Try this NEW Happy Glass ‘‘Puzzle’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘Lion Studios’’ it takes TOP 10 game in over 14 countries & Happy Glass is made for you if you enjoy Puzzle games, you’ll love Happy Glass. The glass is sad because it’s empty. Your job is to draw a line to make the glass filled up with liquid and smile again.

Try to find the best way to complete each level. You can come up with your own solution so be creative and don’t be afraid to think out of the box Some levels might look easy but let’s see if you can actually get the 3 stars.


Happy Glass Game Features

  • Dynamic mechanism. Draw lines freely to complete levels
  • Simple, smart and fun puzzles but can be challenging too
  • Lots of levels with more coming soon
  • Fun and relaxing theme that will make you stay for quite some time


Top 10 Countries Playing Happy Glass Game

  1. Russia
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Belarus
  4. Malaysia
  5. Ukraine
  6. New Zealand
  7. Kazakhstan
  8. Ireland
  9. Helena
  10. Hong Kong


Pro Tips

  • When You Complete A Level, Try To Master It
  • Attempt Different Ideas In Order To Complete Tough Levels
  • Utilize All The Elements To Your Advantage
  • Battle to Complete Some Levels? This is what You Should
  • Adjust Your Drawing Speed To The Level’s Requirements
  • Draw quick or draw gradually
  • Utilize the components given in each dimension
  • Realize totally new possibilities

Happy Glass Game Goals

  • Draw Careful
  • Scene Objects
  • Use Hints in game
  • Use Your Pen Power
  • Go For the Free Prize
  • Adjust to the stream
  • Watch videos & earn coin
  • Attempt a Different Approach
  • Go for the three stars every time
  • Watch promotions and gain coins
  • Get familiar with the quality of the pencil

Happy Glass Game Guide

Tip – i) Every one of the components that show up in a dimension is there to be utilized. On the off chance that there is a stage, a circle, or whatever other components, it was set there to enable you to get through the dimension. So think inventively and put it to a decent use! Indeed, even the water pipe can be utilized for illustration and support.


Tip – ii) In spite of the fact that watching advertisements after each dimension may feel somewhat like an errand, think on the positive note: you won’t just have the capacity to increase astonishing prizes, however, you will likewise add to the advancement of incredible diversions for example, Happy Glass by helping their designers win their living. The prizes extend from coins that can be utilized to open new insights to totally free indications.


Tip – iii) In some cases, your arrangement won’t go as arranged, yet that can be a surprisingly beneficial turn of events. Once in a while, your arrangement can be excessively tangled, and this can open your eyes to the quick and painless. Different occasions the articles in the scene are really a diversion, as opposed to an issue.


Tip – iv) The greater part of the occasions, understanding a dimension can be a convoluted errand. So don’t be hesitant to realize totally new possibilities and attempt distinctive courses to finish the dimension. Despite the fact that occasionally there is just a single method to get through a dimension; some different dimensions require totally extraordinary methodologies. So don’t be reluctant to change arrangements or think of crisp ones to accomplish your objective.


Tip – v) In any case, you likewise have the choice to watch an add to understand that last third star in the event that you would prefer not to go tweaking yourself, and that is a practical alternative as well. It’s best to figure out how to do it without “bamboozling” your way to the third star, yet some of the time you may very well prefer to do that rather so recall that you have the alternative.


Tip – vi) They are costly, so use them sparingly! Additionally have as a primary concern that the in-amusement insights will really explain the dimension for you by indicating precisely where to attract and how to do it, however, a portion of those dimensions do appear to be unimaginable! So don’t be hesitant to really utilize the indications when required.


Tip – vii) In the event that you don’t figure out how to get the three stars while finishing a dimension, replay it. This will enable you to enhance your illustration abilities, which will be useful over the long haul. On the off chance that you choose to go for the simple alternative, you can generally accomplish that much wanted third star by viewing a promotion. Up to a limited degree, it might have a craving for bamboozling. Be that as it may, it’s as yet a legitimate alternative.


Tip – viii) In-amusement insights are fairly costly. So make a point to utilize them just when it’s totally essential. In spite of the fact that these clues tell you precisely the best way to get through the dimension, the facts demonstrate that a few dimensions do appear to be difficult to settle.


Tip – ix) Yet, now and again, a specialist’s accuracy is required  so except if there’s extremely an unquestionable requirement for you to be quick as lightning, take it moderate rather and draw that line superbly, faultlessly and precisely where it must be, without an additional inch long so as to get every one of the stars!


Tip – x) A few dimensions require for you to draw different lines as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. What’s more, this is the place practice goes onto the stage. Be that as it may, some different occasions, expanded exactness is required. In the event that you need to get every one of the stars, make a point to set aside your opportunity to draw an immaculate line in the perfect place.


Happy Glass Game Tips

Tip – i) In view of these, how about we look at some Happy Glass Cheats and tip beneath to finish this brilliant amusement.

Tip – ii) There will never be components in a dimension that you shouldn’t utilize. There’s no stylistic layout in Happy Glass and at whatever point you have a circle, a stage or something there in the dimension – you should by one way or utilization it to finish the dimension

Tip – iii) By and large, you should complete touch of fresh reasoning so as to comprehend each dimension. Try not to be reluctant to attempt at least one course and change them assuming fundamentally or take a stab at something totally new if there doesn’t appear to be an approach to finish the dimension.

Tip – iv) I realize that a Happy Glass would be more welcome for this situation and we have you secured with that also. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to even now do it without anyone else’s help without dependably be instructed precisely, our tips and traps will prove to be useful and they’ll give you more fulfillment for all dimensions would.

Tip – v) indeed, even the pipe that gives you the water can be utilized for help and drawing – so dependably see approaches to utilize it in the event that you can. As a rule, you won’t need to do it, yet in a few dimensions, you will!

Tip – vi) Most dimensions have only one method for being finished, and arriving isn’t in every case simple. Be that as it may, you’ll have a leap forward in the event that you continue attempting – and once in a while running with a totally unique methodology is the thing that you require.

Tip – vii) Viewing an advertisement after each dimension doesn’t appear that fun, however, it won’t just help the amusement’s designers and urge them to make progressively keen diversions like Happy Glass, yet it will likewise give you some stunning prizes.

Tip – viii) In a few phrases, you should move quickly and attract lines different puts in a request to finish the dimension. That may require a touch of training and you just ace it by playing again and again.

Tip – ix) On the off chance that you don’t get the three stars in the wake of finishing a dimension, it implies that you ought to enhance your illustration a bit. At the end of the day, replay it and endeavor to utilize a shorter line – this is normally enough.

Tip – x) From coins to use for opening new indications to totally free clues, you can win a lot of treats there so don’t waver to watch those advertisements and store on coins so as to take advantage of your amusement!

Happy Glass Game Guide & Tips
Happy Glass

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Happy Glass Game Tricks

Tip – i) What you attract this amusement has some genuine load to it, not simply as far as affecting the stream of water, yet in addition the physical load of what you draw. You can draw the state of the letter ‘N’ for added weight on the off chance that you have to topple over a stage. In addition, you can utilize the letter as a bar, to prevent water from streaming in a specific heading. Another intensity of the pencil is the manner in which you can tie two items together as a sort of extension, or as an approach to shield the container from falling.


Tip – ii) Happy Glass has been structured with the goal that each dimension needs an entirely unexpected way to deal with unraveling it. What dealt with a couple of past dimensions may not work this time around and will require an absolutely new arrangement. What you have to recall is the issue is generally very basic so in the event that you are battling for an answer you might take a stab at something much more confounded than what the dimension requires. There will be times however that you should utilize a touch of creative ability to understand the riddle


Tip – iii) I don’t imply that you ought to do anything unique, simply observe the water gush and the container itself. You can fold over the water gush in a few dimensions; this is helpful for holding the glass or diverting the water gush. The glass is heavier then you think, it takes a great deal of ink to thump the container over, so don’t be reluctant to draw onto the tip of the container.


Tip – iv) When you are in a dimension that includes a great deal of attracting you have to ensure you draw cautiously and definitely and most vital of all keep it straight forward so you don’t squander ink. You likewise need to ensure you don’t contact any items in the scene as doing as such will cause the pen device to solidify. On the off chance that you discover you get 3 stars for finishing a riddle it more often than not implies that you ought to enhance your illustration a bit by utilizing shorter lines.


Tip – v) it’s continually endeavoring to keep you on your toes, so do whatever it takes not to fall into a groove. Because one strategy has taken a shot at a couple of past dimensions, doesn’t mean it will work this time around. In some cases getting a crisp combination of eyes on the dimension will enable you to understand it. Additionally, in the event that you’ve been stuck on a dimension for some time, you should stop and return to it. The dimensions are extremely basic, so chances are you were taking a stab at something much progressively confused then what the dimension requires.


Tip – vi) After each dimension, you will be given the alternative to watch a video promoting another diversion. Albeit subsequent to viewing a couple of these adverts they can turn into somewhat repetitive it won’t just help the designers of the diversion however will likewise give you compensate which makes it justified, despite all the trouble? The prizes you can get incorporate coins that can be utilized to open new insights and altogether free clues.


Tip – vii) There will be times when you will experience a riddle that will seem unsolvable. In these occasions, you should utilize an indication. When you utilize an insight the diversion will fundamentally reveal to you where to attract to explain the riddle. Keep in mind that indications are costly and ought to be utilized sparingly.


Tip – viii) Draw the letter ‘N’ when you require added load to topple over a stage, make a barricade, or prevent water from streaming in a specific course. You can likewise draw a line utilizing the pen instrument to tie two items together to frame a scaffold and keep the glass from falling. Keep in mind that it takes a great deal of ink to thump over the container so don’t be reluctant to attract up to its tip.


Tip – ix) The diversion will never give you components in a riddle for reasons unknown by any means, whatever you are given will be one way or another should be implemented to take care of the issue. In levels that has a few items, you may wind up moving quick and attract lines different submit in a request to finish the riddle.


Tip – x) Happy Glass is an allowed to-play material science-based riddle amusement where the objective is to top off the glass with water. You utilize a pen device to draw a shape on the screen which the amusement cooperates with when the water is discharged. Explaining the riddle will procure your stars; the number you are granted is controlled by the measure of ink you have left in the bar at the highest point of the screen. The greater part of the riddles just have one way that they can be finished however every one of them will hold fast to the laws of material science and most are generally simple to tackle.


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