Check this NEW Idle Cooking Tycoon  Simulation Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘Codigames’’ it takes one to the New Top Grossing Games list. idle cooking tycoon is a If you enjoy clicker games, you’ll love Idle Cooking Tycoon. Hire talented chefs, develop new cakes and biscuits, and go back in time (prestige) to start over with more experience. Earn money and become the richest cooking tycoon in the world.

Idle Cooking Tycoon Game Features

  • Casual game-play.
  • Everyone can build their own bakery!
  • A suitable challenge for every player
  • Research new baking technologies to improve your bakery
  • Make different products. 
  • Incredible items to improve your bakery.
  • Awesome 3D graphics and animations.
  • Save your progress to the Cloud.


Top 10 Countries Playing Idle Cooking Tycoon Game

  1. Indonesia
  2. United States
  3. Philippines
  4. Iran
  5. Malaysia
  6. Indonesia
  7. Egypt
  8. Pakistan
  9. Ukraine
  10. India

Idle Cooking Tycoon game tips

Idle Cooking Tycoon Game Guide TipsTricks 

Tip – i) You see that green line appropriate by your customer? All things considered, that shows how zen or furious they are tied in with trusting that their sustenance will be prepared. You require all the cash you can get in light of the fact that the levels get increasingly hard and you would prefer not to pass up some extraordinary money, correct? IIf you need to keep up, you’ll need to update your kitchen occasionally.


Tip – ii) In  idle Cooking tycoon you can get pretty overpowered when you see that you have 5 clients in line, requesting and sitting tight for their nourishment. You have to compose stuff: right off the bat, tap on the dish that needs planning, in light of the fact that there’s a sure measure of time that it should be cooked. At that point, if your customer has a greater request  while you’re trusting that the first will get ready, give them the dish that doesn’t require planning.


Tip – iii) For instance, in the event that they arrange a Steak and a Cookie, you have to right off the bat pot the Steak on the stove, at that point tap on the Cookie. The Cookie will then get ticked, and keeping in mind that you were serving it to your client, the Steak is prepared! Presently, you tap on the steak. It will go on the planning table, where you season it with some pureed potatoes. From that point forward, simply tap again on the dinner and it will be served to the customer, which will make them cheerful!

Idle Cooking Tycoon Game Guide

Tip – iv) You’ll see that with each level you go in Cooking Madness, you gather a Key. All things considered, that key is an unquestionable requirement, on the grounds that without it you can not propel more into the diversion, and, let’s be realistic… Who needs to stall out in such an entirely amusement?

Tip – v) The response to that question is certainly yes! Focus ’cause each level has an arrangement of objectives you have to achieve with the end goal to get more stars and effectively pass onto the following one. It’s either about procuring a specific measure of Coins or dishes you should serve amid the level.

Tip – vi) Truly, you perused it well! You possess 2 puts: one’s the Breakfast Restaurant and the other is the Fast Food, which is harder to deal with in light of the fact that customers request more dishes in a shorter time and you truly need to fulfill them with the end goal for them to return and purchase again from you. There are 2 separate universes with independent levels and furthermore with various kitchens, since, well, you can’t utilize a similar stuff for cooking in a Restaurant that you use in a Fast Food sort of place.


Tip – vii) Watching advertisements can enable you to assemble more gold and afterward you can update your utilities less demanding. Free coins are dependably something worth being thankful for, isn’t that so? You can observe even 2 or 3 includes on the double since they’re not all that long all things considered and they give you like 20 coins for every each include that you’ve viewed. While you get a taste of your espresso or browse your messages on your PC, you can give them a chance to run and after that simply gather the gold.

Idle Cooking Tycoon cooking dish list

Tip – viii) As a matter of first importance, it’s better in the event that you get them before you play the level, not toward the finish of it when you’re allowed to burn through 67 Diamonds on a one-time Boost. On the off chance that you realize that the following level will be troublesome, purchase the Boost and don’t stress over losing. You can just play each level 3 times. Each time you complete it, you get Diamonds. When you see a pink level, that implies you can play it again and get some more.


Tip – ix) Consistently you enter the diversion, you have the opportunity to finish 2 out of 3 assignments. In the event that you finish them, you get some extremely decent rewards. On the off chance that you need to change a particular errand, you can do it by watching an Add. When you’ve completed 2 of 3 undertakings, you need to gather your coins and your reward compensate.


Tip – x) Refreshing the stove gives you a chance to cook more dishes immediately, redesigning the soft drink creator gives you a chance to serve in excess of a solitary beverage (the beverages take a considerable measure of ti, and the french fries machine would likewise require an update, since it’s truly eased back with regards to, well searing potatoes. Try not to waver to redesign your eatery to make sure you can spare some gold – trust me, you’ll require the most recent forms of cooking machines, on the grounds that your customers will before long begin to get extremely unsatisfied on the off chance that you abandon them sitting tight for a really long time!


Tip – xi) Furthermore, this closures our Cooking Madness amateur’s guide in which we attempted to wrap up basically all that you have to know with the end goal to ace the cutting edge of the blade in your very own eatery. Fulfill your clients, give them scrumptious nourishment and watch them coming back over and over to your eatery to eat your astounding dishes!


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