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War Heroes game Information, Strategies, Tips, and Tricks for all Generals in the game. Learn which is the best General for your. I think we should start sharing war hero game strategies, guides and tips, so I will start with the Quick Guide to the best war hero game generals strategy.

Generals are unique units with special capabilities that can be used in the fight. Although all general abilities are generally useful, you have to understand how each person works to optimize your winning potential. The best thing you can do is make your deck around your general’s unique ability.
In war hero game generals War plays an important role in Heroes: Multiplayer Battle (and they have fun names!). A general has a unique ability that either triggers under special circumstances or provides special benefits from the beginning of the fight.

#1 George Pattoner – The Cruiser Tank Pressure

Due to this fact he makes a great deal of deck that the fight against the flexibility of having a free cruiser tank has been released twice. Watching on the game clock is great, because you have a tank at 2:06, 1:06, and a 0:06 (which will link to the opponent base overtime). These are minutes when you can press heavy + 14+ energy worth. You can use the free tank to produce a huge push on a tank (such as 2 tank supported by rocket weapons or sniper), or while attacking with another path, to give this lane a lane reaction Can be used.

#2 Roscoe Rock – Attack pressure & destroy the main bunker

The opponent who damages the tower, along with the seeker, will make that push even more powerful, and the risk of ruining the base and then the bunker will be even more.
Using the fast damage card such as an attack jeep, biker and even a seeker, this original capacity will accelerate, which will lead to low cost commitment to launch heavy presses. Since Rossoe can ruin the base very soon, one way could be the business point with the opponent by looking at his attack with the opponent and attacking the other lane, aiming to win faster.

#3 Fidel Kaer – Cycle, Cycle & Overthrow

Fidel Kaer expresses great sympathy with low-cost decks, so keeping a deck full of expense cards is a good choice. The more cards you use, the more frequently you use, the same time you will release your line of coward soldiers, which may involve a lot of pressure in the entire area.
Use a few cards with a great deal of health (such as a Sergeant or Cruiser tank) to keep the soldiers deployed safe and to run cycles. If you manage to handle your card in the circle then the diversity of soldiers on the field will increase, and you will not be able to maintain your challenger and will eventually loose.

#4 Joseph Shieldson – Protected Vehicles

This is a normal Brenner. Use most of the ground vehicles you can use, because they are usually better at all. Tigers and APC are ensured to harm the rival bases, while the guard on the jeep or seeker will save them from many counters. Because of the shield it is a basic support support aircraft card, so you are most likely to put pressure on playing against them.

#5 Toussant Vertune – Anti Swarm & Early Push

Barbed wire is an excellent defense versus weak soldiers, because they easily eliminate them. Even soldiers with a range like Tiger or Sniper can cause considerable damage to the barbed wire due to the fact of their position, although it depends on the map you are running.
To use this ability efficiently, you need to use the energy advantage to earn points quickly at the beginning of the points, and then handle the benefits. Since you will not have to invest in some situations to protect the card, so your opponent will have more energy, so misuse it to make combos, it will not have the security capability. But the wire will be destroyed, so this benefit will be limited to approximately the first minute.

#6 Flavium Babel – Extra Main Tower

Flavium is solid on Babylon Defense. With different other protective generals, Babel forces your challenger to change his attacking strategies. Additional towers mean additional risks on defense, and distraction for additional life / safety. Actually your challenger will need to prepare the best ways to remove your tower before trying to score any number, this is your sign. The opponent can not ignore the tower, and by trying to ruin it, you can naturally get the benefit. Use it and note that the position of the outpost tower is more efficient based on the map that you are playing, so adjust it.

#8 Manfred von Paratropen – Troops Everywhere

It shines with the original numbers, because more helicopters indicate more paratroopers, which show more pressure. The most important opponent of the strategic choppers, air support is not in danger, because eliminating the helicopters will produce the same type of infantry.
Combine soldiers with helipads and strategic teams and make it your primary weapon. Be careful of rocket weapons, which both face strategic helicopter and paratroopers, so whenever you see one, be prepared with the war raid to harm it. The second rival of this origin is the turret, so a quick army like a cyclist, attack jeep or applicant can be quickly available in hand to eliminate it.

#9 Winston Bunkill – Manage the advantage

Bunkill starts with more life on each tower, so essentially that game starts winning, because ruining them is the primary goal of each fight. Due to this, your challenger has to be compelled to attack you more than usual, and using most of them is usually normal. This normally fits with a great deal of various decks, although usually a counter attack / protective deck fits with it. 
#10 Ferdinand Focus – Defend, wait for opportunities and Strike Back
Since he coordinates with buildings, therefore your defense options are more powerful, although you will not get any benefit from the attacks. So as a win-win condition, you can use both artillery to attack your side of the map, or during the security, you can use the spots to make your opponent tremendously.
To use the artillery efficiently, wait at a moment when your opponent uses excessive energy on a card or push, and leaves an artillery on a safe area. This will ensure the artillery to take at least one hit on the opponent’s base.
Protect artillery as much as you can, and repeat. This technique can effectively work against tank / spanner technology deck, although Fidel can oppose cowardly.

#11 Jeanne Right – You have a lot of troops? Sorry about that

Grenadier is a game changer on its towers. In this general, there is the ability to deal with and remove easily recruitment plates, strategic copper and fiddles coward press. But as far as I have kept in mind, there is no DPS enthusiast. So be prepared to stop the huge health soldiers. This is essentially for gene benefit.
Tension is not required on the swords for other types of cards, you can open some slots on your deck, allowing you to allow more variety and abusive techniques. But that’s not ideal. Against the special deck (like a deck from Joseph Shieldson) he will not provide any help.

#12 Dwight Eisenhelper – The Ultimate defense

Now, this is an amazing defense capability, which can provide all your defense to eliminate the extra challenge to stop your challenger attacks. But be careful that your base HP is not really big, so if you currently lose a base then Eisenhower can not help a lot.
Keeping this in mind, by eliminating all the obstacles from its tower, it is the goal of saving the damage. If other soldiers take hits instead of your base, then they will have the ability to stay on the battlefield for long, the rival soldiers will have to be removed.

#13 Leonidash – An Eye for an eye. Or maybe two for one

Leonidash will release an army worth 10 energy points. The best way to use them is not trying to win 1-0 / 2 -0 / 3-0. But by doing 3-1 or 3-2. To harm your opponent and to protect the success, after one of your bases has been damaged, you should misuse the great benefits you get.
Be prepared and pay close attention to the vulnerability of your opponent’s attacks. One of these moments is that you punish him by attacking him on the other lane. Generally, these habits point to the trade of points (because each gamer will harm the 1st base), however, the army released from Leonidas will need to protect your opponent from the energy, so that you can stop the gap Can make big profit.
The only thing to look at here is for those who challenge (which will not harm your towers overtime, though they will get into the grip of health), and the air support for the loss of the low-cost large space (since they are from Leonidas Deployed army can eliminate majority)

#14 Paul von Minenfeld – I dare you attack

Figures of fights on the first seconds of the Minefield battle. remember this. So far, the biggest defense in this game is, there is practically no fee for one or two presses (except for air strikes) before the opponent’s opponent.
You are most likely not to invest any two cards on defense, so with some major penalties it can be misused, damage to the base or perhaps primary bunker. The primary catch here is that this opportunity will not present you again, because your landmines will go away, and your opponent will still have your original ability, which will make you negative.

#15 Tokubetsu Kamikaze – The ground is not safe

There are large explosions for large copper of Kamikazes, so Bomber Copper should be one that is more dangerous than ever before. Strategic squad also.
Tokugawa’s surges can eliminate great deals in the system, it shows that your opponent will not have the ability to push you since your defense because their defense will be dead. Use it to hold it with more helicopters, and so on. Just be careful not to do very unfavorable energy business, and you will be very good.

        ”War Heroes Game Best Generals

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