Try this NEW Monster Fishing 2019 ‘‘Sports’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘Nexelon inc’’ it takes TOP 9 game in over 33 countries & Monster Fishing 2018 made for you if you enjoy Fishing games, you’ll love MONSTER FISHING.

Super Realistic Full 3D Real Fishing Feels like you are in the Pacific Ocean More than 250 species of full 3D fishes. Experience the ocean around the globe! Fisher 30 of the world’s best fishing spots your palms will sweat Total immersion with realistic interface and controls. Pack your fishing rods, reels, fishing lines and baits Get your free fishing gear now Fun with upgrading your gears


PRO TIPS FOR Monster Fishing

  • You Have To Target the Center of the Circle
  • Watch Out the Flow and Speed of the Water
  • Use Coins Wisely, Here’s How
  • Repeat the Stages to Earn More Coins
  • Grab Free Offers To Fill Up the Treasure
  • Claim the Free Gifts


Top 10 Countries Playing Monster Fishing Game

  1. Indonesia
  2. Thailand
  3. United States
  4. Vietnam
  5. Poland
  6. Malaysia
  7. Australia
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Canada
  10. Germany


Monster Fishing Game Features

  • Fully enjoy the game without spending a dime.
  • Fish for whales without buying game items.
  • No internet connection required.
  • No additional downloads.
  • Support for automatic fishing.


Monster Fishing Game Gols

  1. Try to catch big Monsters
  2. Winning Currency
  3. Purchase the Game to Get Rid Of the Ads
  4. Instructions to Deal with the Undercurrents
  5. What Happens When You Run Out Of Bait
  6. Watch an Ad for Extra Coins
  7. Open Those Treasure Chests
  8. Once in a while, the Circles Won’t Move Up
  9. Even If the Bait Lands Within Them

Monster Fishing Game Tricks

Tip – i) At the highest point of the ongoing interaction screen, you can check the number of lures you have. What’s more, as the monster eats, the hover goes up.


Tip – ii) You have three lives. On the off chance that you bombed multiple times, at that point you should sit tight for around 20 minutes. In Monster Fishing Legends diversion, coins are utilized in getting draws, reestablishing the lives in a flash. You gain coins by playing the diversion; get the monsters, open the chests. So this is the fundamental Monster Fishing Legends manage for the apprentices.


Tip – iii) Your goal is to draw in the monster to the best. Since you have constrained confections and the monster is at the base, the best way to pull it up quick is by targeting the focal point of the circle. Then again, on the off chance that you are setting the devices in the third zone or second zone, the monster will come up, however extremely moderate. What’s more, finally, you will finish up with 0 confections. Furthermore, in the later stages, the monster would not achieve the center of the sea.


Tip – iv) Monster Fishing In the greater part of the stages, you will regularly get this test. A symbol will show up when there is an adjustment in the stream and speed of the water in the sea. Ordinarily, you toss the snare in the middle, yet in this circumstance, you have to alter the course. For instance; if the stream of the water is the correct way and the wave’s speed is high

let's go fishing hawaii
let’s go fishing hawaii

Tip – v) At that point move to one side; the snare will move to the inside with the stream of water. Correspondingly, if the stream of the water is the left way and the wave’s speed is high, at that point move to the correct side; the snare will move to the middle with the stream of water. Try to dissect the speed; assuming moderate, at that point, don’t move excessively far.


Tip – vi) Clearly, in the later stages, you won’t most likely catch the monster with the measure of snare the amusement gives to you. Furthermore, toward the end, you should burn through several coins to proceed onward. Furthermore, a standout among the most ideal approaches to winning more coins in Monster Fishing Legends amusement is by rehashing the old stages.


Tip – vii) Monster Fishing Legends As you know, the monster eats the treat if it is in the circle territory. The circle has three zones; scarcely made it, not bad, and bulls eye. In introductory dimensions, it is anything but difficult to get the monsters regardless of whether you place the snare in the third zone of the circle. Be that as it may, later, this won’t work. In each turn, you lose a snare.


Tip – viii) You have constrained lives. In the event that you neglect to get the monster, at that point the amusement will offer you more draw for coins. Disregarding the offer will decrease one life. Also, subsequent to losing all, you would not have the capacity to play it until next life.


Tip – ix) We would prescribe you to not to purchase bait. Rather than it, you can utilize coins to reestablish the lives and find the opportunity again to get the monster. Note: – We would prescribe you to spare coins. In hard stages, you will require a ton.


Tip – x) Some of the time, the diversion offers you to reestablish the lives by viewing the video advertisement and twofold the number of coins you get by getting the monster by watching a short video promotion. Make a point to get these offers and top off the fortune; lives and coins.


Monster Fishing Game Tips

Tip – i) Altering your vessel relies upon the amount you figure you should make up for the separation. For the moderate and moderate flows, you don’t have to move excessively far. For the quick flows, your pontoon should be a sizable separation. Make sure to alter as required!


Tip – ii) The most vital principle of Monster Fishing Legends is short taps for profound traps, long taps for higher snares. It’ll take some training before you can get a general thought of where your goad is going to arrive, yet keep at it and you’ll have it down right away. A little trap that causes us is to tune in to the “ticks” when you are holding down the reel. The more ticks you hear, the higher your goad will finish up.


Tip – iii) As a side note, flows won’t change on the off chance that you miss a snare, so you can rearrange your planning on the off chance that you end up missing. When you at long last land a snare, the present will at that point change.


Tip – iv) You can tell how much current will your push your snare by the speed of the air pockets traveling through the current. There appear to be three velocities: moderate, moderate, and quick. Lazy air pockets are the moderate current, while to some degree quick air pockets are the moderate flows. The air pockets that are moving quickly are the quick flows, and these push your trap the most.

Tip – v) There are three conditions of exactness as far as hitting the objective marker. Getting inside the external ring considers a which just nets you 2 coins. Getting inside the inward ring considers “decent employment,” which gives you 5 coins. Landing directly in the inside considers a “bull’s eye,” gaining you a decent 10 coins, and it additionally moves the monster up the most.

Tip – vi) Complete more dimensions! So don’t be astounded on the off chance that you achieve a point where scarcely making it won’t move the circles by any means, while a “Not Bad” will just move them up somewhat. So, there might be a few cases where you’ll have to the draw inside various bulls-eyes in a single dimension so as to endure it.

Tip – vii) While this doesn’t appear to be generous, it includes when you begin to pile on the bulls eyes. Continue rehearsing until you figure out the reel, and after that, you will begin getting the coins.

Tip – viii) In the event that you come up short on a lure, you will lose an actual existence and need to retry the dimension from the earliest starting point. Notwithstanding, you can spend around 800 coins to proceed with immediately, without relinquishing your advancement with the monster. After two or three dimensions, there doesn’t appear to be whatever else you can spend your coins on, so feel free to utilize your coins to proceed.


Tip – ix) As the amusement gets dynamically harder, you’ll see that the circles won’t climb the extent that they used to regardless of whether you land a bit of trap inside them. That is a piece of Monster Fishing Legends’ plan, and a key thing the amusement will do to guarantee things stay intriguing as you get more monsters.

let's go fishing game
let’s go fishing game

Tip – x) Last, yet not the least, you’ll need to have your notices turned on for this one, on the grounds that there’s another extraordinary path for you to win coins in this diversion. At regular intervals, you’ll get an opportunity to open money boxes, and since there aren’t some other types of cash to procure orbits of gear to utilize besides your fishing bar and your draw, these chests will just contain coins. In any case, gaining several hundred coins at regular intervals is definitely not a terrible suggestion by any stretch of the imagination, and that could absolutely prove to be useful with regards to having enough cash to pay for those three-trap choices to enable you to proceed with a dimension.

Monster Fishing Game Guide

Tip – i) In the wake of getting your initial couple of monsters, you will at that point be acquainted with a noteworthy test that could make throwing your goad a significant battle. Starting there on, you will be routinely managing propensities that could push the draw far from the circle and directly out of the monster’s grip.


Tip – ii) Observe that you may probably observe such a significant number of recordings to win additional snare before Monster Fishing Legends expels the choice. When the video alternative is expelled, you will have no real option except to spend coins on the three lure choice, and once you come up short on coins, you naturally come up short the dimension.


Tip – iii) you need to do here is to make the snare fall inside the greater hover all together for the monster to bite on it and move upward. As the monster climbs, so will the circles, however you can make the hover climb considerably more by making the lure hit the littlest hover in the middle — the bulls-eye, at the end of the day. Hitting the bulls-eye additionally spares your snare, which means it won’t represent a mark against your aggregate.


Tip – iv) Monster Fishing Legends has just a single kind of money, and just a single thing you can spend your cash on. That ought to improve things for a great deal of players, as all you’ll be gaining in the diversion are gold coins, with these coins going toward additional lure in the occasion you neglect to finish a dimension. Scarcely making it inside the circle will gain you just two coins, a “Not Bad” message, which implies you got the goad reasonably inside the circle, will acquire you five coins, and hitting the bulls-eye is worth 10 coins.

Tip – v) When you see the stay symbol inside the circles that implies you have to sustain the monster just a single more bit of snare before you get it and complete the dimension. As we indicated over, this will get increasingly hard as you complete more dimensions, as an ever-increasing number of factors will become possibly the most important factor and make all the things difficult.

Tip – vi) At a few in each dimension, for the most part after you came up short with your trap, the circles will wind up bigger and more extensive, and if your lure drops inside the main internal circle, you will see “Incredible!”, which implies you get 100 extra coins. That is the uplifting news. Lamentably, there’s additionally some awful news with regards to this reward advantage in the amusement, and we’ll be clarifying it in the extremely next tip.

Tip – vii) Coming up short a dimension will cost you one out of the three lives you have, as assigned by the hearts in the upper left of your screen. Tragically, there isn’t an alternative where you can add companions to the diversion and approach them for lives, the off chance that you come up short a dimension; you’ll choose the option to trust that every life will be consequently renewed.

Tip – ix) In the event that the promotions in the middle of levels get the chance to be excessive of trouble, interestingly, the diversion is genuinely moderate, and will just set you back by $3 USD, or its proportionate in nearby cash. Purchasing the diversion disposes of the considerable number of promotions, aside from, obviously, the ones you decide to deliberately watch so as to win free goad or to win more coins in the wake of getting a monster.

Tip – x) The propensities can make for a testing knowledge whether you’re managing them the first run through, and it will take a great deal of experimentation before you ideal the specialty of moving your pontoon to the correct spot so the lure still falls inside the circles regardless of the nearness of inclinations making things troublesome for you. The key here, as is regularly the situation, is persistence.

Tip – xi) When you come up short on the trap, and truly, you ought to anticipate that this should happen regularly, you will be given the alternative to purchase extra goad so you can proceed with your run and have a couple of more opportunities to finish the dimension. Paying 850 coins will get you three bits of the trap while viewing a video will get you just a single. Presently you’ll need to pick the previous choice if the monster is still generally far from being gotten, and the last mentioned in the event that you see the grapple symbol, for example, to stamp the last bit of snare before you get the monster, or on the off chance that you just need another two bits of lure at the exceptionally most.


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