Wrestling Revolution 3D is a game offered by MDICKIE. This game is based on WWE (World Wrestling Revolution) this game for those who are fans of wwe. This game was released on 4 October 2014. And the size of the game is 50 mb And has 50 million plus download in play store.


There are two career options in Wrestling Revolution 3D one is wrestling and booking career. You can play both careers at a time. It is up-to you that you to manage two at a time.

Specially it is very important because the game progress will be save in your mobile Ones you restart the game you will come again where you have left.

Selecting Wrestler 

Therefore all you have to choose a Roster and select a wrestler but if you have the Backstage Pass you can choose any roster or wrestler you want.  In contrast if you don’t have you have to choose the open roster. And from that roster you have to select a good wrestler. Similarly the selection of the wrestler is to be very careful because you have to play the whole game with the wrestler.

Editing Wrestler

Editing Wrestler

Editing is a very important feature in this game. You can edit your character or wrestler as you wish and you can add your (Name, Age, Gender, height, Build, Allegiance) in the game. In conclusion you can add more of it that is (Attributes, Gestures, Costumes and your Moves).

Wrestling Revolution Roster

Particularly rosters are generally like a company in the game where the managers of the roster offer contracts. There are total nine rosters in Wrestling Revolution 3D & they are.

Rosters in Wrestling Revolution 3D
  • Wrestling School  
  • Federation Online  
  • Rising Sun Puroresu  
  • All American Wrestling  
  • Maple Leaf Grappling
  • Hollywood 
  • United Kingdom Wrestling  
  • Super Lucha Libre
  • Strong Style


Controls are the very main things in any games. And the controls of the game are very easy to handle. Therefore in the controls there are buttons and one joystick and buttons are:

  •  A is a button in red colour this button uses to give the basic attack like                       ( punches,kicks etc) to your opponent.
  • G is a button that helps you to grab your opponent and then you can give a special move. 
  • R is a button that helps you to run and give running attacks in the game.
  • P is a button that helps you to pick up things in the game. 
  • T is a button that helps you to pin, gesture and to give special attack in the game.
  • And the last is the EYE button that helps you to target your opponent in the game.

Training To Improve

Training is very important for your wrestler to increase your fighting skills in the game. You can improve your Strength, skill, Agility, Stamina and toughness. That will help you in the ring for fight with other wrestler

Contract And Business

The manager of the other rosters brings up a contract or a business offer; sometimes the manager of the roster offers a contract to be employed in the roster. And the manager wants to do a business like the manager offers you to change your moves, Dressing and to be the face of the videogame. And you can renew the contract of your roster.


There is a financial report in the game that shows your (Event, Attendance, Revenue, Earning, Management, Gimmick, Lifestyle, profit and Balance)  is your salary in the game it is in your contract that how much you will get after every match if you have guarantee in your contract you will get the money after every match. similarly if you don’t have the guarantee then you will get money only the match you have won.

Real Names 

In this paragraph here are the all superstars from wwe but they do not have their own name because the game is an unofficial game of wwe. Secondly there are many questions about the real names of the superstars in the play stores so the reason is that the game is an unofficial game.

Hire Employee

In the booking career here you can hire an employee and you can have a contract with the star that you want to hire for your roster. If so he accepts the contract then he will be in your roster for some weeks that is given in your contract.

And you can control the star if the star does not have his  creativity controls. And you can decide to change the moves, dressing and the entrance music etc. 

What Is Card

The card option is for fixing matches that can control the manager of the roster and what will be in the undercard or in the main event etc. And it will help you increase the rating of your roster and you can increase the revenue of your roster.

Tips And Cheats

You can increase your salary and be the top paid star in your wrestling career by going into the booking career you have to hire yourself in your roster and you can edit your contract as you want.

you can win the world champion title in the booking career you have to fix a match between the world champion and your character and start the match so in booking career you can have the  control any character in the match then select your opponent’s character and lets it loses and you will be the world champion in the game.


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