Vegas crime simulator is published by the Naxeex, Free Kids Game Inc. the game is available in android and ios too. The Vegas crime simulator game is like 90 mb. And you can have it on your android or ios mobile. 

Game Graphics

The graphics of the game are a bit low and cartoonish. Over all you can increase your game graphics in the setting of the game; you can change it to ultra and increase view distance.

”If you have a high processor mobile”

Character Skills 

The character skills in the game are very important. You can  increase your skill after every level up. You will get skill points from that you have to max up your skills according to your stage in the game

In vegas crime simulator game there are like thirteen skills they are (Health, Health Regen, Stamina, Bullets, Energy, Explosions, Damage, Attack Speed, Scatter Bullets, Explosion Damage, Explosion Force, max speed and the last one is  Acceleration)

Health – The health skill will help you to extend your health upto more time. so helps to remain alive more than normal time.   

Health Regen – Health regen skill will help to regen your health in the game faster.

Stamina – Stamina will increase your running time when you sprint for your character in the game.

Bullets – This skill will help you when you will fire or shoot in the game it will increase your bullets speed.

Energy – This skill will help to increase your character’s energy in the game.

Explosion – This skill will help you to use grenades and RPG better in the game.

Damage – It will increase your damage when attacked with a Bat or Axe etc.

Attack Speed – This skill will increase your speed of attacking in the game.

Scatter Bullets – This skill will help you to aim in the game.

Explosion Damage – This skill will help you to increase rpg damage.

Explosion Force – This skill will help you to give extra force when shooting with rpg.

Max Speed – Max speed will help you speed up your car.

Acceleration – This skill will increase your car’s acceleration speed when start.

Vegas Crime Simulator Controls 

The game contains very easy and cheap controls. It has a movement, sprint, jump, fly and a fire button.

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