Check this NEW Flip The Gun Arcade Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘PLAYGENDARY’’ it takes one to the New Top Grossing Games. Flip The Gun is a amusement includes more than 15 unique weapons. You can get a rocket launcher for enormous impacts or pick the steady blasts of the automatic weapon. Despite the weapon you pick, you should use your constrained ammunition shrewdly with the end goal to make your gun as high as could be allowed.

Filp The Gun Game Features

  • Enjoy brand-new realistic physics game: make weapons fly using their recoil. Shoot and fly as high as possible!
  • Ultra-realistic physics game, where you can try yourself in shooting.
  • Shoot wisely with AWP and pistols, make fantastic burst with automatic weapons or blow it up with bazooka!
  • 40+ cool physics-based weapons
  • unique game mechanics
  • shoot using weapons from your favorite games and movies
  • Unlock and try all amazing weapons and make your gun reach the worldwide high score!

Top 10 Countries Playing Flip The Gun Game

  1. Mauritius
  2. Moldova
  3. Armenia
  4. Kazakhstan
  5. Georgia
  6. Ukraine
  7. Russia
  8. Nepal
  9. Ukraine
  10. Philippine

Flip The Gun Game Guide Tips & Tricks

Tip – i) look extravagant to have your gun ricochet around the screen; now and again the best arrangement is the least complex one. Simply shoot straight down with the end goal to go straight up. There is no compelling reason to go for an edge since a large portion of the things you need to get would be open from the focal point of the level. You will have the capacity to get ammunition, coins, and speed supports regardless of whether you simply remain in the focal point of the screen.


Tip – ii) When you lose at a level, you will have the alternative to restart from the latest relevant point of interest, similarly as long as you have a web association. All that you need to do is watch an ad video toward the finish of the round, and afterward, when the video is done, you’ll start again with your current score. Utilize this particularly when you have had an especially decent round.


Tip – iii) Flip the Gun is truly liberal with regards to complimentary gifts. You get an unconditional present like clockwork. You can even set message pop-ups to guarantee you guarantee them on time. In addition, you will get arbitrary offers that will enable you to win another container for nothing by essentially viewing a video ad. Ensure you exploit these complimentary gifts with the end goal to boost your income.

flip the gun simulater game list of GUNS
flip the gun simulater game list of GUNS



Tip – iv) You can get an unconditional present once like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity. You can set message pop-ups to ensure that you gather them in time, and sometimes, you can watch an ad video to instantly acquire the case for nothing. In the event that you do the promotion video offer, then it won’t show up again until the following blessing, so do it right when the commencement starts on your current unconditional present.


Tip – v) You have a wide assortment of guns that you can use in this diversion, from single-shot guns to automatic rifles. With the assault rifles, it’s harder to ration your ammunition, however, to do as such, tap VERY gently and rapidly so you just discharge one shot rather than shooting products. This will keep you shooting for whatever length of time that conceivable, and enable you to exploit the immense clasp that assault rifles will in general have.


Tip – vi) As you would envision, automatic weapons have greater ammunition cuts than general guns. The drawback is, they will in general waste that ammunition by terminating rapidly. On the off chance that you need to exploit the additional ammunition that assault rifles bring to the table, you need to work on tapping daintily. On the off chance that you can tap daintily enough, just a single slug will be spent, and you will at present shoot the correct way. It takes a touch of training however once you have it down, you will have the capacity to expand your runs utilizing automatic weapons.


Tip – vii) To continue onward, shoot the gun as far descending as could reasonably be expected, with the goal that you can fly up the farthest. Endeavor to remain towards the center of the level. This is the place you will procure the biggest measure of coins, and in addition get the green ammunition jars, and hit the blue accelerate focuses. They spring up regularly amidst the level.


Tip – viii) In the test mode, the difficulties are more muddled than simply getting a high score. Some of them will require high scores, yet others will expect you to shoot as a particular number of slugs, shoot a particular number of times, or gather bits of help (the blue chevrons). They likewise furnish a decent chance to rehearse with a weapon that you as of now have, yet in the event that you don’t have the weapon yet, you won’t have the capacity to utilize it in the test mode. When you open another weapon, you will likewise open every last bit of its difficulties.


Tip – ix) On the off chance that you are searching for a difference in pace, you can experiment with the diverse difficulties accessible in the amusement. Every weapon you open will have its very own arrangement of difficulties. These won’t constantly mean achieving high scores. Some of them will expect you to shoot a specific number of shots or discharge on various occasions. Others will even expect you to gather a particular number of speed supports. Ensure you check the difficulties accessible for your present weapons and endeavor to finish them all.


Tip – x) In the event that you are having an especially decent run, you can, in any case, proceed the last known point of interest. Simply ensure you have web association. You will naturally get an advertisement offer that will enable you to proceed in the wake of watching a short video. Obviously, if your score is a long way from great, it would be less demanding for you to simply begin once again. You are allowed to utilize this offer on any of your runs, yet it just spares more opportunity to utilize them for expanding your runs.

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