The INFINITE DREAMS STUDIO brings up with a new game called LET’S CREATE POTTERY the game released on 15 July 2010. And again the publisher of Infinite studio has introduced Let’s create pottery 2.

In this game you can increase your level of art of pottery and design. And experience the life of the potters Let’s Create Pottery 2.

Pottery Game Designs

This is a very easy game where you have to make pottery. You can change shape and size with your fingers sliding on the screen. There will be a shape and size of pottery you have to make the same of it.

And you can colour and design your pottery one you finish making your pottery and colouring you can sell your pottery you have made.There are many levels and quests for you. And you can buy items from the shop.

  • Clay
  • Colour
  • Patterns
  • Extras
  • Studio

How To Use CLAY

There are very different types of clays in the shop to buy. There are 3 types of Mat, 4 types of Semigloss, 4 types of Gloss and one type of Raku.


Colours are very important in the art of designing so in this game there are many types of colours.there are five types of BASIC, Six types of VIVID,  Six types of FRESH, Six types of CITRUS,  Six types of FUTURISTIC, Six types of AFRICAN,  Six types of AZTEC,  Six types of EGYPTIAN and Six types of POLISH.


Patterns are the stips and the designs in the potts so generally there are Eleven types of simple patterns, twelve types of AFRICAN,  twelve types of AZTEC,  twelve types of CELTIC,twelve types of CHINESE, twelve types of EGYPTIAN, twelve types of GEEK, twelve types of JAPANESE, twelve types of ROMAN, twelve types of MAORI, twelve types of INDIAN, twelve types of POLISH, twelve types of KIDS, twelve types of ARABIC, Sixteen types of GRADIENT and  fourteen types of STRANGE.


There are some extra things to design your pots. There are twelve types of GEMS, eight types of STONES,twelve types of DECO and  sixteen types of HANDLES.

Let's Create Pottery 2 Game play
Let’s Create Pottery 2 Game


Studio is generally a background in the game that gives you a better experience to make and design your pottery. There are four backgrounds in Let’s Create Pottery game.

You Can Play Pottery Game Online

You can play the game in online by community so generally there is a option called COMMUNITY there you can see others art of people.There are four options:

  1. Best– Here you can see different types of pottery, the best work of today,week and month and you can give likes and comments to others’ work.
  2. New– Here you can see the recent shared  posts of pottery of others.
  3. Following- Here you can follow others and you can only see the posts you are following. And you can learn the art. 
  4. Artists– Here are the top artists of global ranking of all time if you are good in the game you can also be in global rank.

How Can You Improve Your Skills

TIP – 1) So it is a game to improve your skills and talent of pottery. You can bring up your talent and you can be a good artist. First you have to make some basic pottery and then you have a complete quest to increase your level.

TIP – 2) You have to buy different types of color’s, clays, patterns and backgrounds as in the given quest. Then you have to sell the pottery you have made. If it is good you will get a good price for the Let’s Create Pottery.

TIP – 3) If you are very good in the art then you can give in the exhibition. And you can follow your favorite artist in the game and learn the designing, strips etc.

Let’s Create Pottery 2 Game play

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