New PUBG Alternatives To Play in 2019

Here is information about PUBG like games list. Learn which is the Best Game for your. And the games are Fortnite, Free Fire, Rules of Survival, Pixel’s unknown BattleGround, H1Z1, Black Survival, Survivor Royale, Battle Royal Strike Survival, Survival Royale, Vast Survival, Last Day on Earth

#1 Fortnite 

fortnite android beta

Envision for a second that Minecraft and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds had an infant — that is a really decent method for portraying Fortnite. At the end of the day, it’s an aggressive third-individual shooter that pits you against 99 different players in a fight for the last man standing. Besides, the diversion tosses in components of making, mining, and building, which you can use or overlook contingent upon your inclination.


#2 Free Fire

free fire free fire

This Battle Royale amusement is played against 49 players in a 10-minute diversion, which is perfect for a snappy diversion. Brief span diversions are useful for players who don’t care for outdoors, which is loathed by numerous forceful players.

Download free fire

#3 Rules of Survival

rules of survival forum

In this Game you fight against territory map with a limit of 120 players. You get a snappy instructional exercise which trains you the complexities of the diversion. The instructional exercise can take as long as 10 minutes, which is, obviously, skip anytime. I wouldn’t exhort doing that since it is genuinely instinctive and amusing to learn, given the unlimited potential outcomes that you will confront while playing this diversion on an extensive landscape map.

Download Rules of Survival

#4 Pixel’s Unknown BattleGround

pixel's unknown battle ground

When you hit the play catch in the principal menu, a transport arrives. A researcher in a radioactive suit goes off and wounds you in the back and gets you to the holding up ground from where you board the drop Helicopter after a hold up that can last up to 75 seconds. The Zombie mode doesn’t appear to work for me or my companions. I have revealed the issue to the engineer, anticipating affirmation.

Download Pixel’s Unknown BattleGround

#5 H1Z1


H1Z1 is an allowed to-play fight royale amusement created and distributed by Daybreak Game Company. The diversion’s improvement started after the first H1Z1 was spun off into two separate undertakings in mid-2016: H1Z1 Just Survive and H1Z1.

Download H1Z1

#6 Black Survival

black survival guide

Preparing and instructional exercise were genuinely straightforward instructional exercise, which took me 8-10 mins of helped gaming to a get a round of the general interactivity. You can play in a 20 player amusement, which can last up to 20 Minuits on a guide. The diversion has a Single tap battle choice. You outfit yourself with various weapons and assistance to build the odds of winning the duel against a rival. There are more than 600 weapons to look over.

Download Black Survival

#7 Survivor Royale

survivor royale game

Survivor Royale is another replication of PUBG Mobile. This prevalent fight Royale recreation additionally has the equivalent ongoing interaction with 100 individuals entering the diversion and last one standing winning it. In this Game, over the course of 20 minutes, the playable territory contracts, constraining survivors into a battle until the very end. After all that the last man will standing.

Download Survivor Royale

#8 Battle Royal Strike Survival

Battle Royal Strike Survival game

When you join the entryway and amusement begins, you get the alternative of joining both of the groups. Blue and Red. The diversion length is set physically by the hall chief. It tends to be up to 20 minutes. Both groups get 1 point each to execute adversary’s colleague. Toward the finish of guide length, the group with greatest focuses is esteemed as the champ.

Download Battle Royal Strike Survival

#9 Survival Royale

Survival Royale game

An Game by the producers of Rules of Survival. The similitude’s among Rules and this one can’t be discounted. The controls on the screen are natural and can be utilized absent much trouble. There is a Safe circle which you need to reach as the play territory gets littler with time. Inability to do that you will experience the ill effects of harm which will diminish your well being and in the long run lead to death whenever neglected to achieve the Safe Circle.

Download Survival Royale

#10 Vast Survival

Vast Survival game

You are hollowed against up to 26 players in an open world with mama AP dependent on quiet and lovely places the world over. The mountains and consideration regarding vegetation development are exceptionally underscored as I watched playing it out of the blue. When you dispatch the amusement, a menu with an alternative to set moniker shows up. At that point, you get a rundown of servers with empty openings to join.

Download Vast Survival

#11 Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth game

Another best survival game for Smartphone’s. So as to make due in his diversion, you should slaughter zombies. What’s more, the last man standing wins. Investigate the extensive and profound laid guide of this amusement! Redesign your legend/character, prepare your home, plunder abandoned regions, and chase wild creatures and different survivors.

Download Last Day on Earth

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