Try this NEW Tanks A Lot ‘‘Action’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘BoomBit Games’’ it takes TOP 10 game in over 21 countries & Tanks A Lot made for you if you enjoy Tanks games, you’ll love TANKS A LOT.

Incredibly dynamic and fun multiplayer game. Build your tank from dozens of parts, play with your friends & dominate the arena – 3 vs 3 PVP action. Try different tactics and win. Choose a tank and join the battle.

PRO TIPS FOR Tanks A Lot Game

  • The Basics of Battle
  • Experiment with various War weapons
  • Become acquainted with Each and Every Tank
  • Fit your base with the correct weapon
  • Make Sure You Complete Daily Missions
  • Check the hot deals in the shop
  • Video Advertisements Will Reward You Greatly
  • Take a breather in a shrubbery
  • The Basics Upgrading
  • Stay with your team

Top 10 Countries Playing Tanks A Lot Game

  1. Kazakhstan
  2. Belarus
  3. Ukraine
  4. Russia
  5. New Zealand
  6. Iran
  7. Philippines
  8. Canada
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Indonesia


Tanks A Lot Game Features

·        Shoot your way in a classic, adrenaline-filled Death match

·        Fight for resources in Brawl

·        Be the last man standing in Battle Royale Game

·        Play football in Tank-O-Ball, but with tanks

Tanks A Lot Game Gols

  1. Pick The Right Weapon For Your Base
  2. Team-play is the best strategy
  3. Experiment with Different Tanks A Lot of Weapons
  4. Discover the weapon that best suits you
  5. Adhere To Your Squad & Help Your Mates
  6. Spend your coins Shrewdly
  7. Play Safe & Take A Break From The Battle
  8. Play smart and lose a few matches
  9. Check The Hot Deals Tab
  10. Your tank’s base is as important for your tank

Tanks A Lot Game Tips

Tip – i) Your tank’s base plays a crucial job, deciding how agile and resistant your tank is. On the off chance that you decide on a light base, your tank will move faster however it will be weaker. In exchange, a more grounded base will significantly back you off yet will guarantee increased health.

Tip – ii) Tanks A Lot offers a wide range of great weapons: rapid-shoot chain firearms, shotguns, short-range electrical blasts, and many more. Each weapon is extraordinary and players are challenged to find the usage and range of each one of them. All you have to do is locate the one that best suits you.

Tip – iii) Your base is also a crucial part of your tank. The base is the lower part of the tank, and it decides how durable and agile your tank is. The lighter bases let you move faster, yet are weaker subsequently. The more grounded bases moderate you down dramatically yet make available with increased health.

Tip – iv) Remember that we are talking about a three-on-three PvP game. And that means that your capability is significantly increased when you can depend on your two teammates to go for the executes. Stick near your mates and you’ll reach battle greatness together! Battling solo against an entire team will just get you unnecessarily slaughtered.

Tip – v) The shop contains a tab called Hot Deals. This is the main place in the store where you can spend your coins on explicit cards. In the event that you are attempting to upgrade a particular weapon, make certain to take a glance at the shop sometimes. The shop’s determination rotates daily, so return the following day if there’s nothing you’re keen on.

tanks a lot upgrade new
tanks a lot upgrade new

Tip – vi) Whenever you find the opportunity to upgrade any of your opened tanks and their weapons, feel free to do as such. You’ll require each and all of your tanks to be sufficient for those intense Tournament Battles.

Tip – vii) Thus, when you choose which base to pick, make beyond any doubt to take into consideration the weapon you are going to utilize. For example, a short-range weapon joined with a moderate base probably won’t be a decent combination. The adversary will get the opportunity to see you a long time before you’ll find the opportunity to start shooting at them. Weapons that accompany a lot of ammo will give you a significant advantage because you won’t have to reload frequently.

Tip – viii) At the point when you’re settling on a base, make certain to take your favored weapon into consideration. A short-range weapon on a moderate base for example probably won’t be excessively hot, as you will be seen sometime before you find the opportunity to start shooting at your foes.


Tanks A Lot Game Guide

Tip – i) Upgrading inside Tank Stars is all about increasing any of your tanks’ HP and making their weapons a lot more grounded. So as to finish either action, you’ll need Tank Cards, Weapon Cards, and coins. You can acquire such things just by finishing battles so as to claim reward chests, complete Daily Missions and Tournament Battles, and claim your free chests from the Chest Shop.

Tip – ii) You’ll require all your tanks to be extra durable for Tournament Battles, which are wave-based encounters that set different tanks against you. Note that the two tanks you select for a battle attached to certain trouble can’t be picked for another trouble. You’ll require six tanks so as to go into the Easy, Normal, and Legendary ranked Tournament Battles.

Tip – iii) It’s always best to drive your Power percentage to 100 and adjust your angle accordingly when you’re far away from your enemy. In case you’re a lot more like a rival tank, it’s best to hit with a much lower control percentage. You’ll have a lot easier time hitting your rival, in addition to you’ll protect yourself from any nearby splash damage. At whatever point you detect a green crate, make a shortcut for it and gather whatever’s inside. On the off chance that you obtain it before your adversary does, you’ll be talented with a ground-breaking 5-star weapon that can easily make you the victor.

tanks a lot game play
tanks a lot game play

Tip – iv) For example, the Abrams tank is outfitted with a lot of short-range weaponry. This means you’ll have to go through a lot of that tank’s fuel so as to land your shots. Try different things with each tank’s arsenal amid 1v1 PC battles to understand what each one can do. You’ll require a solid familiarity with them all before you take on a lot harder human adversaries.

Tip – v) Tank Stars features a ton of video ads. Don’t simply label them as a gentle annoyance, in any case – they aid you in a variety of ways. Watching a video advertisement gets you a free restore amid battle, gives you a chance to claim an extra free chest after already opening one, and gets you significantly more post-match rewards. Always sit through those video ads regardless of how annoying they may be!

Tip – vi) There’s a total of seven tanks that you’ll require coins (and even a Diamond Membership!) to open – Abrams (available from the start), Coalition, Buratino, Frost, Helios, Blazer, and Specter. After opening another tank, make beyond any doubt you research its weapons loadout before you take it out onto the battlefield.

Tip – vii) In Tank Wars, it’s dependent upon you to blast away your opposition via tank warfare. In case you’re picked to start the battle at hand, endeavor to move as close as conceivable to your enemy. That way, you’ll have a lot easier time landing your first shot. On the off chance that your adversary finds the opportunity to go first, simply brace yourself for the most exceedingly terrible and go on from that point.

Tip – viii) Tank Stars awards you for signing in amid a 15-day time frame. You’ll acquire Tank Cards, Weapons Cards, coins, diamonds and chests only to play this game on the regular. You’ll get those free chests just by signing in on the fifth, tenth, and fifteenth days of your dedicated play period. This is a standout amongst the best strategies towards getting all the upgrade materials expected to enhance your tanks and their arsenal.

Tip – ix) Take your lower ranked tanks into Easy battles, your mid-range tanks into Normal battles, and your most grounded tanks into Legendary battles. Winning Tournament Battles get you some awesome reward chests, so contend energetically and take a stab at triumph!

Tanks A Lot Game Tricks

Tip – i) Try not to give the adversary team free murders! In the event that your tank is about to detonate, take a break and step away from the chaos for a minute. On the off chance that you can manage to stay out of combat for several seconds, your tank will start to regenerate health. You just need a couple of more seconds to recoup up back to full health, so make sure to pull back when you have to – don’t wait excessively long, however


Tip – ii) The more trophies you win, the more troublesome it will be to win battles. This happens because great players usually have many trophies. On the off chance that you think that it’s hard to win battles and you need new hardware, you can intentionally lose a certain number of battles until you drop ranks. This is a great strategy because you will get the chance to face more regrettable players and winning battles will turn out to be a lot easier. Along these lines, you will win more chests and valuable upgrades.


Tip – iii) So long and tanks for all the obliteration! Tanks A Lot is a fun and basic three-on-three multiplayer tank battle game. Control a tank and blast the restriction to bits utilizing a variety of weapons, including flamethrowers, chain firearms, rocket launchers, and more! Our Tanks A Lot of cheats and tips will tell you the best way to end up a tank busting genius!

Tip – iv) Giving the adversary team free murders won’t get you far in this game. On the off chance that your tank is on the purpose of detonating, step away from the battle for a couple of moments and allow your tank to regenerate health. Your tank will return to full health faster than you might suspect. So don’t be ashamed to pull back in the event that you have to do as such. Simply don’t wait excessively long! It may seem like an antiquated strategy, yet it will work. Escaping into the brambles and going undetectable when coming up short on ammo isn’t cowardice; it’s called playing smart and it will give you an immense advantage over your adversaries.

Tip – v) The Hot Deals tab allows you to spend your coins on certain cards. On the off chance that, for example, you are keen on upgrading a weapon, check the offers from time to time. The shop’s determination changes on a daily basis, so inquire the next day if nothing intrigues you. Hardware lifts can make an enormous distinction in battle.

Tip – vi) Keep in mind, this is a three-on-three PvP game. The individuals who stick together slay together! Your capability is exponentially increased when you have two different mates close by, so there no disadvantage to staying firmly together with your teammates. Do whatever it takes not to separate and go alone excessively, as you’ll finish up kicking the bucket solo if the adversary team is staying together.


Tip – vii) Tanks A Lot is fun and addicting, so you’ll always be tingling to play only one progressively game. You’ll be climbing the leader boards in a matter of seconds with our Tanks A Lot cheats, tips and traps strategy manage!

Tip – viii) There’s a weapon for everybody in Tanks A Lot! There are rapid discharge chainguns, short-range electrical blasts, shotguns, and more – you simply need to locate the correct weapon for you.

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