Pets in Hungry Shark World

Pets are very helpful in Hungry Shark World and here you will find the best ones to use to eat the world.
Pets in Hungry Shark World can assist the shark to consume more prey, and can offer more scores. Some of them have numerous capabilities.
Hunger Shark has many pets in the world. There are some sharks, although others are not, they also provide more points multiplier on the basis of chosen pets. Your sharks can bring about 3 (maximum) pets with them on their sharks. L and XL-level sharks can bring 2 family pets, while XXL and !! Level sharks can bring 3 family pets at the same time.
You can unlock other pets by using high scores, missions and gems

” The Best Pets To Have in Hungry Shark World 

hungry shark pets list

Here you’ll find the best pets you should work on unlocking


Phil – The Best Pet in Hungry Shark World

Phil is a great white shark that can consume more prey than other pets. He will offer a 6x bonus but you will need XXL shark to unlock for the price of 800 gems.

Phil M can also use sharks and blue jellyfish. His appearance is a green-blue color and has a mark on his stomach and his scalp on his head and on his head is a plaster and yellow eyes. Phil could also be based on the terrible white searched on Port Phillip Bay.

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vMax – The best Hitpoint Booster Pet

Max is a child of Megalodon who is seen in the Hunger Shark World. He is unaware of buying megalodon from hunger shark world and spends 1,500 gems. She is equipped as a pet similar to all shark puppies.

Max gives you 20% health bonuses, along with Anna Belga whale, which provides you 10% health bonuses, but by doubling hit points, it actually works to get Max. In game description can be highly stressed, because megalodon can not consume whatever she wants.


Trevor – Best Anti-Mine Pet in Hungry Shark World

Trevor is a snapping turtle kid who specializes in donating all kinds of mines – yes, Insta- deth Khan at the Hunger Shark World too.

Even if Trevor has an aggressive approach, sometimes he misses the mines and you can not trust 100% darkness that he will take care of all the mines in your way – just as a word of caution. Yet, it is one of the most useful pets you can use in the Hunger Shark World and definitely worth using and unlocking!

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UltraMineUseless Pets in Hungry Shark World

Now that we have talked about the most useful pets in the Hunger Shark World, then it is also about talking about the most useless people that you should not care too much about: Big, a kind pet who alerts you when the opponents are close. Achi, a bald eagle that consumes every prey on the ground. Come on, a baby robo-shark which eliminates the plasma beam.


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