Try this NEW Zombie Catchers ‘‘Action’’ Android & iOS game, Develop by ‘‘Two Men and A Dog’’ it takes TOP 10 game in over 90 countries! & the New Top Grossing Games list. Zombie Catchers is made for you if you enjoy survival games, you’ll love.

Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game in a world riddled by a zombie invasion! Planet Earth is infested with the undead, but we’re in luck: A.J. and Bud, two intergalactic businessmen, have decided to set up shop on our homeland Together, they plan to catch all the zombies and make Earth safe once more – while also making a handsome profit.

Use an arsenal of gadgets and traps to hunt and capture ripe zombies, take them to your secret underground lab, and profit.

Zombie Catchers Game Features

  • Catch zombies!
  • Discover new territories!
  • Unlock exciting new gadgets!
  • Build a juicy and delicious business empire!
  • Expand and micro-manage your own underground lab!

Top 10 Countries Playing Zombie Catchers Game

  1. Moldova
  2. Cambodia
  3. Nepal
  4. Jamaica
  5. Kyrgyzstan
  6. Philippines
  7. Kazakhstan
  8. Armenia
  9. Ukraine
  10. Myanmar (Burma)


Pro Tips

  • Pursue the missions
  • Take out the little critters
  • Pursue zombies from the departure focuses
  • Watch out for the green zombie’s shots
  • Utilize charged shots for rewards and shield
  • Experiment with diverse sub-weapons
  • Utilize the jet-pack to make strides

Zombie Catchers Game Goals

There are green hedges at the closures of each chasing region. At the point when a zombie achieves this point, he’s without a home, so you need to endeavor to ward off them from it. When you’re tricking out zombies from the bogs, attempt to leave the mind lure toward the path far from the nearest escape point. For instance, when you first begin, you’re normally near the left side. On the off chance that there’s a marsh close-by, you need to put the cerebrum on the correct side, at that point cover up on the left. When you hop out at them, the zombies will begin running towards the right, giving you the most time to pursue.

In contrast to the yellow and blue zombies, the green zombies are pressing warmth! When they spot you, they will quickly hurl whatever they’re grasping at you. In case you’re hit, you’re paralyzed! Continuously look out for them, and watch their alarm meter. At the point when the outcry check tops off the whole distance, that is your signal to evade!

The missions, not surprisingly, will take you through the general movement course of the amusement. In the event that you don’t know what to move in the direction of next anytime, simply take a gander at your missions. They’ll demonstrate to you the following best game-plan you should take! You can even tap on the mission to take you specifically to what you have to do.

Amid the chasing fragments, you may see minimal frightening little creatures wandering around, similar to snakes and bats. Make sure to take these folks out with your spear weapon, as contacting them will briefly shock you, giving time for zombies to get away! They’re additionally worth 10 coins, which isn’t much, yet each and every piece makes a difference.

The jet-pack appears somewhat pointless at first, however, I discovered that you move marginally quicker noticeable all around when you’re boosting. In case you’re on the pursuit, use the jet-pack to get up to speed with the zombies quicker than pursuing them.

A few zombies will have a shield on when they raise their appalling heads out of the bog. These zombies will endure additional shots to catch, making them an agony to manage! Luckily, you can charge your standard spear firearm to discharge a more grounded shot. These arrangements more harm and broaden the compass of the shot, so it’s practically important to utilize them for defensively covered zombies.

You can perceive how solid a zombie’s covering is by the blips beneath them. Do note however that on the off chance that you bounce when you have a charge prepared, you’ll lose the charge. In the event that you figure out how to grab various zombies in a single shot, you get a multiplier reward, giving you more coins!

There are sub-weapons you can carry with you, close by your spear firearm. The net weapon discharges a wide net that can without much of a stretch catch various zombies in a single shot whenever lined effectively. The sedative is a fire-and-overlook sort of arrangement where a transited zombie will inevitably be caught. It’s insufficient against reinforced zombies, however! Give them a shot and see which one you like the best.

Zombie Catchers Game Guide & Tips

Tip – i) In the event that no concealing spot is accessible, stand a separation away, however be set up to pursue – If an article isn’t accessible to hole up behind, you can escape with standing a quantifiable separation from a zombie pit in the wake of hurling a cerebrum. The zombies will rise – yet once they see you, they’ll run. Prepare to give pursue.

Tip – ii) In the wake of tossing a cerebrum, rapidly hole up behind an item – Zombies are modest. When you toss a mind with expectations of drawing one out of their concealing spot, try to dodge behind an article (like a stone or a stump) as fast as could be allowed. In the event that the zombies know you’re near, they’ll dart as opposed to taking the snare – or they won’t turn out by any means.

Tip – iii) Spare auxiliary weapons for intensely heavily clad zombies and/or gatherings of zombies – Secondary weapons have a predetermined number of employments, and expect time to revive. It’s best to spare them for zombies that may give you trouble. For example, the net weapon is great for getting gatherings of zombies, just as vigorously heavily clad zombies.

Tip – iv) Redesigning your lance weapon for separation could easily compare to overhauling for power – You can charge your lance firearm to enable bring to down shielded zombies, yet updating your firearm for separation serves you better.

Tip – v) Prior to putting down lure, gather up neighborhood untamed life – Some stages have living obstructions like snakes and bats. On the off chance that you keep running into these irritations, you’ll be staggered for a couple of moments. Prior to chasing zombies, pause for a moment to clear the zone with your lance firearm. You gain a couple of coins for doing as such, and the nuisances won’t have the capacity to get in your direction while you’re pursuing down zombies.

Tip – vi) Update your zombie-squeezers for more item – Spend coins to redesign your zombie-juicers. Doing as such gives you a chance to separate more item from them for a more extended time frame, which rises to more benefit.

Tip – vii) Watch out for zombies holding weapons! – Armed zombies will take a swing at you, and in the event that it associates, you’ll be shocked for a couple of moments. It’s anything but difficult to lose quarry along these lines. In the event that you detect a zombie that is equipped, get ready to avoid whatever it tosses at you. At that point capture it.

Tip – viii) Make a note of which side of the screen you’re pursuing zombies from – Zombies keep running the other way of where you’re standing. Think about that before setting down trap. On the off chance that the zombies spot you and they’re near the underbrush, they’ll jolt that short separation for cover and you’ll lose them.

Tip – ix) Utilize your plutonium to update auxiliary weapons – You win plutonium for meeting zombie catch amounts. Put this hard-won money towards auxiliary weapon overhauls. You can never turn out badly with putting more nets in your net firearm.

Zombie Catchers Game Tricks

Tip – i) Gracious happiness! Our freshly squeezed treats are putting forth like hotcakes! If we will make another group, we will require more fixings! You realize what is cooler than a million happy customers? A billion recently pulverized things served each day, we should go get increasingly material.

Tip – ii) The planet earth is corrupted with undead disease, all of the all inclusive community has been polluted, so you and two operators have set up a shop on earth some place, and will endeavor to do your best to get all of the zombies, ultimately attempt to scrutinize our Zombie Catchers tips we will determine to take in progressively about the story line of the redirection.

Must See This

  • Take after the Tutorial of the Game and Learn How to Catch the Zombies
  • Gain the Zombie Catchers Cheats to Get A significant proportion of Coins.
  • Collect Your Friends and Save the World From the Deadly Virus.

Tip – iii) Welcome to the swamp! We should take a shot at getting with a misleading to begin with, in your first mission of the entertainment you should make sense of how to control your character and scrutinizing our Zombie Catchers guide will help you doing all things considered.

Tip – iv) Your first task is to jump over the impediments, and to do all things considered you ought to use the controllers to move your character and to press the bob catch to bounce.

Tip – v) The second endeavor of the entertainment is to locate the phony zombie, doing all things considered will help you clearing the world from the gigantic and killing zombies.

Tip – vi) Bait the Different Zombies with Brains and Kidnap Them All.

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Tip – vii) By and by we should endeavor to find some fresh meat! By proceeding to the accompanying mission of the delight, you will be in solitude.

Tip – viii) Here we are! The zombies are stowing ceaselessly in the bog, you need to use your cerebrums to snare them out, find a swamp with a zombie in it.

Tip – ix) Directly hurl a device close by the lowland, and that draw is minds, since they are reliant on it and once they see it they will appear and endeavor to attack you.

Tip – x) Finally in case you require an extra help you can essentially get it from using the Zombie Catchers traps that will give you a lot of coins to have the ability to progress less requesting in the delight.

Tip – xi) Press Zombies and Level Up Your Shop to Win Precious Rewards.

Tip – xii) Lovely getting back there A J, yet the certified work begins here, these little colleagues look succulent, and arranged for some devastating movement.

Tip – xiii) This is the place the charm occurs! Arranged to get crushed up? Put their zombies into the press 0 Match here, and get twisting.

Tip – xiv) Take as much time as is required, no weight! By and by put three zombies into the squeezer, and the machine will start squashing them, and you will have the ability to venture up your shop, and with venture up you will get a couple of remunerations that will help you through the entertainment.

Tip – v) Time to kick things up a score and place assets into some spic and span getting advancement, go to the handyman store and biu a jetpack with those merited coins! Business is taking off! We would be astute to anchor a reliable supply of zombies, snappy.

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