Try this NEW WWE Champions ‘‘Role Playing’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘Scopely’’ it takes TOP 10 game in over 90 countries & wwe champions made for you if you enjoy wrestling games, you’ll love WWE CHAMPIONS.

Join 35 million wrestling fans and play a definitive, activity pressed WWE versatile diversion! Fight with several Superstars over a wide span of time, reigniting and remembering the absolute most energizing contentions in this novel riddle RPG. Contend in Singles, Tag Teams and Mixed Match Tag Team matches, highlighting both the Men’s and Women’s Divisions. Play solo or join a Faction, battling your way to the highest point of the leader board in day by day, week by week, and month to month rivalries. Enter the pandemonium and feel the energy of the WWE Universe.


  • Upgrade your Superstar to take advantage of them.
  • Do Some Training to Shape your Champions
  • Light RPG components and in-amusement cash
  • Need to redesign your wrestler from level 10 to 20
  • Change the wrestler to wrestler.
  • Need to maximize that wrestler’s move
  • Level up your gold-star wrestler to level 30
  • Have the imperative coin and tokens
  • any case, you’ll need to utilize that money to purchase
  • Picking up Tokens Using In-Game Cash


Top 10 Countries Playing WWE Champions Game

  1. Nigeria
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Pakistan
  5. South Africa
  6. India
  7. Nepal
  8. United States
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Canada


WWE Champions Game Features

  • Use RPG skills to earn XP in this unique RPG Puzzle Battle Game
  • Win matches to customize moves and upgrade your team
  • Epic RPG game play lets you combine a variety of skills
  • Strategize! Pick the best Class to beat opponents. Choose from Technicians, Strikers, and more
  • The Rock, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and more all-time icons can join your team
  • Earn Macho Man Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Ric Flair, and other Legends
  • Add John Cena, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and all of today’s top Superstars
  • Build a completely unique team with your all-time favorites
  • Hire Superstar trainers to boost teammate abilities



  • PvP matches let you battle rivals worldwide
  • Versus Mode Mixed Match Dream Team matches add extra layers of strategy
  • Climb leader boards for extra rewards



  • Collect top Superstars & Legends like Ronda Rousey, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Paige, and more!
  • Create Mixed Match Dream Teams like Charlotte Flair & Ric Flair
  • Compete across all game modes in singles, tag team, and Mixed Match Tag Team matches



  • Match 3 pieces to obliterate rivals
  • Use signature WWE wrestling moves
  • The Rock’s Rock Bottom, John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment,
  • AJ Style’s Styles Clash, and more are yours to control
  • Puzzle RPG combos and finishing moves



  • NEW! Faction Invasion events combine tactics, strategy, and Team PVP matches
  • Join a Faction to play with friends and to heal and help teammates
  • Strategize with alliance members in your own Headquarters
  • Exclusive Faction missions earn rewards and loot



  • Subscribe to the Champions Club Pass, WWE Champions exclusive premiere VIP service
  • Exclusive access to exclusive Triple H – King of Kings top-tier Superstar
  • Exclusive access to weekly content and special rewards


WWE Champions Game Goals

  1. Unique Pieces Work Differently
  2. Take as much time as is needed
  3. Concentrate On One Wrestler Per Class
  4. How Do The Different Classes Work?
  5. Possibly Match Loot Boxes If It Could Lead To Gem Matches
  6. Join A Faction For Quick And Easy Healing
  7. Recover Your Free Loot
  8. Complete More Missions
  9. The most effective method to Improve Your Wrestlers
  10. Try not to Waste Your Cash
  11. Step by step instructions to Get More Wrestlers Added to Your Roster
  12. What Do Props Do
  13. Replay Previous Matches
  14. Complete all missions
  15. Concentrate On Matching Colored Gems Corresponding To Your Finisher.


WWE Champions Game Guide

Tip – i) One key contrast between this diversion and other Match 3 titles is the way that you won’t make exceptional pieces like you typically would, should you coordinate multiple diamonds of a similar kind. In like manner, there isn’t any uncommon piece made when you coordinate in a T-shape, an L-shape, or whatnot. Rather, coordinating four of a caring clears the whole line or section, and coordinating five would result in a Wild Card – this implies an additional turn for your wrestler. In any case, there are different unique pieces that can be made, yet rather than huge pearl combos; they are made fundamentally by releasing mark moves. Make a point to tap on an extraordinary piece when it’s made to perceive what it does, or see what it’s doing to you; for the most part, these future buffs or rebuffs that could enhance or kill individually the impact of coordinating certain shaded diamonds, until those jewels are broken.


Tip – ii) On your board, you will likewise observe white boxes with the WWE logo on them – these are your plunder boxes, and the greater amount of them you break, the better prizes you can get once you win the match. In any case, the catch here is that they just complete one point of harm for every crate broken, which, as you may envision, will scarcely motivation a mark on the off chance that you make a match of three. Fundamentally, the main time you ought to break plunder boxes is if that coordinate prompts diamond matches, in the event that you coordinate four, which prompts every one of the pearls in a whole line/section getting broken, or on the off chance that you coordinate five, which gives you an additional turn. Something else, it’s best to let the plunder simply easily fall into place and spotlight on sticking your adversary ASAP, while dodging harm.


Tip – iii) Luckily, there are some Match 3 mechanics in this amusement that still hold up in WWE: Champions. What’s more, one of these futures the way that despite everything you have no time limits with regards to making moves. Concentrate the load up cautiously so you can ensure you’re making the most ideal match, and except if you’re truly baffled, don’t focus on the amusement’s recommended matches – in many cases, there’s something better out there for you to coordinate. Likewise, tap on any hued diamond to perceive how much harm breaking one of them can cause these qualities contrast contingent upon the wrestler, so on the off chance that you have two conceivable matches of three on the board, run with the one that does the most harm. You have all the time on the planet to do this, so ensure you’re not hurrying into anything.


Tip – iv) Regardless of whether you’re an ace wrestling fan or not, this is a Match 3 amusement that should speak to anybody felt burnt out one of the cutout titles in the class, and the individuals who need Match 3 titles to incorporate further developed vital decisions, level-ups, buffs, rebuffs, and all way of RPG mechanics. That makes this diversion significantly more advanced than most others in the class, yet every one of those tops of the line mechanics doesn’t need to hit you like a Stone Cold Stunner or RKO. Peruse on, as we will currently be presenting to you an elite WWE: Champions methodology manage with every one of the tips and deceives you need in case you’re an apprentice to-middle of the road player.


Tip – v) All things considered, there are six classes in WWE: Champions, with a basic technician of sorts figuring out who’s solid or powerless against the other. Purple beats Green, Green beats Red, Red beats Blue, Blue beats Yellow, Yellow beats, Black, Black beats Purple. You can tap on your wrestler’s Class to one side of his name to effectively figure out what shading/class he’s solid or feeble against, however, the amusement will likewise caution you before continuing to a match if at any point you’re utilizing somebody who’s powerless against the rival’s class.


Tip – vii) The diversion will make this hard for you, however, it’s basically what you have to do to win a match rapidly, get three stars, and completion with as meager harm as could be expected under the circumstances. Underneath every wrestler you will see three exceptional moves you can perform amid a match – you have your mark moves, and you’ve additionally got the Finisher on the outrageous left, which, similarly as the name proposes, bargains the most harm has the most obvious opportunity with regards to consummation the match. On the off chance that your wrestler’s Finisher is assigned by the shading yellow, at that point you need to coordinate yellow-hued pearls to energize it. Once more, the barricade will regularly be set so that you’ll have a lower possibility of getting yellow matches  however in any event that will give you a thought of what to concentrate on.


Tip – viii) You will utilize the coins you gain to step up your wrestlers, and diverse shaded tp blurbs to step up their moves. Be that as it may, there will be times when it’s difficult to collect blurbs for specific shading, and mint pieces can get spent genuine quick as you take a shot at improving your wrestlers. In any case, it’s essential that you have something like one wrestler for each class adequately stepped up, so you’ve generally got somebody with a class advantage over your rival. We’ll be clarifying that in the following tip, so read on for a more inside and out clarification of class.


Tip – ix) In the realm of genius wrestling, groups will be gatherings of at least three wrestlers unified to a typical reason. Be that as it may, in WWE Champions, groups will be gatherings of a few human players, additionally united to a typical reason – this time guaranteeing the achievement and advancement of each other. Snap on the Factions catch on the base of your screen and browse a rundown of prescribed groups to join, ideally one where alternate individuals are close enough to your dimension. This is vital, on the grounds that you can request that a group part recuperate your wrestlers while venturing up and mending others’ wrestlers and giving back where it’s due.


Tip – x) The in-amusement tips likewise demonstrate to you what each class can improve the situation than the others. For instance, Showboats mark moves to recuperate themselves. Specialist scan utilize accommodation moves to make their adversaries tap out. Swindlers  take adversaries’ pearls and utilize other insidious strategies to get the high ground. Gymnastic performers a superior possibility of landing unique moves. Powerhouses  have particularly high-harm signature moves. Also, finally, Strikers  bargain more harm than expected with their customary moves.


WWE Champions Game Tips

Tip – i) The Missions tab on the correct side of your screen will demonstrate to you a rundown of in-amusement errands you can achieve – for instance, you might be solicited to win a specific number from matches with a particular wrestler, join a group, mend somebody in your group, and so forth. In any case, you will get money – the amusement’s superior cash – as a reward, and for every five missions you complete, you will be given a Mission Bag stacked with coins, TP blurbs, and different treats that can support your advancement.

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Tip – ii) Well being packs can be rare, money, as premium cash, is best-set something aside for better things, and it’s a big deal trusting that your wrestlers will recuperate up consequently, as that could take a while relying upon how much harm they’ve taken in their last match. So in the event that you don’t care for spending money/utilizing well being packs or holding up hours to recover your wrestlers to 100 percent well being, join a group and receive that essential reward.


Tip – iii) As we referenced over, it’s imperative that you don’t simply enhance your wrestlers, yet in addition, take a shot at enhancing no less than one for every class. What’s more, there are diverse methods for approaching this, beginning with the straightforward procedure of leveling them up with coins. While it’s moderately shoddy to level them up for an initial couple of times, the expense of doing this increments logically, which would expect you to battle in however many matches as could be expected under the circumstances, may they be in the general visit, constrained time occasions, and so forth.


Tip – iv) At regular intervals, the diversion will compensate you with free plunder, which may incorporate TP publications, wrestler notices, well being packs, coins, and possibly some money. You can open a folder case loaded up with free plunder like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity, which implies you should set up your warnings so the amusement can remind you whenever you have another portfolio to open.


Tip – v) You can likewise improve your wrestlers should your wrestlers be leveled up to a specific point, and furthermore have enough money and the correct sort of tokens to do as such. We’ll be discussing tokens, later on; however, when discussing improvement, this doesn’t really build their star irregularity. Rather, it enhances their star shading, implying that in the event that you upgrade a one-star bronze John Cena out of the blue, that implies you’re moving him up to one star and silver, not enhancing his irregularity from one to two stars.


Tip – vi) The most ideal approach to mend your wrestlers is seemingly to join a group and request your mates’ assistance – no compelling reason to spend money, and no compelling reason to experience a likewise hard-earned well being pack either.


Tip – vii) You ought to likewise be step up your wrestler’s extraordinary moves, and you can do this basically however TP notices that relate to the shade of the exceptional move. You can likewise utilize copy wrestler publications to do this. At first, I was baffled to discover that I got a copy Seth Rollins NXT notices, yet in the end discovered that his copy blurb likewise served as “cash” for the step up his finisher.


Tip – viii) The primary way is just winning more matches. At times, the diversion will compensate you with a wrestler’s notice, as regularly indicated in the plunder territory. Odds are you’ll achieve a point where you’ll frequently be getting tricks, however, that is alright, as we referenced above – copy blurbs can enable you to step up finishers. What’s more, discussing plunder, the free plunder portfolios accessible at regular intervals do give out wrestler notices every now and then.



Tip – ix) We will clarify somewhat later on what you ought to spend your money on, however as right on time as now, we ought to caution you that the exceptional cash of WWE: Champions isn’t to be spent pointlessly. The amusement will regularly inquire as to whether you need to spend money to continue a match subsequent to getting stuck – don’t do this, as that is going to cost you 50 money. I took in this the most difficult way possible when I unintentionally tapped on that choice. Without a doubt, it will reestablish an immense piece of your wellbeing, yet you’re in an ideal situation losing the match and holding tight to your money, as you’re going to require it later on.


Tip – x) Chips are another type of premium cash that can be utilized to purchase wrestler blurbs, and in like manner, you’ll need heaps of them to get an opportunity at somebody of genuinely great irregularity and ability. You can win contributes the different amusement modes, however particularly in the constrained time occasions, which are more earnestly than the typical visit/crusade mode matches, yet offer much better rewards.


Tip – xi) The accumulation technician of this diversion is a significant fascinating one, particularly for long-lasting WWE fans who need to deal with an assortment of wrestlers crosswise over various periods. So how would you get more wrestlers and hamburger up your program?


Tip – xii) You can likewise utilize your money to purchase more blurbs, and that is the thing that we were discussing when we said try not to spend your money pointlessly. 400 money will get you an ensured blurb with up to two-star gold irregularity, however on the off chance that you have huge amounts of money gathered as of now, you can purchase in mass and get numerous Superstars of that irregularity, or even rarer Superstars who should enable you to push through the challenge. Head to the Premium Superstars area under the Loot tab, and don’t hesitate to peruse through the diverse alternatives. Scopely changes them around a considerable amount, so you may need to act rapidly in case you’re torn on whether to purchase these higher-end blurbs or not.


Tip – xiii) As you’ve discovered from the tips above, you will require a LOT of assets to enhance your wrestlers or bear to purchase new ones with your in-amusement money. What’s more, that would likewise mean a ton of pounding. You can generally return to matches which you won with just a single or two stars and replay them again with your wrestlers in a perfect world much-enhanced from the time you won the match the first run through. In spite of the fact that you get a one-time prize as props, coins, and so forth in the wake of clearing a dimension out of the blue, you can even now win plunder portfolios by means of replays. You can even replay with the plan of breaking 13 plunder boxes or more, however, this could mean your wrestler taking a great deal of harm and taking more time to win the match, on the off chance that he goes on to win.



WWE Champions Game Tricks

Tip – i) Now and then, regardless of how well you’re preparing and coordinating, you just won’t get enough pearls in the correct spots to stick your rival. In these cases, you should utilize your Finisher move, which naturally sticks them. Toward the start of a match, it’s typically best to attempt to charge your finisher above all else.


Tip – ii) In the guide, we’ll go over the whiz class framework, how to play through a run of the mill match, and general tips on the cash. How about we begin with our WWE: Champions tips and traps manage.


Tip – iii) In the occasion your adversary inspires truly near being stuck yet marginally getaway, you’ll be appreciative you have a finisher prepared to go!


Tip – iv) Not at all like other match-3 baffle amusements, coordinating four diamonds here in WWE: Champions is amazingly useful! Naturally coordinating the whole line will dependably bargain quite great harm to your rival, so dependably be vigilant for a conceivable match-4. Attempt to set up combos and chains with the goal that you can exploit them.


Tip – v) Hitting a hotshot with a worthwhile class will make the majority of your assault do 25% more harm! This can without much of a stretch turn the tide of a counterpart for you so it’s constantly vital to pick your hotshot dependent on your adversary. Also, coordinating the shaded jewels that are equivalent to your class shading will bargain more harm.


Tip – vi) You need to make a special effort to get there, and when you do coordinate them, your whiz hits for next to zero harm. You’re basically surrendering a turn so as to get loot boxes; however, it will all be to no end on the off chance that you can’t win the match! We prescribe for your first time through a dimension to simply disregard them and spotlight on bringing down your rival.


Tip – vii) Experiencing difficulty with a particular genius? Ensure you’re playing to your wrestler’s qualities! Every hotshot has a class that is both incredible and frail against different classes.


Tip – viii) The missions are the most ideal approach to gain money, the top-notch cash of the amusement. You’ll require a LOT of money before you can pull for the ultra uncommon geniuses, so you better begin getting the opportunity to work! After you clear five of them, you’ll have the capacity to open the mission pack. The mission sack has a lot of treats to assist you with your matches, so open the same number of them as you can.


Tip – ix) Amid a match, you’ll see arbitrary plunder boxes dissipated no matter how you look at it. Coordinating three of these will expand your plunder box counter by one. In the event that you have the additional moves to save its fine to go for them, else you should simply overlook them. Generally, the three loot boxes that you can get from this simply contain little rewards, similar to coins.


Tip – x) Since you will be facing a wide range of hotshots, you’ll need various groups to bring them all down. Concentrate the genius classes that we referenced above, and ensure you have something like one of each class. Make sure to overhaul their moves and level them up and you’ll be prepared for anything!


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