FAUG TDM Early Access
FAUG TDM Early Access

I like the FAUG Team Deathmatch (TDM), which is now available in Beta (download apk). Developer nCORE Games had previously promised that the beta version of TDM would be available on June 21st but they didn’t deliver. Now nCORE Games tweeted on Sunday that the FAUG TDM mode beta release was now available for download, play and enjoy it.

This is much much more than I expected!. I am not a gamer who only feeds upon one single game like PUBG, Call of Duty & Free Fire. I always loved fighting games. But nowadays after the arrival of PUBG and other shooting and survival games we can’t see fighting games with rich graphics and storylines are very good in the game but it just needs some improvements.

FAUG Download beta
FAUG game Download


There are limited slots. If you wish to test it before its official release, you’ll need to get the early access version. This is what you need to know regarding FAUG TDM mode beta release.

FAUG TDM Mode Features

nCORE Games announced that FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode has been made available in a beta version with limited slots. To access the beta version of FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode, please visit this link or download from Google Play Store. TDM mode, a multiplayer game mode, is different to the main story version. You can team up with friends or online players to battle in Team Deathmatch.

FAUG 1.0 beta UPDATED !

  • FAUG TDM mode will be the first to introduce guns and other weapons. 
  • A new TDM map called Bazaar will be available. 
  • It is a suburbia-based environment. 
  • Google Play Store describes the map as having ample coverage and vantage points for taking that decisive shot and cementing your victory.

Lets See what’s Technical Guruji Says about FAUG TDM Early Access Download

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