Try this NEW Bid Wars ‘‘Strategy’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘Tapps Games’’ it takes TOP 10 game in over 72 countries & Bid Wars Game made for you if you enjoy Bidding games, you’ll love this game. Bid your opponents in thrilling storage auctions with your gambling strategy Time is money, you only have a few moments to make your decision use your intuition and be quicker than your rivals! Invest wisely your bucks and become the ultimate auction tycoon.


PRO TIPS FOR Bid Wars Game

  • Don’t squander your vitality.
  • Complete the dimension objective as quick as possible.
  • Store the gold.
  • Take part in day by day week after week barters where you could get an uncommon thing.
  • Level up as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t spend high an incentive on futile units.
  • Optimize the 5 seconds time.
  • Go to list and know the assessed estimation of a thing.
  • Save money, don’t spend indiscriminately.
  • Use additional items.


Top 10 Countries Playing Bid Wars Game

  1. Lithuania
  2. Romania
  3. Hungary
  4. Portugal
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Ukraine
  7. Philippines
  8. Czechia
  9. Canada
  10. Poland
  11.               chalbuzz



Bid Wars Game Features

  • Find and buy the perfect storage.
  • Idle business simulator.
  • You never know what precious antiques.
  • Bid in the auction and push the other.
  • Shock the auctioneer with your bids and bets.
  • Deal with opponents in this bet simulator.
  • Become the richest tycoon.
  • Profit from your lucky choices.
  • Collect hundreds of items.
  • Out BID your opponents.


Bid Wars Game Bidding Places List
Bid Wars Game Bidding Places List

Bid Wars Game Gols

  • Attempt to gain proficiency with the costs of the things.
  • Uncommon things generally mean higher benefits.
  • Take as much time as is needed to look into things in the school.
  • Watch video advertisements to diminish holding up times.
  • Redesign just when you have enough cash left subsequently.
  • The most ideal approach to Bid but you can skip it to pass.
  • The Price Estimator Is Your Best Friend.


If want to be the Ultimate Boss Of Auctions fallow the steps Bellow


Bid Wars Characters list
Bid Wars Characters list

Bid Wars Game Tips

Tip – i)  Prior to bidding begins in a room, you have a couple of moments to glance around and tap the things to gauge the cost of that storage space. Notwithstanding, the customary things which make most of the things you’ll find in a room dependably have a similar cost and even the rarer ones have a base cost.



Tip – i) The idea is truly straightforward here: you go to barters at different capacity houses, gauge the estimation of the storage space and begin bidding against three different purchasers, trusting that you get the storage space itself and end up with a touch of benefit thereafter. It’s not as simple as it sounds, yet it beyond any doubt is extremely fun.

Finding product to sell in Game
Finding product to sell in Game

Tip – iii) At long last, knowing the costs of the things helps a great deal when managing customers who come to offer you their stuff specifically: you’ll realize how to evaluate the things they bring, as it more often than not occurs for them to ask much more than what it’s value.


Tip – iv) There are numerous things to consider when playing this amusement, so how about we do not squander a solitary second and we should look at beneath some Bid Wars Pawn Empire tips and traps in our total procedure direct underneath.


Tip – v) As you play the diversion, attempt to recall these costs so as to effectively assess the estimation of the room. As a rule, my method for managing this is to set a most extreme bid dependent on my assessed cost in addition to all the more relying upon the number of boxes.

My local shop
My local shop that you can add items to sell

Tip – vi) So never rush to sell a thing except if the cost you’re getting for it is in any event 5% higher, yet endeavor to hold up until you get a reward of in any event 100%.


Tip – vii) It gets somewhat trickier if more than one uncommon thing is in the room: these things can sell for substantially more than the base cost, so dependably remember that and on the off chance that you believe it merits the hazard, take it. You can’t go to a capacity war without being prepared to hazard a bit.


Tip – viii) You generally need to hang tight for 1 hour for the school research of your thing to finish, regardless of what’s the irregularity. Viewing a video promotion cuts around 20 or 30 minutes of holding up time and it’s amazingly helpful with regards to surging things – so ensure you do that as frequently as would be prudent.

Partcial Result
Partcial Result

Tip – ix) As you most likely know, these uncommon things can be explored and, whenever ended up being the genuine article, they can be sold for considerably more than the demonstrated cost. Considering the way that you will just offer them in the store at a significantly greater expense dependent on the offers you get, it implies this is the place your enormous cash will originate from.


Tip – x) Ensure that you purchase redesigns just when you have enough cash left subsequently to purchase every one of the rooms at your next closeout. You would prefer not to see a storage space that gives you huge amounts of benefit and have no cash to get it.


Tip – xi) There is positively no reason for selling uncommon and rarer things without inquiring about them in the school. In the event that you do this and they are ended up being certifiable (which is typically the situation), you will get much more cash for that specific thing, raising your benefits considerably more. Never overlook the school.


Tip – xii) Additionally, you can watch advertisements to surge the offer time for your in-store things on the off chance that you’re in a rush and you need to free up some stock space.


Tip – xiii) My way to deal with overhauling things in Bid Wars Pawn Empire is this: I generally purchase redesigns before taking a break from the diversion and just when I have a full arrangement of things selling in the shop and one being looked into in the school. Along these lines, I am certain that I’ll have enough assets to continue going for the greater storage spaces out there.

How To Bid In Bid Wars game
Bid Wars game

Bid Wars Game Tricks

Tip – i) You can likewise purchase gold here for genuine cash on the off chance that you like to do it as such. Promotion obviously trades your earned gold for the in-game money.


Tip – ii) In the event that you have anything to add to this rundown please utilize the structure here or remark underneath.


Tip – iii) Bidding early can without much of a stretch get you into a bidding way and you’ll build the value that is come to at last.

Tier Unlocked New York City
Tier Unlocked New York City

Tip – iv) On the off chance that you have time you can watch recordings at the Exchange in the amusement to gain free gold.


Tip – v) This working by your Pawn shop is there to store your things after a closeout. You can update it to build the storage room.


Tip – vi) This will give you a chance to clutch more stuff immediately and give you more opportunity to get things assessed ceaselessly you playing.


Tip – vii) Watch out for goals to finish by tapping on the mobile phone symbol in the lower left corner of the guide screen.


Tip – viii) These will procure you gold, money, and experience and are generally simple to finish, for example, expecting to sell things.


Tip – ix) Whenever accessible put resources into the investment properties that will procure you cash after some time and keep the assets coming in on the off chance that you run out making buys.


Tip – x) The best time to put your bid is the point at which the barker says this point the great is nearly sold to the most astounding bidder and no more NPC bids ought to be made.


Tip – xi) Keep redesigning and leveling up to open the library and more retires to sell things in your shop and increment your advancement.

Bid Wars Game Friends List
Bid Wars Game Friends List

Bid Wars Game Guide

Tip – i) Because of this you generally need to stay cautious not to go totally broke spontaneously that a specific gathering of things may be worth something else under the surface the eye. Despite the fact that this is a likely case situation and you may really have the capacity to twofold your benefits by wagering on camouflaged boxes however the danger of losing all your money against that gain is too huge.


Tip – ii) In this way dependably endeavor to go for those reasonable bids in which you have a good volume of money staying regardless of whether you make back the initial investment with the bidding cost. This will enable you to continue taking an interest in bids regardless of whether you do lose a lot of money all the while.


Tip – iii) Bid Wars Storage Auctions is one of only a handful couple of amusements accessible on the two iOS and Android stages which test your insight in spite of having an extremely basic and plain as day sort of interactivity interface. The in diversion tenderfoot’s instructional exercise is available just to give you a thought of the fundamental mechanics of the amusement and to acquaint you with the ideas of proficient bidding and selling.


Tip – iv) Subsequent to advancing past a specific point in the amusement, the engineers have ensured that you as a player get a genuine taste of how real life barters work and how troublesome it very well may be now and again to adequately control the bidding rivalry and to recollect every one of the tenets which administer the further developed closeouts.

Funtion of X-Ray Glass
Funtion of X-Ray Glass

Tip – v) Following up, you have the X-Ray Scanner as an advantage that you can use to pick up the high ground in certain circumstances. For the most part, you won’t be truly utilizing this advantage in view of the restricted favorable position that it gives you. In some carport accumulations, you will discover loads of stuff holed up behind other extensive items. This can make it troublesome for you to choose concerning the bidding procedure and the X-Ray Scanner acts the hero now.


Tip – vi) Utilizing the scanner, questions in the front will wind up straightforward for you and you can without much of a stretch see which objects lie behind them. This is all that the scanner can do however so it just gives an extra point of view and won’t really enable you to win the bid.


Tip – vii) While playing Bid Wars Storage Auctions, you generally need to remember that you are the main individual in charge of making bids and guaranteeing that you can get the best arrangement for yourself and nobody else can manage the terms on which you ought to continue with bidding approaches so as to win a bartering in the most useful way.

opponents list
opponents list

Tip – viii) You will have the veteran bidder Alice nearby you at the prior dimensions to enable you to comprehend the way toward bidding shrewdly however once you have continued to the higher and pricier sell-offs, you will be all individually.


Tip – ix) As a matter of course, you are given a speedy 5 seconds toward the beginning of each bartering amid which you can rapidly utilize the value estimator to get round off aggregate for how much the stuff in that carport is value. This is a helpful instrument to have in the event that you realize how to work it accurately.

Facility Cleared
Facility Cleared

Tip – x) The value estimator ought to never be utilized to settle on a ultimate conclusion in the bidding procedure yet it is extremely useful to decide precisely the amount you will almost certainly hazard on hold before you become bankrupt. The secret to utilizing the value estimator is to utilize it on just those things which seem over the top expensive to you.


Tip – xi) For instance, on the off chance that you see a carport gathering with a TV, a Fridge, and an old shimmering Dinosaur fossil, you would clearly check the cost of the dinosaur fossil first since that ought to be the most costly thing in the carport. By checking the cost of the most costly looking thing you simply spared two seconds which you can use to consider the bidding plan going ahead.


Tip – xii) The most dominant advantage accessible to you is the kicking highlight which enables you to expel a bidder from the challenge. You can just utilize this advantage once per a bartering and this constraint is set up in light of current circumstances since utilizing the kicking advantage, you can totally take out the challenge amid a bid on the off chance that you pick the right individual to utilize it on.


Tip – xiii) For instance, at whatever point you see that a bid will unquestionably be won by an amazingly rich bidder, you can expel that individual toward the beginning of the sale. This simply relies upon your deductive capacities and how great you can pass judgment on individuals for their obtaining power.


Tip – xiv) This enables you to get the high ground amid any sale when the bid is going to end. Regardless of whether you don’t have the money to continue further, you can utilize this advantage to overrule the last bid and win the sale. Be cautioned anyway that a focused bidder at the higher trouble closeouts may most likely bid significantly higher and nullify your utilization of the overrule advantage.


Tip – xv) You can pass judgment on which contender will give you the hardest time by perusing the remarks that they go before the closeout begins. When you decide the bidder that is most sure or haughty, you should hold up till the end and keep the overrule advantage in your pocket until he bids at the last.

Rare items you can find in game
Rare items you can find in game

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