The plain first point that this King raid tier list help you to mulls over is the best ways to deal with consider legends versus one another. Clearly, when you are building the particular best assembling you will need the straightforward best saints in the preoccupation king raid character.

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King’s Raid Tier List

  • Kasel

Other called the picked warrior of the Holy Sword. His best position is as the sole bleeding edge of the group. His toughness and harm may make him somewhat troublesome for the new players to use. He accompanies UW and is an incredible choice in PvP.

  • Phillop

Phillop is a tank type character who in spite of his short stature is an unimaginably competent saint. His shield slam can pulverize gatherings of adversaries which are trailed by his last blow. He has one of the most elevated physical protection buffs in the diversion. Self-recuperating abilities are likewise his specialty. He is astounding in WB1, WB2, Dragon Raid, and Guild Raid. His feeble CC and Limited AOE are presumably the main frail focuses about him.

  • Demia

Demia is likewise a tank type character yet she is one of a kind in the way that among tanks just she can pull. This capacity of her is truly adept at upsetting the backline. She exceeds expectations against physical harm healers and her buff is aloof. She is incredible to have in the Story mode and the Dragon Raids. She can persevere through even the most troublesome assaults with grit.

  • Roi

He is a character who is generally excellent when concentrating on a solitary target. He can dispatch. Solid assaults on the adversaries while concentrating on their vulnerable sides. He can taint draining harm on your rivals. He additionally has an incredible self-buff. Be that as it may, he requires a great deal of speculation and is UW dependent. His aptitudes incorporate Merciless, Curtain of Darkness, and Blade Claw.

  • Theo

A ground-breaking character whose double lances can tear adversaries separated. His special weapon-lightning jolt, Legions can complete a ton of harm. Theo is best sent in the bleeding edge. His assaults incorporate Final Crash-which assaults foes multiple times in all out managing a great deal of harm. Divine force of lightning enables him to toss lightning lances at the adversary managing enormous harm. He depends vigorously on ATK spd.

  • Luna

While her untainted appearance may delude a few, she is hazardous with regards to battle. Her shots increment in quality the more they fly. Watch out above is a move which hits the objective farthest far from her. Her detached additionally hits the character uttermost far from her. She is likewise outfitted with the Twinkle which can diminish the CRIT rate of each foe.

  • Fluss

He is a professional killer of the top draw. His sonic edge can infiltrate through anything including enchantment. He is fit for assaulting even the most grounded enemies. His capacities incorporate Tempest Blade which damages by 111,297 to all foes in the region. Wicked petals enable him to limit the foe and assault.

  • Selene

Her bolts loaded up with the vitality of the moon enables her to find her foes. Bolts loaded up with wind vitality can cause a great deal of inconvenience for her foes. She is generally excellent with the novel weapon but at the same time is really compelling without it. She is great all over the place and when she consolidates with Maria in the PvP, she can appear to achieve a much larger amount.

  • Annette

As we would like to think, this is the best mechanical character in the diversion. She is a technology and her technological Golem is her primary weapon which she uses to impact adversaries away. She is incredible in attacks and has the most enchantment amps. She can recuperate albeit gradually in time.

  • Laias

One of the best cleric character in the amusement. She can be utilized all over and is very flexible. She requires high speculation and her T5 is an absolute necessity to have the aptitude. Her water has extraordinary recuperating capacities. She is incredible in story mode and Dragon Arena.

  • Nyx

He is by a wide margin the best wizard character in the amusement. He is an extraordinary nuker and can assault various foes relying upon the edge stacks. His forces can tear through space to call vast sword floods. He is best sent in the back line. He has boundless AOE and can evacuate for buffs.

Top 10 Countries Playing Kings Raid Game

  1. Singapore
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Vietnam
  4. Malaysia
  5. Thailand
  6. Taiwan
  7. Indonesia
  8. Canada
  9. Australia
  10. France

Game Guide

Level Up

In the wake of beating level, the Hall of Heroes opens up. Here in the Room of Ordeals, you can spend Fragments to endeavor a preliminary for arousing your character’s potential. You’ll be battling the murkiness of the character you’re endeavoring to update with your group of four. It is anything but a simple battle so ensure you prepare.

Financial Balance

In the event that you don’t have enough Fragments, you can’t take an interest in the enlivening preliminary at the Room of Ordeals. You can discover Fragments by signing in day by day, doing missions as you advance through the game, or taking an interest in a Major Dungeon. You could, on the other hand, get them with genuine cash, yet don’t accuse me when you discover your financial balance vacant.

 Boost Skills

After you’ve spent your pieces and crushed the obscurity of the character you’re arousing, there’s one final advance that is oft overlooked or disregarded: refinement. Crushing the murkiness of your character seals it into a stock thing which you can discover under the Growth tab beside your Fragments and Skill Books.

Using Gold

To Purify the Sealed Darkness, head back to the Hall of Heroes and go into the Room of Purification. It costs Gold to filter a semi-irregular measure of the fixed Darkness. Along these lines, awakening characters can rapidly turn out to be absurdly costly. On the off chance that you don’t have enough Gold, you can acquire more by finishing journeys and doing missions. If you don’t mind do whatever it takes not to victory your genuine wallet for this.

Time to Time

After you’ve spent a ludicrous measure of gold on purging, you can at long last tap the enlivening brief to draw out your character’s new potential. When your character is stirred, you’ll see they have another arrangement of dresses alongside significantly buffed well being and assault details. Their most extreme dimension even increments, so it’s a smart thought to ensure you stir your characters from time to time.


In the event that you are pristine to the computer game or only don’t wish to explore contemplate it yourself in computer game; a quick check is to investigate discharged level records on the web. A simple Google of “King’s Raid Tier List” will uncover various results and perspectives from their creators on the relative quality of a legend. There are various level records to help you pick which heroes you should invest your energy into, so don’t take the expression of the plain first show you look at.

A great game to get behind. Aside from the obvious paying to get ahead like most games, which is present in a lot of games, this one challenges you. Save up to buy the hero you want, but still only get them at half their maximum level, making you actually work to level them up. Graphics are amazing,

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