Try this NEW Flip Skater Sports Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘’’ it takes one to the New Top Grossing Games list. Flip Skater is made for you if you enjoy Skater boards games, you’ll love Flip Skater. Choose your board and get ready for a thrilling ride on the Half pipe Slide down the ramps at high speed to reach outrageous heights and become the best Skateboarder on the Planet!

Travel the globe on the most amazing environments and leave your Skateboarder print all over the World! Do amazing tricks – Nose grabs, rocket airs, and front side airs – Beat the highest scores and show your mad skills to the World!


Flip Skater Game Features

  • Travel the World and choose your favorite location to Skate! From Miami Beach to Lake Baikal, take on the variety of ramps available for you.


  • Pick your favorite board from a huge lot of possibilities! Make sure you skate in style! Unlock upgrades for the boards to make sure you maximize your score.


  • Unlock and Perform insane trick combinations to keep your streak rolling! Beat the highest scores by executing the most dangerous tricks and reaching mad heights.


  • Unlock & Upgrade a set of super cool characters! Every character as its own stats, make sure you try them all! They are waiting for you.


Top 10 Countries Playing Flip Skater Game

  1. United States
  2. Pakistan
  3. Kazakhstan
  4. Australia
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Indonesia
  7. Malaysia
  8. Russia
  9. Germany
  10. France


Flip Skater Game Guide Tips & Tricks 

Tip – i) The most ideal way we can portray this is to get a general vibe for the “stream” or a hop. Watch how quick your skater turns when they are turning, and after that, you can sort of measure when you have to quit turning. When you are the first beginning, don’t endeavor to turn for whatever length of time that conceivable – you will quite often wipe out.

Tip – ii) As a side note, now and then it is smarter to arrive “into” your trap than it is to endeavor to rectify beforehand. By this, we mean holding the trap the distance until the point that you arrive back in the half-pipe. This does not generally work, but rather once in a while, it might be the better decision!

Tip – iii) With the end goal to enhance your skaters, purchase more sheets, and open new areas, you will require a robust aggregate of coins on your hand. You will gradually gather coins as you perform runs, however the most ideal approach to get bunches of coins is to discover the pinatas.

Tip – iv) At first, it might be somewhat troublesome for you to nail down the arrival timing. The amusement essentially expresses that your barricade must be fixed with the half pipe, else you will wipe out. This is somewhat trickier than it sounds, however, in the event that you are not used to the planning.

Tip – v) Consistently, a pinata will bring forth in the half-pipe at a specific stature. You should pull off effective traps to develop enough speed to achieve the pinata.

Tip – vi) When you have opened a couple of traps, possibly around three or four, you can begin piling on huge combo focuses. On the off chance that you play out an alternate trap after a past one, you can begin a combo that will expand the measure of focuses you get. Be mindful so as not to utilize a similar trap consecutively generally your score multiplier will reset! Going down your whole rundown of traps in a single hop is the most ideal approach to pile on huge amounts of focuses, so ensure you nail this down.

Tip – vii) Since you can possibly open new skaters and sheets from the prize machine, we suggest simply waiting, particularly thinking about that a portion of the later skaters and sheets have better beginning details.


Tip – viii) You will see that the future Skaters and Boards you can open have much-preferred details over the beginning partners. You can spend coins to update a Skater’s style and profit, which increment the measure of focuses and coins you gain separately. Sheets can be redesigned in max stature and speeding up, which can get you higher and quicker.

Tip – ix) While this may appear to be enticing at first, the expense to overhaul one hub on the update bar drastically increments after each redesign, so you won’t have the capacity to bear the cost of them at an opportune time.


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