes you will most likely bring forth new chichens, and for opening each world you ought to have enough measure of coins and vitality, so you should play promotion tap the chichens till you get the required sum or you can simply utilize chichens cheats and get the required amount to open every one of the universes, each world has its very own scenes and chichens and have its own belongings moreover.

welcome board in Chichens
welcome board in Chichens
  1. Feed Your Chichens For Earn More

Chichens are probably going to get eager particularly after all the going around. Henceforth, giving them something to gobble will keep them controlled up. To open up the encouraging menu, you simply need to tap on the berry symbol. You can get some sustenance for your new virtual pet by watching advertisements, utilizing 50 coins or a valuable plume. The last one probably won’t be the most ideal approach since plumes are excessively profitable (Find out how would you procure quills in Chichens beneath!). Chichens will arrange once they realize it’s encouraging time. Tap the Chicken you need to nourish and watch them develop and become even cuter! Grown-up Chichens will likewise give more vitality than child ones with each tap. Have some good times viewing these tubby lighten balls going around the field!


  1. Quicker Tap Means More Progress

As you play you need to tab the chichens as quick as you can so you get coins and vitality quicker, however in the event that the chichen is worn out you should hold up until it’s great once more, so it’s smarter to have more chichen in the ground so you don’t stop, chichens are senseless animals and they got frantic when you tab them yet it’s the best way to extricate cash out of them, additionally you can play with your companions as you get on the web and see each other’s improvement through the diversion e fun together.

  1. Bring Your Eggs Quickly

The most grievances about this amusement are the long trusting that the eggs will bring forth. To bring forth eggs rapidly without the utilization of the valuable Feathers, you should utilize this straightforward hack. In the wake of putting every one of the eggs in the hatchery, close the diversion and change the season of your gadget. Prelaunch the diversion with the recently changed time and acquire all the brought forth eggs! Straightforward trap, would it say it isn’t. By controlling the time, you can abbreviate the holding up time with only a couple of snaps on your gadget. For best outcomes, make certain to have bunches of eggs hanging tight to bring forth when you utilize this trap.


  1. Hack Your Chichens

As you play this you must be quick to gather every one of the mint pieces, yet there’s another method to gather what you need, it’s the chichens hack, and through it you will almost certainly get all that you need from coins, vitality and exceptional jewels for nothing and with no cost, the hack likewise can get you the unique bundles for nothing and with no expense or outside buys, and furthermore it will incapacitate advertisements from your diversion so you will play it like a professional with no irritating promotions that seem each while, additionally you can get all the uncommon eggs and incubate them right away with no hold up of time and with no cost, the hack is totally sheltered and free and don’t require established or jail braked gadget and won’t influence your gadget execution.

List of daily reward
List of daily reward
  1. Watch Videos for Foods & Gain Coins

Another Chichens tip will be to watch the in-diversion recordings. Get free Chichens nourishment for viewing these recordings. Rather than burning through 50 coins for sustenance, you will almost certainly get 200 in a flash by simply viewing a video. While there are a few distinct monetary forms in the amusement, spending them astutely won’t hurt. One more tip: Avoid spending quills on coins since you can generally get them for nothing.


Game Tips

Tip – i) Try not to spend your quills on coins, and don’t spend your coins or your purple crest on sustenance. Spare your crest for when you have to open another landscape; in such a case that you blow them, at that point, it will take always to get them back as an f2p player since one tuft will cost 600 coins to buy.


Tip – ii) On the off chance that you have no information on your telephone, treats, for example, the money boxes won’t spring up, which means you’ll pass up huge chances to gain coin and plume rewards. Play with an information association as regularly as would be prudent. In the event that you are playing without an association, utilize that opportunity to discover eggs and put them on the hatchery to bring forth and gather huge rewards later.


Tip – iii) there are three different ways to get more nourishment: spend coins on 100, watch a video for 200 sustenance, or burn through one quill on 1,200 tufts. On the off chance that you’re an allowed to-play player, at that point recordings are by a long shot the best wager, since you’re going to require a great deal of it to sustain a ton of chichens, and in the event that you spend coins on it, at that point your coin income will be totally mooted by what you spend on nourishment.

chichens - game Shop
chichens – game Shop

Tip – iv) One trap that you can do just a single time, for reasons unknown, is to make it so your eggs are prepared to bring forth quickly by setting the time ahead on your telephone. When you work, however, the amusement begins synchronizing to its very own time server and the trap quits working. Utilize your one shot at this trap when you have the same number of eggs as you can get.


Tip – v) So the speediest method to acquire coins in this diversion, by a long shot, is to watch recordings for sustenance, feed your chichens to level 10, and afterward auction them at a tremendously expanded cost over what they were at level one. It takes one sustenance to sustain a dimension one chichen, however, it takes more nourishment with each dimension increased, which means it takes NINE sustenance to bolster a dimension nine chichen only one time.


Game Tricks

  • Bring forth eggs in this diversion takes some time. You should sit tight for some time before you can get the infant chichens. In the event that you are restless and you need to bring forth the eggs sooner, there are you can do. Simply remember that this trap must be done once. Benefit as much as possible from it by ensuring you have a ton of eggs holding on to incubate.


  • When you do, you simply need to change the time on your telephone to make it look like time has passed. In the wake of doing this trap, the diversion will address the time and will never again be tricked by your telephone.


  • There are a few monetary standards in the diversion – coins, crest, and quills. Ensure you spend your monetary standards admirably on the grounds that it requires a significant stretch of time to gather cash in this diversion. Abstain from spending quills on mint pieces since you can simply gather coins for nothing. Crest is required for opening extra landscape so don’t spend them on whatever else. In the event that you come up short on tufts, you should burn through 600 coins for each piece you need.


  • Since you are irritating these chichens all an opportunity to get eggnergy, its solitary reasonable that you, at any rate, feed them. There are a few different ways to get nourishment in the diversion however the majority of them include spending. On the off chance that you need free sustenance, and obviously you do, at that point, you should watch ads.
new egg in chichens
new egg in chichens
  • Every notice video will compensate you with 200 sustenance. It’s really not terrible since all it costs is a couple of moments of your time. Exploit this to have the capacity to bolster your chichens for nothing.


  • Simply ensure you get your nourishment for nothing from the recordings or you will finish up spending what you gain. Dimension 1 chichen for each bolstering and will require each dimension.


Chichens Game FAQ




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