Try this NEW Tactical Heroes 2 ‘‘Strategy’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘Erepublik Labs’’ it takes TOP 10 game in over 8 countries & Tactical Heroes made for you if you enjoy Strategy games, you’ll love Tactical Heroes 2. Turn into a military general in the most current system MMO with practical designs! TRAIN huge militaries, produce helicopters, do battle with a large number of REAL players, structure amazing unions and build up your very own military procedures.


Manufacture and update your sleeping quarters to create war weapons beginning from infantry rifles to monstrous tanks or plane flying machines. Once you have made a military deserving of incredible fights, furnish your Hero with the strong military apparatus and show your matchless quality on the combat zone. You can send reconnaissance planes to scout your aim and if the chances are to support you, use beast power to wreck your foe’s base. Incredible fights put you on the highest point of the rankings, making you prestige for your vital abilities in military activities.


Tactical Heroes 2 Game Features


  • Build Hueys and tanks
  • Develop your town and research new technologies
  • Choose your faction and fight for domination
  • Use diplomacy to forge Alliances with other commanders
  • Use brute force and subterfuge to defeat enemy players
  • Explore the World Map & prepare for conquests through the Tactical Heroes jungles
  • Gather resources, scout enemy players and defeat rebellious armies
  • Chat in real time and set up diplomatic ties with other alliances
  • Join troops with allied commanders and create massive rally marches
  • Conquer territories for powerful buffs for you and for your allies
  • Become the President and assign military roles to your friends and foes
  • Reach the top of the rankings and earn the respect of the whole world
  • Take advantage of the FREE Speed Ups to develop faster
  • Compete with thousands of players in daily events
  • Level Up your Commander and equip him with military gear
  • Develop strategies to prepare for times of war and peace
  • Complete or team up with hundreds of Missions to collect massive rewards
  • Aim for the highest military rank by proving your loyalty to the Alliance General
  • Become a VIP player and gain game-changing bonuses
  • Discover countless of strategic and diplomatic choices!



Top 10 Countries Playing Tactical Heroes 2 Game

  1. Moldova
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. United States
  4. Spain
  5. Myanmar (Burma)
  6. Philippines
  7. Iraq
  8. Georgia
  9. Armenia
  10. India


Pro Tips

  • Upgrade your leader in Tactical Heroes war platoons.
  • Pick Before Joining a Base.
  • Tactical Heroes war platoons coalition.
  • Complete Your Daily, Alliance, and VIP Operations.
  • Fallow step by step instructions to speed up.
  • Heroes war platoons assaulting method.
  • Tactical war platoons hired soldiers.
  • War platoons military zone.
  • Output the Military Zone From Time To Time.
  • Observe and Complete Events.
  • Tactical Heroes war platoons occasions.


Tactical Heroes 2 Game Goals

  • Continuously Multitask.
  • Upgrade Your Commander Immediately.
  • Accelerate Your Production Efficiently.
  • Tactical Heroes war platoons tasks are good.
  • Get ready patiently before Initiating an Attack.


Tactical Heroes 2 Game Guide

Tip – i) You’ll in all likelihood be slanted to pursue whatever your consultant proposes at an initial couple of minutes of the amusement. It’s alright however as a large portion of the building and overhauling exercises toward the beginning total right away for nothing. Sooner or later, however, you’ll come to understand that what you’re doing is essentially 33% of what you possibly can in connection to Base Camp Operation. As Base Camp Operation is involved in building and overhauling structures, research, and creation, you need to begin guaranteeing that advancement is being made on every one of these exercises at the soonest.


Tip – ii) Not at all like in many recreations where society highlights set aside somewhat more opportunity to open, in Tactical Heroes  War: Platoons you can for all intents and purposes join a coalition after the initial a few minutes of the diversion. What’s surprisingly better is, there’s no endorsement or holding up the time to be a piece of a coalition and you’ll be in one when you choose to join. Given that you should be a piece of a gathering in any multiplayer amusement to help you towards achieving your objective, it’s an outright should in this diversion also to be a piece of collusion at the soonest conceivable time. As you may be slanted to quickly join the principal collusion you see on the rundown, in any case, you should realize that what’s for the most part vital is having the capacity to evaluate how dynamic your imminent partnership is.


Tip – iii) By utilizing these speed ups proficiently, we don’t mean utilizing them to speed everything up but instead synchronizing the finishing of specific tasks or if nothing else attempting to so you can continue with the following clump of activities previously and keep your base camp gainful for the span of time you’ll be far from the amusement. Now and again, what you would require underway possibly pended in light of neglected necessities in research. All things considered, you might need to concentrate on accelerating the last to maintain a strategic distance from postponement in your base camp’s movement.


Tip – iv) It’s critical to remember that with regards to the ability focuses you procure, spending them at the soonest is superior to sparing them for some other time. What might be troublesome for you to settle on now, in any case, is the means by which to spend aptitude focuses appropriately as essentials are the main thing shielding you from spending the ability focuses you aggregated unreservedly. The most ideal approach is to point towards opening. You can do this viably by meeting just the base prerequisites on specific expertise to open the following one. Now and again, you might be slanted to spend on abilities that don’t really contribute towards opening different aptitudes and that is okay. Remember however that you shouldn’t spend such a large number of expertise focuses on a specific aptitude at an opportune time as better ones will be opened.


Tip – v) To the extent center is concerned, your officer’s expertise focuses are either coordinated towards enhancing your military or upgrading your creation. In that regard, what you need to fundamentally consider is your play style, all in all. In the event that you feel that you will invest more energy in fights, at that point maybe spending expertise focuses on hostile boosting aptitudes is the best approach. Then again, on the off chance that you will point towards fortifying your base camp and creation with assistance from your officer’s aptitudes, at that point concentrating on these abilities will be the better decision. Regardless you can generally go for a decent harmony between these arrangements of aptitudes and as you advance through the diversion, choose which specific abilities you need to concentrate on as your needs, inclinations, and conditions in the amusement may always show signs of change.

tactical heroes android
tactical heroes android

Tip – vi) You will be at first invulnerable to assaults from different players in the Military Zone, all gratitude to your Peace Shield. The shield will remain on until you choose to play out an activity against any base camp on the Military Zone. While you ceaselessly trust that your activities will complete, it’s critical to become acquainted with where you are on the front line. Player base camps around you. In the event that despite everything you’re setting up your camp and troops at this stage, at that point you can have an unmistakable mentality on the power level you have to get by in the territory. You ought to recall forget that any movement you perform in the Military Zone requires walking your troops to and from your objective goal and as the more remote you travel far from your base camp, the more drawn out the time you put your troops in danger.


Tip – vii) Indeed, even with your ceaseless generation of assets at the base camp to accommodate its needs and in spite of procuring extra ones through everyday activities and occasions, you can never have all that anyone could need of these assets as your needs will persistently develop alongside your base camp’s capacity. Luckily, there are various asset tiles dissipated over the Military Zone for you to remove assets from. Continuously observe your assets that are lower than the rest before pointing towards a specific asset tile. Moreover, you should realize that the Peace Bubble that shields your base camp from assaults won’t reach out to wherever you travel to as you leave the camp, hence making you powerless against assaults. With this, it is best to go for tiles that are near your base camp while watching out for assaults. At whatever point in threat, you can generally review your troops to base camp as required.


Tip – viii) Something else to check for in the Military Zone is the nearness of haphazardly produced soldiers of fortune which have shifting trouble levels and offer incredible prizes. At first, you should most likely annihilation a dimension one soldier of fortune before you can endeavor to chase the following larger amount ones. Later on, in any case, you can generally examine for and target hired fighters that are of a similar dimension or lower than the one you most as of late vanquished. The prizes for the succeeding attacks on soldiers of fortune inside indistinguishable dimension from the ones you have effectively vanquished won’t be as much as what you will jump on your first murder yet at the same time, these are assets you will dependably require. Shockingly enough, the hole in power between one dimensions of hired fighters contrasted with the following is gigantic. Along these lines, to squander less time and experience less annihilation, have somewhere around threefold the amount of intensity before endeavoring to assault the following dimension of hired fighters you are chasing.

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Tactical Heroes 2 Game Tips

Tip – i) In Tactical Heroes  War: Platoons, you’ll have various day by day missions to finish for an assortment of remunerations that you’ll generally need to constantly update and extend your base camp and armed force. These missions come as Operations and don’t have any kind of necessities for you to achieve. Basically, a straightforward snap on the “begin” catch and a little tolerance is all you should receive benefits from these exercises.


Tip – ii) As it might happen that later on there will be huge amounts of activities that may not concur at all with what your consultant is proposing, organize developments that set aside minimal measure of opportunity to finish while attempting to realize what every essential structure or research does as you play out the task.


Tip – iii) It is vital to be in a functioning enough partnership not only for the prizes you get for being a piece of one. Later on, you should depend on the quality of the union you join as you jump further into fights and as an additional layer of security to shield your base camp later on in the diversion.


Tip – iv) At VIP 1, you will as of now have huge amounts of Daily, Alliance, and VIP Operations to connect with yourself in and as you raise your VIP level, you’ll acquire these tasks each reset. Considering that, it’s a smart thought to attempt and complete however many of these activities as would be prudent as what you need in this diversion is to get an incredible head to begin from the pack with regards to raising your base camp’s capacity.


Tip – v) Having a reasonable thought of how much time you’ll spend on a session helps by the way you spread out objectives for each sort of activity, particularly with regards to extending and enhancing your base camp. With each redesign you play out, the following one requires increasingly more time to achieve and the equivalent applies to the exploration as levels develop. In a perfect world, what you would need to have is a base camp that is profitable on all viewpoints notwithstanding for the time that you’re not on the amusement.


Tip – vii) a standout among the most urgent focuses to consider in the Tactical Heroes War: Platoons is raising your capacity level higher at a quicker rate. While in many amusements crosswise over various sorts, you’ll be slanted to spare your things and assets for a possibly better utilize later on in the diversion, in here the better decision is to utilize it when expected to advance at a lot quicker rate toward the beginning of the amusement.


Tip – viii) Occasions in the amusement offer an assortment of remunerations and some these prizes are hard to get anyplace else. As these occasions regularly take two days to complete, there’s very little strain to pile on focuses towards its fruition on the off chance that there are other earnest exercises you have to perform in your camp.


Tip – ix) On the off chance that you expended many speed ups right off the bat in the amusement and continued to play out a wide range of overhauls and completed a few activities, at that point chances are you will have a moderately higher power level than most camps around you. On the off chance that the hole between power levels is sufficiently huge, at that point there’s not really anything you have to stress over as you focus on the unprotected camps close you one by one.


Tip – x) As any reasonable person would agree that there might be more grounded base camps close to your region, you should make it a point that you can walk to and from your objective in less time than if a more grounded camp starts an assault on you. Once more, this shouldn’t prevent you from focusing on more remote camps as now and again the more grounded bases close might be idle, or maybe even uninterested in the assault


Tip – xi) Picking the coalition with the most astounding generally speaking force may not generally be the sharpest decision. In like manner, picking one with near a hundred individuals, which is the most extreme, however, misses the mark on power is likewise not the best approach. It’s best to pick one with a decent parity of intensity and numbers as the advantages you get for being an individual from a partnership will rely upon these characteristics. As that might be difficult to decide without being really an individual from the collision, you ought to think about an adequate number of individuals with a good enough dimension of intensity first of all.


Tip – xii) However, there will never be any convictions in the war zone; you will raise the odds of having effective fights to support you with better planning. You don’t really need to be the player with the most elevated power level in a zone before you choose to dispose of your Peace Bubble and start an assault on the encompassing base camps. While control levels do affect fights rather vigorously, the technique still assumes a major job in the diversion.

Tactical Heroes 2 Game Tricks

Tip – i) Make certain to dependably assist your partners who need assistance as you will depend on these equivalent individuals to rush your activities’ advancement all through the diversion.


Tip – ii) Furthermore, make sure to keep an eye on and guarantee blessings that you can get as your collusion achieve exercises in the diversion


Tip – iii) Finally, however in particular, continually check the player base camps that are near you. You need to observe the ones you can later on assault just as look out for the more grounded ones that may represent a risk to you.


Tip – iv) Now moreover, as players have alternatives to transport their individual base camps, you need to continually screen their surroundings for any kind of changes.


Tip – v) There are a few occasions that you will experience in the diversion. These occasions commonly require movement in specific fields like research, creation, or building.


Tip – vi) While you will surely pick up focuses for these occasions as you play out your standard exercises in the diversion, it’s essential to observe the genuine necessities to get the best rewards in the occasion and go for it as much as you can.


Tip – vii) At first, building structures and doing examination will be practically quick without additional expenses and later on in the amusement; there will be sans incidental speed ups. While you can put in some exceptionally costly gold to quickly complete an activity, you most likely have many different necessities to spend your gold on.


Tip – viii) The following best thing is, in reality, sufficient; utilizing the speedups in your things to decrease the time expected to finish an activity.


Tip – ix) Over the VIP Levels that give helps to owe to your authority, there are different methods for making your primary character more grounded in the Tactical Heroes War: Platoons. Maybe the most fundamental is step up your administrator


Tip – x) The experience you gain in any action you do in the amusement and burn through all earned expertise focuses in like manner. Another is by boosting your leader with gear fundamentally got from occasions and later on redesigning hardware for exponential increments in the buffs they give.



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