Garena Free Fire introduces a mode Clash Squad in. After a few day the rank mode came in clash squad where you can increase your rank in the game by winning every game you can get stars that will help you to increase your rank in the game. So there are six stages (Bronzes > Silver > Gold > platinum > Diamond > Heroic)

What Is Clash Squad Game?

So generally rank mode for clash squad is a mode in FREE FIRE where there are two teams in each game a squad vs another squad. In a squad there are four players in each team.There are six rounds in the game.There is a chance to have a seven round if your and opposition team wins three rounds each. In this mode you have to buy guns. And you have to take fight with your opposite team. If your team wins four rounds you will win the game.

How To Choose Good Guns In Clash Squad Rank

So it is necessary to choose a good gun in this mode. You have to take a shot range and a long range gun so that you can have a good fight. So what is a shot range gun and a long range gun’s in Garena Free Fire

Best Shot Range Guns

  • MP40
  • M1887
  • MP5
  • P90
  • M1014

Long Range Guns

  • M60
  • KAR98K
  • AN94
  • AK
  • XM8
  • SCAR
  • SKS
  • M82B

How To Take Good Guns For Fight

It is hard to choose a good gun for fighting, It depends upon you which gun is comfortable for you. For me i will choose MP40 or M1887 in shot range and AK or XM8 for long range. It is up to you in which gun you are good.  

free fire clash squad
Free Fire Clash Squad Tournament

List Of Best Guns In Free Fire Clash Squad


Mp40 is shot range gun it is a SMG (SubMachine Gun).Most of the players use MP40 in shot range because the rate of fire of this gun is good and the damage is good and is fast.And it is easy to give headshot in this gun.

But the magazine is less it contains 20 bullets in a magazine. But if you can attach a level 3 magazine it will give 32 bullets.


Thes is a shot range gun, it is a SG (ShotGun). M1887 is a new gun it came in the last update of free fire. This is a secondary gun most of the players use this gun in shot range.

In this gun there are no attachments for that there are 2 bullets and you can not attach mags.And the best part in this gun is the damage is very high. And as well as the rate of fire and the reloading speed is good.


MP5 is a short range gun and it is a SMG (SubMachine Gun).This gun is one of the best guns ever in free fire. It contains Silencer,Muzzle,Foregrip,Magazine and Scope etc.

This gun has a good Damage,Range,Accuracy and Rate of fire is even good.And even you can use this gun in long range with a Silencer and a 4x scope. So generally this gun is all rounder.


Thompson is a shot range gun and it is SMG (SubMachine Gun).This gun is a new gun it came in the last update.And the gun has a good magazine and rate of fire.

As well as the others things like damage,Accuracy,Reload seed and the range is not so bad is it good to use.


P90 is a shot range gun and it is a SMG (SubMachine Gun) this gun comes with a great Magazine, Damage and accuracy.And the best thing of this gun is Rate of fire.And this gun contains only Magazine and a scope.

You can also use the gun as long range because of the damage and with a 4x scope it can be a long range weapon.


M1014 is a SG (Shotgun) and it is used in shot range.In this gun there are 6 bullets in it. But it does not contain a mag. And the Damage,Rate of fire and the Reloading speed is good. But there is a disadvantage: the bullets of this gun come in a very less number when fired.


M60 is an AR (Assault Rifle) and it is a long range gun. And the gun has a wonderful magazine capacity.It contains above 50 bullets when mag is attached. And the range,damage and rate of fire is good.


AN94 is an AR (Assault Rifle) and it is used in long range gun.And the gun has a good Range,Damage,Rate of fire and Accuracy.And the gun contains 30 bullets but with a mag it contains 40 bullets. And this gun is a bit similar to AK.


AK is an AR (Assault Rifle) and it is a long range gun. And this gun is good in shot range also. AK contains 40 bullets with a mag. And the Damage,Rate of fire,range is good in this gun.You can attach a muzzle,foregrip,magazine and scope etc.


XM8 is an AR (Assault Rifle) and it is used in long range gun.And you can attach muzzle,foregrip,magazine and no scope because XM8 already contains 2x scope all the time.And the best thing is the Rate of fire is fast for that you can give headshot to your opposition easily.


SCAR is an AR (Assault Rifle) and it is a long range gun. You can attach Muzzle,Foregipe,magazine,Stock and scope. And Scar has a good Damage,RangeRate of fire and Accuracy.


SKS is a DMR sniper(Designated Marksman Rifle).And sks has a very good Range and Damage. And the Rate of fire and Accuracy is even good. But the mag is not good.The gun gives very less amount of bullets you have to use level 2 or 3 magazines.And it already contains 4x scope in it.


KAR98k is a bolt action rifle and kar98k full form is (KARABINER 98 KURZ).And KAR98K already contains scope in it. And kar98k has a good Damage,Range and Accuracy.But Rate of fire is not good enough.


It is a new gun in free fire like (KAR98K and AWM). This gun is replace of AWM in clash squad.And it has a good (DAMAGE, RANGE, ACCURACY). And the Rate of fire, Reload speed, magazine is a little weak in this gun.

How to win Clash Squad match?

It is a very interesting and a good question and it can be a tip too. If you want to win a clash squad you have to be very focused and concentrated in your game. And you have to play with the gun which you are good with. You have to be patient and careful and you have to play with your team and your coordination with your team has to be good.

And you have to play it a little bit safe. Don’t be in a hurry and rush always try to get a chance when you get it you go and hit it. If you and your team eliminate the whole opposition team then  CONGRATULATIONS you have won the clash squad. 



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