Samurai II vengeance is a game in which you can enjoy the roleplay of a samurai 2. Who is beyond the wrong and takes the side of the truth. And he is going to take the revenge of the villagers. The game SAMURAI II VENGEANCE is offered by the MADFINGERS GAMES.

About The Game 

So the game Samurai Vengeance 2 means the revenge of the villagers. And to take this revenge there is a samurai who comes to take revenge for the orochi. He is like the boss of the all bad guys in the game.

 And as the samurai begins this journey he gets some bad guys and he fights with them and collects the information about orochi and as he moves on in his way and by killing all the men of orochi and making the path to kill orochi as quick as possible.

As the going on the levels become more harder and harder and at last he meets with Orochi and take a fight with him and then the samurai win in the battle with Orochi and finish him up and become the best samurai in the world and the villagers thank him to take the revenge of them.

In Game Difficulties

To play the game you have to go to the GAME section and choose the difficulty of the game. There are three difficulties in the game they are :

  • APPRENTICE – So basically apprentice is the easy level in the game this is for the beginners who are playing the game for the first time.
  • SAMURAI – This level is a bit tougher than the first one. Normally here the enemies will become harder than the first. This is for those who have finished the game once or twice.
  • RONIN – This level is the last difficulty in the game. This level is for those who are like the best in the game or expert in the game.

Gaming Graphics 

The best part of the game is it’s graphics. It gives a good feel of 3D and that is the special thing in the game. And the slo-mo part in between the action gives a realistic feeling in the game it happens in every comb attack. And other things like leaves are falling and the blood is great overall the graphics has a main part behind the game.  


How To Use Controls

So the controls are very easy in the game. There are like four buttons in the game. The first is the joystick. It helps to move the character in the game.

The x button is for high strike. The o button is for low strike in the game. Last is the flip it helps to flip the character in the game.

What is DOJO

Dojo is basically a mode in which you can practice the game. And improve your game skills although you can practice the combo attack in this mode. And there is no limitation of the enemies they will be coming until and unless you end this mode. So dojo is a good mode of practicing the game and helps to improve the skill or practice the combos or etc.


There are seven chapter in the game the name of the chapters are bellow :

  1. Punishment
  2. Bandits Run
  3. Watergate
  4. Come Aboard
  5. Dead Isle
  6. Dragon Lord
  7. Flying Fortress

So this is the seven chapter or level of the game as the chapter is unlocked the level of the game will become more harder and harder for you to complete.

Tips & Tricks

Tip – i) Practice the comb attack in the DOJO it will improve your skills in the game.

Tip – ii) When the enemies are in a group you can get them by using the combs.

Tip – iii) Always fip when you are taking the boss or harder enemies in the game.

Tip – iv) You can change the control button as you feel comfortable to use.

Tip – v) Do not attack the boss or the enemies continuously they can flek and attack.

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