Try this NEW FORGED FANTASY ‘‘Role Playing’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘Hothead Games’’ it takes TOP 10 game in over 11 countries! & the New Top Grossing Games list. In Forged Fantasy is made for you if you enjoy RPG  games, you’ll love Forget Fantasy. The Forged Fantasy is an Craft the best combination of Heroes and enter a Realm to battle Play with friends and compete world-wide in real-time PvP battles Join an Alliance and team up for Co-op Boss Raids and Events Win rewards after each final battle, level up your heroes and upgrade your abilities.

Forged Fantasy Game Features

  • Incredible story-based RPG experience
  • Switch Heroes on the fly during real-time battles
  • Take charge and control the battle or play Auto-mode and employ tactics
  • Play through vast unique Realms and HUNDREDS of missions in CAMPAIGN MODE
  • Participate in Daily Events, Co-op Raids and Gauntlet Mode.
  • Collect Dozens of exclusive heroes, each with their own legendary weapons and special abilities.
  • Craft the best combination of Heroes and enter a Realm to battle
  • Play with friends and compete world-wide in real-time PvP battles
  • Join an Alliance and team up for Co-op Boss Raids and Events
  • Win rewards after each final battle, level up your heroes and upgrade your abilities


Top 10 Countries Playing Forged Fantasy Game

  1. Philippines
  2. Indonesia
  3. Canada
  4. United States
  5. Brazil
  6. Italy
  7. India
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Russia
  10. Germany

Pro Tips

  • Experience the story missions ASAP
  • Open Hero Chests ASAP
  • Complete the Daily Missions
  • Ranch Heroes on the Hard Mode
  • Level and Skill up your best saints
  • Develop and Promote your Heroes
  • Join a functioning collusion
  • Partake in PvP, Especially Tournaments
  • Manual control versus Auto versus Quick Play


Forged Fantasy Game Goals

  1. There are some new mechanics in the amusement contrasted with other comparable RPGs
  2. Chiefly the manner in which you control your units and switch between colleagues
  3. However there are likewise a huge amount of highlights, some of which may be barely noticeable
  4. So i recommendation is to concentrate on them and endeavor to achieve the last mission for opening the most recent occasion.
  5. A short time later, there are different spots to spend your vitality on and we’ll cover those underneath.
  6. You need to finish the initial 4 parts ASAP, regardless of what number of stars you get every mission.
  7. Story missions are critical, particularly from the get-go in the diversion, as they enable you to open every one of the highlights of the amusement
  8. You we should get directly to business and look at underneath some Forged Fantasy tips and traps to enable you to play a superior amusement
  9. The Hero Chests are the ones that cost 300 diamonds in the store, yet they ensure a Hero.
  10. Presently, opening them one by one isn’t on a par with hanging tight to open a pack of 5 and you are ensured a 3 star saint.

    FORGED FANTASY list of heroes
    FORGED FANTASY Heroes List
  11. In addition, you get the various extraordinary prizes that originate from finishing every one of the mission as well
  12. So it’s best to just purchase confines one by one request to ideally expand your Hero tallies and get some rarer saints.
  13. In any case, on the off chance that you do plan to burn through cash on the diversion, it’s smarter to hold up until the point that you can open the pack of five
  14. In the wake of opening every one of the highlights in the amusement by achieving the required stage in the Campaign.
  15. Every day, you will get a lot of journeys that move you to do different things in the Forged Fantasy. I prescribe continually playing to finish the missions, on the grounds that finishing 10 of them gives you the every day.
  16. The certain missions will give you extra legend shards which will either open new ones or enable you to Evolve existing ones.
  17. Look at them & see what’s accessible and center around getting whatever number as would be prudent every day.
  18. If you have a strong pack of legends accessible, is leveling them up and skilling them up.
  19. In case you’re searching for much more techniques on getting additional characters in the diversion that I composed a total guide on the most proficient method to open more legends in Forged Fantasy.
  20. My suggestion is to dependably put resources into aptitudes when you sign in to the amusement, so as to enable the clock to run out and refill the ability focuses.
  21. The subsequent stage is advancing and developing each character. The last essentially expands the Star quantities.
  22. You ought to dependably have your legends leveled up to the maximum and furthermore talented up to the maximum so as to have them as solid as could be expected under the circumstances.

  23. You should concentrate on developing and advancing your most grounded saints – or the ones that you appreciate playing the most.
  24. Being a piece of a functioning collusion is imperative since you can go to Co-operation attacks with individual coalition individuals and get more treats along these lines.
  25. When all your legends are completely prepared, proceed onward and complete more crusade missions, to gain admittance to the better things.
  26. It is valid, these are more tedious since you need to physically play the fights, yet it’s absolutely justified, despite all the trouble
  27. PvP is completely astonishing and can remunerate you with huge amounts of treats on the off chance that you perform well there.
  28. This is the thing that you ought to run with in critical fights, as PvP, Gauntlet missions and such. Pick the player you like the most and put forth a valiant effort
  29. There are three different ways you can play through the fight parts of the amusement, and we’re discussing every one of them beneath and when you ought to pick either
  30. This is ideal for cultivating and fights where the well-being of your saints doesn’t generally make a difference by the day’s end. This is for crusade missions, more often than not.

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Forged Fantasy Game Guide & Tips

Tip – i) Open the free chest. Like clockwork you get the opportunity to open a free chest. More often than not you will get a thing you can’t utilize immediately, which is fine. When you open better characters, they will require these things to be redesigned. So attempt to open however many of these as could reasonably be expected, they will have their utilization in the long run.

Tip – ii) Check your missions. It’s a smart thought to check your Quests when you can do as such. A large portion of the day by day missions or accomplishments are finished as you advance through the story, however it’s a smart thought to watch out for them. More often than not you will have compensates recently sat there hanging tight to get gathered.

Tip – iii) Update your Heroes. This is a standard tip which applies to pretty much every RPG out there. Yet, in Forged Fantasy, you don’t open characters each other dimension. You either need to crush or spare your diamonds. So it bodes well to redesign what you have in light of the fact that you won’t get anybody new for some time. Last point to make reference to when you get another person they will fit directly into your beginning line-up, except if you as of now have more than five saints.

Tip – iv) Don’t simply do the battle. On the off chance that you tap on the Missions tab, you will see a wide scope of various diversion modes to take a swing at. Contingent upon what kind of player you are, there is a diversion mode for everybody. So traverse the story as fast as you can and play these other amusement modes.

Tip – v) Keep it new. It’s critical that when you play Forged Fantasy, you keep yourself engaged. It’s enticing to hit the auto-play catch which altogether reenacts the fight for you, however doing as such will take you out the diversion totally. Just utilize this catch for replaying levels and cultivating things.

Tip – vi) Join an Alliance. There are sure rewards and things you can gain only to be in an Alliance. There truly is no drawback to going along with one albeit most unions have a base dimension prerequisite. So endeavor to rank up as snappy as you can so you can go along with one.

Tip – vii) Focus on the healer. This tip regularly applies to PvP fights, however you can utilize it in any circumstance. On the off chance that the adversary has a unit that can recuperate others, take out that unit first. Along these lines your rival can’t recuperate their units and will definitely disintegrate.

Tip – viii) Go insane. I don’t mean this actually, however it very well may entice that once you open a decent character you quit playing as any other individual. This is certainly not a terrible strategy, however it implies interactivity winds up monotonous quick. So make sure to turn inside your group and play as various characters.


Forged Fantasy Game Tricks

i) You can undoubtedly change to an alternate saint on the off chance that you imagine that your legend is being assaulted by adversaries and can’t receive in return without the assistance of another saint.

ii) There is a sum of 27 saints that you need to open in the amusement. Every one of them has their very own extraordinary, one of a kind aptitude.

iii) Before long you will begin opening your saints in the diversion from which you need to assemble a group. Your group building capacity will be tried in different battles.

iv) All groups will be offset with various legends and no group is especially indestructible.

v) Redesign your legends while no saints are being opened. Step up your saints will furnish you with better aptitudes and capacities.

vi) Spend on all your legends however the main five you’re playing with ought to be your need, as they require the redesigns more. For redesigning your legends, all you require are coins.

vii) In the first place, you need to open your PvP mode. In PvP, you are combined with players that will adjust your group. Your foes are altogether constrained by the diversion itself.

viii) Battle the fights physically so you can utilize your legends and here you’re fighting abilities will likewise be tried.

ix) There are additionally PvP chests that assist you to open legends. For opening the chests, you require keys and you win those keys purchase winning the fights that will give you three keys.

x) You can develop combos with your skirmish characters. At the point when your legend gleams red, you can assault yours for keeps on giving him most extreme harm.

xi) Hit him over and again without allowing him to recuperate generally your combo will break.

xii) On the off chance that any extended adversary is assaulting your saint, you need to dodge your legend or evade the foe to spare yourself and afterward assault the foe when you are recouped.

xiii) At the beginning of your diversion, you will be enticed to utilize your coins on things that won’t generally profit you.

xiv) Take as much time as is needed with those coins and spend them on your saints as opposed to purchasing those chests, as there is no certification of what will leave them.

xv) You can utilize your coins for the chests when you have no utilization of your coins on your saints.

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xvi) Your jewels will be utilized to purchase chests that will open your saints. You need to utilize them, as you need to make somewhere around a group of five saints.

xvii) Assault your foes with combos as much as you can yet in case you’re confronting a run for, attempt to go for the head more as the HP of your foe diminishes more with that.

xviii) You’ll be given difficulties day by day, some of them you’ll need to finish yet some will be finished inadvertently while you’re playing your amusement.

xix) Finishing these missions will furnish you with pearls and stamina. You’ll be granted stamina too which you can simply go and gather.

xx) You have a decision to play the amusement physically or on Auto-play. I would propose not utilizing Auto-play for fights or in PvP in light of the fact that what’s the enjoyment in that?



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