Try this NEW Rocky Climb ‘‘Arcade’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘Say Games’’ it takes TOP 10 game in over 5 countries & Rocks Climb made for you if you enjoy climb games, you’ll love ROCKY CLIMB.

Rocky Climb is a basic and addictive arcade diversion from SayGames. Acknowledge the test and overcome the most genuine of nature’s marvels. Simply jump in and climb the most noteworthy mountains and the steepest pinnacles. The amusement highlights unending fun with proudly produced dimensions. There are a lot of customization choices to make the character your own. On the off chance that you stall out in the diversion, look at the video walkthrough and ongoing interaction for the amusement.


Rocky Climb Game Goals

  • Complete the missions
  • Watch out for the split rocks
  • Go for the shorter way
  • Try not to surge your next get
  • Get the stones with flawless planning


Rocky Climb Game Features

  • Endless fun with procedural generated levels
  • Feedback is not only welcome but appreciated
  • Clean art style for a simple and enjoyable experience
  • Leader boards to compete with strangers across the globe
  • Smart Sharing will capture your triumphant high-score moment
  • Plenty of customization options to make the character your own
  • Intuitive controls focus to be fun and engage you


Top 10 Countries Playing Rocky Climb Game

  1. Indonesia
  2. United States
  3. Russia
  4. India
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Moldova
  7. Armenia
  8. Kyrgyzstan
  9. Jamaica
  10. Nepal


Pro Tips For Rocky Climb

  • More You play more you love it
  • Why out Rocky Climb an attempt
  • Need out Rocky Climb an attempt
  • Searching for one more fun and straightforward amusement to add to your accumulation


  • Remember to hit the “Climb Button” with the goal that you can be a piece of our warning squad.


  • Download interface is simply below.

 know about Rocky Climb Game

Rocky Climb Game Tips

Tip – i) Your player might be intense, yet he can just swing around a similar shake twice before he loses his grasp and falls.

Tip – ii) Rocky Climb is an amusement about climbing up the side of a mountain utilizing a ultra-buff person who should take climbing exercises.

Tip – iii) With the equivalent embellish enlivened straightforward plans we’ve seen in basically every diversion from the story up until this point, Rocky Climb is one more basic amusement story fans won’t have any desire to miss.

Tip – iv) Played by skill fully tapping on the screen of your gadget, your central goal in this diversion is to solidly swing starting with one bolder then onto the next as you gradually climb your way to the highest point of whatever mountain you happen to take a shot at.

Tip – v) As you advance through the amusement, there are a couple of checkpoints you can open so as to make your voyage to the best a really attainable one, and on the off chance that you were pondering there is a period limit.

Tip – vii) With countless character customization, not very numerous Ads, and straightforward controls, there isn’t a ton not to like about Rocky Climb.


Rocky Climb Game Guide

Tip – i) Rocky Climb is truly straightforward amusement, however, it’s very compelling on the grounds that we needed to perceive how high we could climb! You’re most likely in almost the same situation, so how about we get to climbing with our Rocky Climb cheats, tips and traps technique control.


Tip – ii) Turn into a definitive hiker in Rocky Climb, a basic yet difficult one-contact amusement in which you bold the tallest mountains! You’ll require brisk reflexes and great planning to make it up these mountains in a single piece, and our Rocky Climb cheats and tips will assist you with that.


Tip – iii) Certain stones will have a major split in them. Make certain not to snatch these or else your climber will promptly tumble off! This is likewise why it surge and focus, or else you may get one of these free shakes on the mishap.


Tip – iv) Your bulky climber fellow can really clutch his present shake for around two and a half full turns previously he tumbles off to his fate. This implies you don’t have to surge your gets and destroy them progression. On the off chance that it encourages you, you can hold up a bit and get the stone on your next turn. Simply make sure to watch the revolutions – hold up excessively long and you’ll give up naturally.


Tip – v) Missions are errands that expect you to achieve certain accomplishments like climb a specific separation, achieve various checkpoints, etc. Finishing a mission rewards you with valuable pearls, the superior cash you can spend on new outfits.


Tip – vi) The diverse outfits you can alter your climber with don’t really transform anything, however, it’s fun in any case!

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Tip – vii) When you climb the primary mountain, the following arrangement of mountains will have trickier ways. You’ll begin to see that the route up isn’t as direct, and there will be times where there are various rocks to get. Attempt to snatch the one that is the most astounding so you make your climb somewhat shorter, regardless of whether by a bit.


Tip – viii) In the event that your planning is right on target when you snatch a stone, you’ll see somewhat “flawless!” spring up, joined by an alternate audio cue. Immaculate snatches don’t generally change much about your climbing, yet they do net both of you focuses rather than the standard one. In the event that you truly need to climb the Scoreboards in Rocky Climb, you’ll have to ace impeccable climbing.


Tip – ix) You’ll see that the missions really come in waves, and finishing a whole influx of missions awards you an astounding 100 pearls! You’ll need to sit tight a few hours for the following wave.

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