Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D is one of the exceptionally celebrated air activities battling diversion accessible for the Android working framework. This diversion contains nearly everything that an activity gaming sweetheart requires.
It accompanies addictive game play, brimming with activity and assortments of weapons. It likewise accompanies such a large number of levels. Furthermore, the best piece of this amusement that I cherish is, the engineers are consistently refreshing it which mean a great deal of new levels are sitting tight for you.
In the event that we discuss the designs, it isn’t that much good however not too bad I can state in light of the fact that the game-play of this amusement is extremely alluring and addictive as well. Indeed, even you can play the amusement disconnected as well.


Game Features

  • Arm your chopper with different ammunition and equipment.
  • Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.
  • Enjoy Gunship Battle on your tablet device.
  • A wide range of helicopters to choose from. Each has its unique abilities.
  • Take on the challenge of the next mission or replay a custom mission.
  • Complete missions in Episode mode inspired by real-life conflicts.
gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D guide
gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D guide

Levels – This MOD APK accompanies a large number of the choppers and planes opened. Likewise, you can play any level effectively as the majority of the levels are opened in this diversion.

Gold coins – This Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D MOD APK accompanies boundless gold coins. In this way, you can purchase relatively every with in-application buys for nothing. You can purchase new choppers, and weapons utilizing these gold coins.

Power To Unlocked This MOD APK accompanies boundless power opened so you can execute the majority of your foes effectively. Additionally, the shots and rockets will never end.

New Levels & Weapons As the engineers are working routinely on updating the amusement. This variant of the amusement accompanies numerous new levels, choppers, and numerous great weapons.

Opened In-App Purchases Because this diversion contains such a significant number of in-application buys that you need to purchase for playing the amusement with more fun, we have opened every one of them. Thus, you can appreciate each superior element of this diversion.

No Root Required for introducing this MOD APK or Its OBB Data, you don’t have to root your android gadget. All you simply need to download the connected records from the download segment beneath and introduce them utilizing a basic and snappy guide given by us.

Language This game is an exceptionally popular diversion, and different of people groups play everything over the world. That is the reason that this diversion comes in such a large number of various distinctive dialects, for example, English, French, German, and so forth.

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Game play

Tip – i) The diversion offers a scene mode that is assembled of missions in view of genuine war scenes from everywhere throughout the world. When you are finished with a scene, you can get to the following level of trouble or plunge into a modified mission. Will the foe battle back? Goodness, indeed, you will end up amidst extraordinary foe crossfire, so you would do well to figure out how to control that winged creature before it gets browned.
Tip – ii) At the passage levels, the adversary units are static, while the more you propel, the more mind boggling get their developments, and they begin moving around. The genuine fun starts when your foe powers incorporate choppers that are unquestionably savvier than you and feel comfortable around the site.
Tip – iii) You enter your username so the amusement can spare your advancement on its server, so you never need to lose advancement and proceed where you exited off the past time.


For some reason, as I tapped ‘install’ and the game started downloading, I recalled Wagner’s ‘Flight of the Fight,’ so there was no surprise when I heard a familiar tune. It fits the game pretty well, indeed. The combat sounds are nicely implemented, and complement the game play without distracting you from the mission, but not help, either. What I mean is often you hear the explosion sound after you have a visual confirmation that you hit the target. Even more often, you see the confirmation on screen where you see the targets count, and only then you get the visual and audio effects.


A 3D illustration is extremely very much actualized here, my compliments to the designers. The choppers are an enjoyment, and once you get to the workshop, I’d call it storage, you get stunned at the fine determination of the world’s most great and most developed helicopters everything being equal.

The settings are drawn fine, however essentially – you get the ocean, the shore and some grass, with the adversary powers scattered around in your close span. You have radar to explore, yet the scene itself isn’t excessively enlightening, making it impossible to enable you to get around noticeable all around. It gets progressively hard to explore in the event that you happen to rise too high and all that you can see is the endless blue of the same-design sky. Here is the point at which you need the elevation catch.


Appropriate from the begin; the most noticeably bad part about this diversion is controls. Despite the fact that amusements that legitimately actualize tilt control to the diversion’s favorable position are rare, I genuinely allow each new amusement to induce me this is a true blue control alternative. By the way, GUNSHIP BATTLE neglects to present tilt control that would make the diversion a pleasure instead of a gamers’ wretchedness.

controls gunship battle helicopter 3d guide

It is extremely hard to control your chopper; it is much harder to point; there doesn’t appear to be an approach to control stature, or land the chopper. Frequently, you are tumbling around yourself endeavoring to make sense of how to drop some height, and on the off chance that you choose to make a hover around the scene and attempt to point from an alternate edge, you discover a computerized divider that won’t let you complete the move (simply like a divider in the Hunger Games’ field).

While the initial four or five missions are simple, and you can survive and achieve them with the feverish controls, the harder it gets in the missions, the all the more disturbing gets the game play.


Every chopper accompanies its own particular ammunition, and you can redesign it, obviously. The one thing that works for me is the weapons, and gave I could point effectively, eventually my objective would yield to the rain of glimmering slugs. The rockets turned out somewhat futile since you never know how to point them; despite the fact that your objective is in the pointing, the rockets fly higher, or sideways, taking their own dubious direction. I trust there’s a trap or two you could figure out how to point the rockets better, and the engineers are exceptionally welcome to share them.

Some Tips

Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D is beyond question fun and engaging flying shooter with great designs and sounds. Thinking about its free, the title is extraordinary compared to other new chopper-based activity diversions accessible, and we surely suggest it. In any case, it needs a few enhancements in the controls’ area of expertise, and a more gamer-accommodating approach to win G cash – the languid people will purchase by means of in-application buys to get the helicopters quicker, yet the individuals who play steadily would feel significantly more compensated and achieved on the off chance that they could win the G cash. Additionally, it appears somewhat odd you need to pay for the ammunition – it simply doesn’t feel right a pilot needs to pay for the weapons and bombs after every mission.

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