Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense is a very challenging action game from the diversion of Orbital Knight. Candy Patrol has been quite recently discharged for Android on Google Play Store by Orbital Knight, the makers of Kickerinho diversion. In Candy Patrol game, you play as a hero and the goal that you have to accomplish is protect lollipops from the monsters. Monsters are trying to steal lollipops, but you have to shoot them down and save all the lollipops.  Be that as it may, it’s anything but a simple undertaking, you need to make brilliant moves to spare all confections. Would you be able to do it? We should investigate Candy Patrol diversion.


  1. Defend the lollipops, fight monsters and upgrade your gear. Join the Candy Patrol now!
  2. As a part of an elite candy defense unit, your task it to keep the lollipops safe. Shoot monsters on sight and don’t let them near the candies!
  3. Armored with supersonic slingshot and high-tech gadgets, fight your way through space and time and show everyone who is the boss! Face a challenge and become the best in Candy Patrol. Think quickly and make smart moves to defend all the candies!
  4. Upgrade your equipment with collectable materials, choose the right gadgets for each mission and use your skills to your advantage!


  • Discover new species of monsters and collect them all in your monsterpedia!
  • Travel through space and time to visit worlds beyond your imagination.
  • Fight bosses to save the candies!
  • Invite your friends to join your Candy Patrol unit!

Discover new species of monsters and collect them all in your monsterpedia. Travel through space and time to visit worlds beyond your imagination. Fight bosses to save the candies. If you get stuck in the game, check out the video walk through and gameplay for the game.

Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense Guide

You are a piece of tip-top candy defense unit, your assignment is spare all confections. The amusement begins with a fast instructional exercise in which you find out about; how to shoot monsters, how to utilize devices, about the essence of the diversion, and that’s just the beginning. When it has done, you can physically deal with every one of the things autonomously. The amusement highlights many stunning universes with testing stages, manager battles, various monsters, astonishing devices, and promoters. The controls in Candy Patrol are simple; you simply tap to shoot, simplified a contraption to utilize it on the battleground Hero In Candy Patrol Game



Candy Patrol diversion includes more than five astonishing devices, for example, poison, stop, pitch, and some more. These contraptions utilized in the battle to kill down foes and to ensure your lollipops. To open new devices, you have to clear the base stage prerequisites.



Promoters work like catalysts. Utilizing supporters in Candy Patrol, the player can expand the harm control, diminish overheat, enhance the shield, and copies the number of lollipops. These promoters can be opened by clearing stages and you get them in constrained numbers. So utilize them astutely. On the off chance that you have utilized all, at that point you can get it from the chest or in return for jewels.


In-Game Currency


Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense locations list - chalbuzz
Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense locations list – chalbuzz
  • Lives: – If you have no lives, you can not begin the stage. Lives are constrained and in the event that you have lost all, at that point you have to sit tight for a couple of minutes or watch a video advertisement.






Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense game play screen 3 - chalbuzz
Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense game play screen 3 – chalbuzz
  • Coins: – Coins utilized in redesigning the level of saint, devices and in purchasing of contraptions. You can acquire coins by clearing stages and from the chest.







Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense game play screen 4 - chalbuzz
Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense game play screen 4 – chalbuzz
  • Diamonds: – In Candy Patrol, the pearl is one of the uncommon assets. It is utilized in purchasing promoters, coins. You can acquire pearls in Candy Patrol amusement by finishing the accomplishments or purchase in return for genuine cash.


Pro tip Shoot against the items to change over ordinary projectile in bouncing back slugs.


Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense Tips

Candy Patrol is an exceptionally difficult amusement and it would not be anything but difficult to get three stars at each stage. These Candy Patrol diversion tips cheat, and tips will assist you with protecting your confections and in getting three stars at each stage.


Know your objectives

At each phase of Candy Patrol diversion, you need to finish three assignments, for example, pass the stage, all lollipops must survive and slaughter 5 monsters utilizing a particular device. Before you begin the stage, tap on each star and know your objectives. In the event that you have overlooked amidst the diversion, delay it and afterward tap on stars. Also, it is required to finish every one of the assignments on the off chance that you need three stars at each stage.


How To Use Gadgets

Tip – i) Devices are exceptionally helpful to spare every moment of the confections and in killing down the monsters. Be that as it may, these devices function admirably when you utilize them shrewdly and as per the circumstance; last wave, immense wave, supervisor battle. Before you begin the battle, keep in mind to pick the contraptions. Purchase Gadgets and include more openings

Tip – ii) You can buy more devices in return for coins and you ought to do it. Since you can not get the triumph without these devices. Simply tap on a device and afterward tap on the + catch and purchase more devices. And furthermore include more openings, with the goal that you can take more devices for the battle.


How To Use Boosters

Tip – i) In the wake of checking the undertakings, think two times; is it simple or not? If not, at that point select the promoters. Try not to utilize these sponsors in low-level battles.

Tip – ii) The lifts in Candy Patrol are to a great degree valuable and can spare you from exceptionally troublesome circumstances, yet they are likewise extremely hard to get for nothing. Subsequently, you should just utilize them when you have no other choice and it’s the main way you can get the three stars or the additional one out of a mission.

Tip – iii) All you should do is to finish a similar stage a couple of times in succession – in the event that you see you can’t take care of business without a lift, at that point don’t hesitate to utilize it. Generally keep them for more troublesome occasions, since they will arrive within the near future.  


How To Upgrade your Hero and Gadgets

Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense carecters list - chalbuzz

To redesign your legend, you require saint cards. Legend Cards can be gotten from the chest. When you have enough, you are prepared to update. Likewise, to overhaul devices, you require device cards, can be acquired from the chest.


Figure out How To point and Shots your Monster

Tip – i) Pointing is critical in this amusement, yet additionally somewhat troublesome in the event that you have bigger separations to cover. Notwithstanding, I found that it’s much less demanding to send your shots precisely where you need them to be by really tapping and swiping precisely around the territory you need to point and not close to your character.

Tip – ii) At the end of the day, in case you’re pointing some place towards the best side of the screen, just put your fingers there – even over the beast keeping in mind the end goal to improve pointing. This will result in your grasp covering the screen on occasion, so the additional alert is required not to miss any approaching creature from an alternate spot, however it works best.

Tip – iii) Additionally, you should figure out how to bob shots keeping in mind the end goal to hit puts that you don’t have an immediate shot for. Much of the time, ricocheted shots won’t be extremely essential, however on numerous events they will encourage a ton.

Tip – iv) So take some time in each phase to see where you can bob your shots off and it doing as such gives you any points of interest. At times it does, hitting monsters that are difficult to hit or taking them out even before they show up on the screen (this is the situation of the horse shelters, for instance, where you can ricochet shots inside and take out approaching monsters)

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Don’t lose even a single chest

Tip – i) In Candy Patrol, every one of the prizes, for example, contraption cards, new devices, saint cards, and more can be gotten from the chest. So the chest is profitable; go to the shop segment – guarantee your free chest by viewing a video advertisement, guarantee your free chest, get the reward chest by viewing the promotion, get Chester, and guarantee mission chest.

Tip – ii) The different adversaries in the amusement work and carry on in various ways. The Snail, for instance, takes cover behind the grass – and when it does, you can’t hit it. The round blue ones don’t attempt to take the candy and begin eating it, while others are amazingly quick.

Tip – iii) Every creature carries on in their own specific manner and you should recognize what’s in store from them before you begin a phase keeping in mind the end goal to organize their pulverization.

Tip – iv) For instance, the ones that eat your candy ought to be dealt with first and the ones that take it and flee with it second – since you have more opportunity to manage these.


how to play Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense - chalbuzz
how to play Candy Patrol Lollipop Defense – chalbuzz

How to get the fourth star Every time

Tip – i) Simply subsequent to acing a phase with 3 stars you open the likelihood to get the fourth too. With a specific end goal to get that star you have to finish a mission and it fluctuates from stage to arrange.

Tip – ii) While going for the fourth star, center around finishing the prerequisite as it were. Your execution in the mission doesn’t make a difference – the only thing that is important is meeting the prerequisites, so for the fourth star concentrate less on keeping all candy and more on meeting the necessities toward the end.


Watch Video advertisement for additional prizes

Tip – i) In case you’re beginning to run low on lifts or you have little money accessible close by, you can simply watch a video promotion for some additional Supplies. You can likewise watch advertisements to get more coins, which are constantly helpful.

Tip – ii) So when in pressing need of some additional plunder, the video advertisements are your companion. They additionally help the engineers of the diversion profit and put nourishment on the table (and also urge them to discharge more recreations or work on enhancing this one), so it’s a win-win circumstance.



Tip – i) Replaying the missions is key since you can’t be a specialist and get the three stars from the earliest starting point – at any rate not in all cases.

Tip – ii) When playing a mission, endeavor to recollect where the monsters are originating from, which are the more perilous ones and what should be possible to enhance your diversion. At that point restart, play better, point better and utilize supports if necessary and you will effectively get the three stars.

Tip – iii) As you most likely are aware, coins are additionally imperative; you can purchase devices, update saints and devices. To gain more coins, play officially finished levels over and over.


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