Try this NEW Will It Crush ‘‘Simulation’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘VOODOO’’ it takes TOP 9 game in over 36 countries & Will It Crush made for you if you enjoy fun games, you’ll love this game. I opened the app and while I was inactive the game conjured 8.5 mil for me and I accidentally turn off my phone before I could accept the money then I open the app again and I see that I can no longer accept that 8.5 mil that was waiting for me.

I’m a bit confused. First, it’s teeth. Not tooths. And lastly why is everything so expensive? Idk what you guys are talking about I never get adds if you’re sick of adds get your stupid money an pay $7 for the no adds and I like this thing so much.



♦ Control Your Distractions

♦ Know Your Upgrades All Time

♦ Don’t Worry About Your Earnings

♦ Utilize The Time Lapse For Best Result

♦ Try To Win Offline Games


Top 10 Countries Playing Will It Crush Game

  1. Indonesia
  2. Philippines
  3. Australia
  4. United States
  5. Turkey
  6. Canada
  7. Russia
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Denmark
  10. Sweden


Will It Crush Game Features

  • Never been so easy and fun
  • Free to play
  • Building of ultimate double
  • Endless gameplay and upgrades
  • Toothed roller crushing machine
  • No internet connection required
  • Play in a boring class or meeting


Will It Crush Game Gols

  • Makes your apparatus all the more dominant
  • Increases the speed of revolution
  • Build the influence of your roller crusher and the cash you win.
  • Try to enables you to crush more squares.
  • Crush bigger squares with simplicity.
  • Increase the razors of your machine.
  • Decreases revolution speed yet will like to do
  • Make the teeth greater for all the more crushing force.
  • Use the squares down into the crusher.
  • Increases crushing squares for more coins


Will it Crush gameplay
Will it Crush gameplay Guide Through images

Will It Crush Game Guide

Tip – i) Your disconnected income is subject to how much time has passed. You can swindle the framework by changing the time on your gadget. There is a trick, however. Your disconnected winning has a top that is subject to your overhauls. That implies pushing the time ahead on your telephone will just work up to a specific point. Ensure your overhauls are refreshed to benefit from this cheat.


Tip – ii) There are a few parts of the wheels that you can overhaul, each with its very own benefit. Despite the fact that you will, in the end, need to redesign everything, realizing what each overhaul wills help you choose which one you need to prioritize contingent upon your style. Speed expands the pivot speed of the wheels. Power gives you a chance to bargain more harm to the 3D shapes.


Tip – iii) Besides the promotion offers, you will frequently observe different notices spring up as you play the diversion. There are two different ways to evacuate them. You can pay two dollars through an in-application buy so as to open the promotion free form of the diversion. On the other hand, you can likewise simply switch your gadget to standalone mode to play advertisement free without spending genuine cash. Remember, however, that doing this will evacuate promotion offers also.


Tip – iv) It is just so much you can do while the diversion is on. After an initial couple of levels, your advancement will back off. Simply buy every one of the overhauls you need at that point log off from the diversion. You will acquire significantly more through easy revenue than when you remain on the web. When you return, you will have much more cash to spend on additional overhauls.


Tip – v) Beside the ordinary stream of pay, you will almost certainly exploit helps in your income by watching out for uncommon minerals and advertisement offers. The dimension up catch will transform into a rewarding catch if an uncommon mineral is accessible.


Tip – vi) You should try this will compensate you with significantly in excess of an ordinary dimension up. What’s more, you will get advertisement offers at whatever point you gather rewards, level up, or guarantee disconnected income. Tolerating these offers will twofold your prizes.


Tip – vii) The Reducer diminishes speed; however, it will build the crushing intensity of the wheels just as the cost of the minerals you gather. Gravity helps pull the 3D shapes down while Tooth builds the number of spikes. Tooth Size makes the spikes greater. At last, Marketing will enormously improve the cost of the minerals you gather.


Will It Crush Game Tips & Tricks

Tip – i) You can utilize the time pass cheat to gain disconnected income immediately, however, the catch is that the disconnected profit top out at a particular sum for each dimension. So you can’t simply put the time ahead by 5 months and gain huge measures of cash immediately.


Tip – ii) You need to give the dimension increment access request to expand the maximum on your disconnected profit.


Tip – iii) There is a wide range of redesigns that you can do in this amusement. They all do distinctive things, however, they all add to your crushing machine carrying out its responsibility quicker and all the more adequately. Speed is plain as day. Power redesigns will make more harm be done to a solid shape each time it hits the spikes.


Tip – iv) The reducer will slice speed down the middle, twofold power, and twofold the cost of every mineral. Gravity and tooth’s are plain as day, as is Tooth Size. Advertising will lift the cost of each mineral.


Tip – v) The selling of an uncommon mineral will happen haphazardly and when it does, you can hit the reward secure that pops where the dimension up catch generally shows up. These normally pay undeniably in excess of a dimension up.


Tip – vi) At whatever point you gather rewards, level-ups or disconnected profit, you can watch a promotion so as to twofold them.


Tip – vii) You can gain unmistakably more in disconnected income than in disconnected profit, by and large, particularly relying upon your overhaul proportion. Purchase the majority of the redesigns you need, at that point shut off the amusement for a short time and let it run its course.


Tip – viii) At that point open it back up again and gather your disconnected profit, do your overhauls, and afterward walk out on once more.


Tip – ix) You can dispose of the advertisements by paying a 2-dollar IAP, and you can, in any case, gain the other deliberate promotion rewards; it’s simply the automatic advertisements that will vanish.


Tip – x) Playing the diversion in standalone mode or with no information association will likewise dispose of the promotions, however, and then you won’t approach any of the video rewards, either.


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