Hello friends check this NEW PAKO Forever Racing Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘’Tree Men Games’’ it takes one to the New Top Grossing Games. PAKO Forever is a Car Chase Simulator & Break as far as might be feasible in an unending parking garage! Privileged insights, catalysts, unlock autos and a lot of different shocks sit tight for you in a rethought rendition of the great unique auto pursue amusement.


PAKO Forever Game Features

  • Simple and addictive ongoing interaction
  • A generative guide is distinctive each time played
  • Play in both representation and scene mode
  • Utilize wacky extra things and discover mystery regions!
  • Open autos
  • Leaderboard rivalry
  • Accomplishments
  • Cloud sparing


PAKO Forever Game Goals become Master of PAKO (A to Z)


  1. You have played atlast 100 games
  2. Drive a lap in Desert under 30 seconds
  3. You crashed your car
  4. Shoot 50 bullets in one round
  5. Finish a frozen enemy
  6. Accumulate 10 000 shot bullets
  7. You have played for one hour
  8. Collect 20 full laps in Desert
  9. Launch the rocket
  10. You have survived 120 seconds in 10 levels
  11. Over 1000 cop cars have crashed while chasing
  12. Use 10 power-ups in one round
  13. 10 bullets, 10 kills
  14. Survived 120 seconds in single player survivor mode
  15. Destroy a tank
  16. Over 10 000 zombies have been slayed
  17. the Backwards Challenge in 60 seconds
  18. a Destruction Challenge in 20 seconds
  19. this Juggernauts Challenge in 45 seconds
  20. that Race challenge lap in 15 seconds
  21. Tanks Challenge in 20 seconds
  22. Played 100 rounds of multi-play
  23. Collect 10 kills in a multi-play death-match
  24. Survive 120 seconds without shooting a bullet.
  25. Multiplayer game lasted 40 rounds
  26. Survive 60 seconds without using brakes, turbo and bullets


Top States Who are Playing PAKO Forever Game !

  1. California
  2. Texas

PAKO Forever Game Guide

Tip – i) Surviving 120 seconds is essentially the objective of the diversion. There’s no simple path around that one. Simply play the diversion, take in the maps and the impacts of everything and perhaps discover an auto that suits you. I utilized the default auto a considerable amount and the rickshaw in view of its capacity to perform sharp turns.

Tip – ii)  You never need to be determined to one way for a really long time. The more you make due in PAKO, the speedier the cops move toward becoming on their constant interest to convey your street fierceness to a dramatic stop.

Tip – iii) In the event that you drive one general way for a really long time, at some point or another you will crush directly into a cop auto that was off-screen, but since it was going so quick you wouldn’t have possessed the capacity to respond in time.

Tip – iv) Rather, to maintain a strategic distance from this, you need to switch up your driving examples on the fly. Complete a u-turn and begin driving the other way the second you speculate a cop may show up all of a sudden and pummel directly into you!

Tip – v) On that note, in the event that you need to begin opening the later autos, you should fall back on satisfying difficulties. As a made reference to, every auto has exceptional conditions that you should satisfy to open them.

Tip – vi) You will be required to make due for a specific measure of time, drive a specific measure of separation, etc. Every auto handles in an unexpected way, so on the off chance that you need to attempt them all and you should begin moving in the direction of them!

Tip – vii) You begin off PAKO Forever with the GO auto. This auto has horrendous turning abilities and awful increasing speed – you won’t have the capacity to survive too long in this shaky old thing. Interestingly, the first occasion when you make due for 20 seconds or more, you will open the second auto, the Muscle. The Muscle controls fundamentally superior to anything the GO, so begin utilizing it immediately and you’ll have the capacity to improve.

Tip – viii) Some catalysts, similar to the Bomb, are better when utilized at the correct time. Stop, Shrink, and Bomb is for the most part incredible catalysts to use when there’s no other option, as they can spare your life in case of fate. You can cling to them for as long as you like, however, recollect that in the event that you get another present your more established catalyst will be overwritten.


Tip – ix) In case you’re near something strange occur, you’ll see content glimmering on-screen telling you that you’re near an arbitrary experience. Arbitrary experiences are actually that – interesting happenings that can extend from phantoms flying everywhere on your screen to UFOs snatching you. While these are fun diversions in their very own right, these arbitrary experiences are regularly identified with opening new vehicles, so have a go at disturbing them!

Tip – x) This one is intense. In opposition to what many individuals assume with respect to this test, I for one don’t think you need to support your entire path through. I wound up getting it by having the most effective driving ever, which was a mix of utilizing the lift in each straight line I could and making the, turns at every single corner. Takes a touch of ability, practice, and persistence.

Tip – xi) This one was really dubious. I found that the most ideal approach to beat the time was to hovering near the squad cars while shooting 3 or 4 shots before you consistently. Hitting the squad cars with your Amok shots will influence them to continue forward out of their underlying spot entirely quick. In case you’re doing this right, they will attempt and turn with the end goal to hit you yet they will go too quick and will wind up colliding with the squad cars stopped behind you. Do this process again as quick as you can until there are no more squad cars on the screen.

Tip – xii) first experience tanks in the Square guide. You can either shoot them 2-3 shots with any ammunition, just a single with the Bomb ammunition or draw them into smashing in the earth or, in other words, to do. I got this accomplishment along these lines, it opened in light of the fact that one of the tanks slammed itself off-screen.


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