Marvel Strike Force Best characters from the farm in the Marvel Strike Force, you are definitely thinking about whom you should pay attention. What are the best characters / heroes in the Marvel Strike Force? Well, this is the right question that we are going to answer in today’s article.

We are focusing on those people who are easy to farm because they are the ones you will get the most, but we are going to share some of the best characters which are not easy to farm, but ultimately cost Can be unlocked through electric orbs

So do not waste any time and let’s see who is the best character hero in the Marvel Strike Force!


Arena Farming Quake

She is a great hero to have, dealing massive Area Of Effect damage. Also one of the top heroes in the game, so farm her as much as you can because she’s worth it!




Arena Farming Daredevil

Most people recommend Drakes as the second protagonist of the farm in the arena (if you have left after quitting after receiving the quake), but I do not like the tank as much as I do, and I think Daredevil is a better option. Is short-term and fast.

In Marvel Strike Force Daredevil is a hero that most people have already unlocked, which means that you need to farm more shards to star it, which is not that easy. If you already have and you are not completely satisfied with it, you can go for a draw instead, but MSF has better tank options. But if you do not have Daredevil yet and you have the words of the field, definitely go for it!



Blitz Farming Gamora

An extremely good hero, but requires 100 Shards to be unlocked, so you’ll spend a while farming for her. But it’s really worth it as she’s a great damage dealer, gaining extra moves when she finishes off an enemy and dealing tons of damage.




Blitz Farming Luke Cage

Only if you have shards left and you can afford buying Gamora AND him daily. He is a solid Tank in my opinion with good buffs for the team. I personally prefer him over Drax simply because you start with him and it’s easier to star him up and get him in shape, but he’s not the best tank in the game at the moment.




Campaign Yondu

He was heavily nerfed recently, so he’s not as good as he used to be, but he’s still one great Hero to own in the game thanks to his summoning and AOE abilities. Easy to get as well, since he’s in the first chapter of the Heroes mission of Marvel Strike Force Best character. Complete those every day and get him ASAP.




Best Tank Hulk

There’s not a lot of love for Hulk because he’s slow and annoying, but he’s a real damage dealing Tank that is great to have in the team. It’s also easy to unlock by completing the achievements, so I’d definitely go for him.





Best Support Black Widow

If there were her speed up alone and she would be a great support unit, but she also has stun which is extremely useful in battle. One of the best heroes in the game at the moment!




Night Nurse

The only real healer in the game, she is absolutely amazing when it comes to keeping your characters alive. Her passive healing also helps in the long run. Best characters Depending on your play style and type of battle (arena, Blitz, Raid etc), she might be a better choice than Black Widow, who’s usually best for PvP.



Best Attacker Gamora

It’s really difficult to choose a winner here as there are more who work really well, but Gamora is easy to farm and great to have in the team. Her extra attack on a kill make her extremely useful, while her overall stats and power get better and better as you upgrade her. One of my favorite in the game.




Iron Man

A great hero to have in the team and close match with the second placed. I personally choose him because of his insane second ability that usually sees you take out an opponent with one shot, but he’s also great overall.




Another great one to have as a fifth man, this guy can turn into a killing machine thanks to his skills. Chains are not always guaranteed, but Thor remains one awesome hero to bring in!




” Marvel Strike Force Best characters”

Do you have other favorites? Or maybe you have to add soething about the recommended heroes? Let us know by sharing your comments below..!!


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